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[eBay Plus] UGG Australian Sheepskin Classic Slippers $20 Delivered @ UGG Express Australia eBay


Good price, original price is $72
Need ebay plus membership to redeem the code

Brand & Material
Brand: Australian Shepherd
Upper: Suede
Lining: Sheepskin Wool
Sole: Rubber sole

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  • Have a pair of the full covered feet style and it has lasted me years still going strong.

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      I went through 2 pairs in less than a year. They replaced the first pair under warranty but refused to replace the second ones. This was with minimal wear.

      Terrible quality. Avoid at all costs.

      Spent a bit more on a pair from emu and they are going strong!

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        Man who do I believe? Maybe you have a heavy foot…

        • +4

          I wore through mine in no time flat. Didn't occur to me to ask for a warranty replacement until it was too late. Comfy at first, but yeah they don't last. Also you only really want to wear them when it's cold and when it's cold you don't want your heel hanging out the back, so the slipper thing isn't fantastic.

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            @whapkaplit: They also replaced mine under warranty. Still have replacement in box.

            Also agree about bad quality

          • @whapkaplit: I wear this style of slipper whenever I'm indoors and the floor temperature is less than body temperature i.e. always.
            It's the perfect design to easy slip on and off.

            But I'm in Queensland so my idea of cold is <20, I can't imagine living somewhere that it's necessary to keep your heel warm.

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          I can back up Emu. Great boots, Handmade in Geelong so supporting Australian business too. Emu are of a higher quality to that of Ugg, double stitching, double gluing.

          I bought my Emu uggs 10 years ago and have worn them everyday since, they are still going strong. The outer skin is fraying from age and the sole plate is starting to peel away slightly at the heel, but we are talking maybe 1cm of peel and neither cause any issues. The inner lining is still pristine and the boot is very much still in good usable conidition. The inner sole is what wears out the most, but Emu sell replacement inner soles and I've gone through 3 sets so far. 1 of them wore out really quickly and was replaced under warranty, can't fault their service.

          They probably are well past the point of needing to be replaced, but they have just done me so well I can't bring myself to do it!

          • @Nos 4r2: So you recommend i stock to a Emu their ugg boot is $170
            I want it as a gift to a friend.

            • -1

              @shegeloaf: Yep definitely. I paid around $180 for my uggs 10 or so years ago. Unless their quality has changed over the last few years years imo they are the best ugg brand in Australia.

              • @Nos 4r2: Thank you for the quick reply. I currently own a pair of TasmanUgg and they are comfy but i wear them sparingly so i don't know about their longevity under daily wear.

      • Is there a noticeable day to day difference wearing the emu's or are they just more durable?

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        Agreed rubbish company, terrible customer service.

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      How often do you wear them? I wear skeepskin boots all winter and the inside sole wool soon wears down to bare hide - and then they're uncomfortable because the wool doesn't wear evenly, they become cold, and just feel yuck/sticky where the wool has gone. It's worst under the ball of your foot just back from your big toe. It's really annoying because they cost so much and the rest of the shoe is fine. I'm thinking of going to the factory and asking them to make me a pair with the wool shaved down to hide, then buy wool inserts so I can swap them whenever I like.

    • Second this. I have a boots pair and they are fantastic. Wear them every day, even right now!

  • Sizing?

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      Size chart is at the bottom in the description.

    • they run half a size/full size big, plus you have to remember over time they will lose some of their fluffiness so I personally wear a 9.5 in Stan smith, and have a 9 in these

  • Given code does not work . It's $45 . Thanks.

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      It should be $20 if you have eBay plus.

    • worked for me - I have eBay plus

  • I did the $20 voucher thing last week with shopback. Does anyone know where the voucher is stored? Can't seem to find it

    • Check your emails, sometimes when you browse items, ebay will send you email asking if still interested and to use your voucher and they list it inside the email.

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        Nope did not receive any email besides the confirmation of getting ebayplus. Check in Ebay and couldn't find anything. Looks like I got scammed out of $20.

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          When I signed up , after the payment the $20 code showed on the screen.
          I could be wrong but pretty sure the code isn't from Shopback but eBay itself

          • @Schumi5: You're right. It should be from eBay. Didn't pay attention on the code when signing up. But I'm guessing it should be sitting somewhere in the system, and I can't find it in inbox/junk or Ebay platform

            • @CosmicP: Ok so it seems, once you add the item to the card, go to checkout and then click on
              Gift Cards, vouchers,coupons my code shows in there to use. Maybe give that a go

              • +1

                @Schumi5: That's the PWEUGG code. That's alright I wouldn't have been able to stack the $20 voucher anyway. Bought one. Hope it's the right size

        • I don't mean from getting ebay plus. I screenshotted mine but I was browsing random items on ebay.

          Then received another email asking if I am still interested and then it said $20 off with my voucher and listed the voucher! Add stuff to cart, browse and hope you receive that email!

    • +2

      Did you try the summary page?
      Or check a random item (>$20) that doesn't have another promotion - it might show as "Pay only AU $xx"

      • I see it! It's got the redemption code. I think that's the right one. Thanks!

    • All your promo codes are at the top of your ‘My eBay Summary’ page under ‘Vouchers’ on the desktop site 👍

    • I read you are ok now, but for the future and for anyone else reading this:

      1. log in to eBay
      2. top right under "My eBay" click on "My eBay Summary" and all vouchers in your history are stored there (with details of expiry date / redeemed date)
  • +1

    thanks, combined it with a $10 dollar ebay challenge (spend $10 or more and receive $10 back)

    $10 pair of uggs

    • $10 or $100 spend?

      • +1

        10 mate, from shopback

        • +2

          Couldn't find that challenge, only the one asking min $100 spend is shown.

      • that's a targated challenge for those who hadn't existed on SB for a while

    • Doesn't the code have to be on their website or is it different for 'challenges' ?

  • AU Men 9 - no bigger sizes?

    • +1

      There are bigger sizes, check the drop down menu

      • +1

        Yep found it in other colours thanks

  • +2

    Plus one for the bogan footwear I approve

  • +1

    Just note that the discount only applies for one pair…you can't get $25 off for multiple pairs.

  • Damn, can only buy 1 pair at $20, anyone able to buy a second a pair at this price?

  • only up to men 11

    • Someone said they run half to a full size big, so maybe that's 12?

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 pairs for $40 - Good price.

    • +1

      How did you manage to buy 2? A second plus account?

      • +1


      • +6

        eBay Plus has an inability to recognise him. He went in once as a badass robot, logged off, back in as a cool truck. Classic disguise trick.

  • +1

    I want to buy two pairs but it says I’ve applied the code to another order already?

  • Yes. Worked for me. Thanks OP

  • +3

    But you have to ask yourself Are these the

    “ONLY 100% Australian made UGG Boot company from start to finish, this is because we own the LAST sheepskin Footwear tannery in Australia.

    Ugg Australia® we have been making sheepskin boots for over four decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery", for footwear guarantees that we are the only one in the world who has 100% Australian Made Ugg boots.

    We encourage all customers to do some research when looking to purchase any brand of Ugg Boots.
    Ensure you purchase from reputable websites or stores.
    Contact details - If you can't find the business address or contact number of the business you have purchased boots from, who will help you with customer issues.
    There are so many sheepskin boots out there claiming to be 100% Australian Made. How can you tell one authentic boot from the rest?
    What to ask your retailer when buying your sheepskin products.
    Where are your skins from?
    Where are they processed?
    Are the boots hand cut, hand stitched, hand glued in Australia?
    Ask for the address of manufacturer and tannery. There should be no reason why your retailer cannot provide you with details of the origin of your boots.
    All Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made at our factory and ecologically processed at our Roman Tannery in Laverton North, Melbourne”.

    ????? /S

    • You copied the above from Ugg Australia which is a different company to UGG express

    • +1

      I'm buying these because they don't spam ozbargain every 3 days - and don't ramble on about the last sheepskin footwear tannery in Australia

      did you know they are the last sheepskin footwear tannery in Australia?

      I didn't, i needed the 50th reminder

      • +1

        Are you referring to the only company “making sheepskin boots for over four decades in our former Brunswick factory. Operating Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin tannery, "Roman Tannery" ???

        • +2

          For each Ugg made in Australia spam post, we should respond with the comments
          "did you know we are Australia’s last and ONLY sheepskin footwear tannery"? Would be funny as

  • *** MADE IN CHINA ***

    • +3

      Thanks. I'll pass. Will prefer to buy local.

      • +6

        I'll just go bare feet

      • +1

        Well… do I have the company for you…. The ONLY 100% Australian made UGG Boot company from start to finish…………


      • +2

        Hope your phone you are typing this on is locally made 😂

    • +5

      Years later u might find MADE IN VIETNAM
      and don't forget many years ago when Germans saw MADE IN JAPAN they had the same thoughts as u now

      • -1

        Years later u might find MADE IN VIETNAM

        Yeah, I'll buy it then.

        • Plain stupid

        • +1

          Yup, I agree with you, nothing wrong with having principles. Considering all the products that they seem to decide to suddenly stop importing from us.

      • +3

        Honestly imo I wouldn't care if it said made in USA, or europe or anywhere else. Its not (to me) a China specific thing.

        Out of principal I will always try to get them made in Australia. In pretty much the only country that is allowed to even use the term Ugg anymore when selling the boots (apart from NZ). Like the idea of supporting our boot manufacturing industry too. Bluntstones aren't Aussie made (apart from the Gummies) anymore, redbacks and a few others are still kicking along.

    • Nope

  • bought, just what I need for freezing mornings, only 1 degree this morning

    • +1

      Probably need a whole shoe and not just half if your feeling cold :P

  • Interestingly, I ordered a pair of slippers through ugg's website using a special from Ozbargain. Those shoes were really comfortable and amazingly soft.

    These ones look somewhat different to the ones I ordered. Gave it a try anyway for $20.

  • Not really good it is not warm enough for Melb.

    • Was gonna gun for it but yea it isn't. it's a copy of the original UGG

  • +2
  • By looking at the pictures it seems the soles are very thin…

    • Terrible.
      See my comment below.

      The Scuffs I bought of these, the soles flattened so much, it was like walking on paper.

      • Thanks for confirming.

  • nice find OP

  • +1

    How do you wash this stuff when it starts getting dirty?

  • +1

    Not much love for dark grey. I think it looks the best of all colours.

  • Got 1 thanks op.

  • Grabbed some for the mrs, cheers OP!

  • +4

    Not made in Aus, in case anyone missed that. Didn't see anything on the eBay post that made it clear. Not gonna stop you from buying though. Ugg express do have Australian made Uggs too.

    • See my comment below

  • +2

    Poor quality.
    I bought these, absolute trash, never warmed my feet.
    Made in China.

    Went online to Ugg Australia, bought their Scuffs.
    Made, and processed and finished in Australia
    Complete different level!!

    Called Ugg Australia and they advised they're the only company making Uggs 100% in Australia, support them!

    • Think the soles of the scuffs and all their boots are imported but otherwise everything else is local from what I've heard.

      I can't agree or disagree on the quality of these ones, haven't bought them myself. The scuffs are really good though. 3 years and a machine wash (against recommendations) and they're only slightly damaged.

      • +1

        I bought them both, these ones (from Ugg Express) and the ones from this deal here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698358

        The Ugg Express (this deal) is a completely different make.

        • Ultra bleached (white) Wool compared to natural wool colour of the Ugg Australia scuffs
        • Extremely thin soles compared to thicker sole (Rubber)
        • Extremely thin layer of Sheep Wool compared to a thicker coat
        • Much poorer insulation compared to the Australian one
        • Australian Wool/Made in China Vs Australian Wool, Made and Processed in Australia,

        So you guys can make a choice, I have no bias against any except for quality.

  • Only kids sizes left.

  • Brand: Australian Shepherd

    Here I thought Ugg was a brand, not a model/type.

  • +2

    All colours back in stock, most sizes available at time of comment.

  • +3

    Received the slippers today. Feels comfy and warm. Good value!

  • received my 2 pairs today. excellent value for $20 ea - quite warm and comfy.

  • +2

    i think they run true to size or smaller, unlike what someone mentioned earlier (they run large)

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