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[eBay Plus] Bosch Aerotwin Wiper Blade BBA650 $20.37 Delivered @ Sparebox eBay


Lots of OzBargainer say Bosch Aerotwin better than recent costco michelin wiper deal. That wiper did last about a year before its start making noise.

I’m purchasing BBA650& BBA400this time.Hopefully will last longer.

Selector tool SCA Bosch PDF Bosch Website

edit:now ever cheaper from $22.76 to $20.37

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Great timing. Thanks.

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    Is it possible to receive knives and such in the mail

    • +4

      Yes, have received Victorinox knives via mail during past eBay promos

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      This seems like an odd question … but for sure you can

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        Just wanna make sure the blades will be delivered

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    sparesbox? don't even bother

    • Odd brother?

    • +2

      Shipping slow.
      Shady advert practices.

      • +3

        Dodgy part quality.
        Leaking customer data with 0 acknowledgement or accountability.

        • +1

          Leaking customer data is unsettling…
          eBay doesn't care?

        • +1

          So what did they leak?

      • Hmmmm, I got mine within days I found them very speedy as I order from these guys a few weeks ago.

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    A lot of negative reviews for this seller on eBay. Sounds like you should only buy this if you're not in a hurry to receive it…

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      Delivery takes an eternity and they will either cancel or finally start the process of delivery only after your contact them, based on my few orders from them on ebay.

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        This happened to me too…. they used to be good though. I purchased a few items from them in the past

    • +5

      Bought loads of things over the last few years with zero issues. Very fast shipping and processing. Maybe I’m lucky?

      • +5

        Your lucky

      • +3

        I had some trouble with them. However, eBay stepped in and refunded. Only buy if you are not in a hurry.

      • +1

        Have you ordered recently? They were fine before, not anymore. Had to go through PayPal and get my money back.

        • Yep got 4 discs, 4 pads, 2 bosch wiper blades. Ordered May 3, received May 11.

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            @onlinepred: I envy your luck. To even go so far as to order three different types of parts? And receive them? Wow.

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      Their inventory management is chaos at best but you'll get it eventually.

    • +1

      Problem is they advertise everything their supplier has available and then order it in once you buy it. Only a fraction of listings do they actually have in stock themselves. You’ll get your stuff, but it might take a few days for them to get it in first.

    • Ordered diff oil on 26th April via eBay, advertised ETA is the 5th May but I'm still playing the waiting game now. It's getting really frustrated.

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    Just an FYI for everyone if you don't want to wait/deal with Sparesbox - Supercheap will price match the Sparesbox website for you (which is currently 20% off). Successfully did this via chat on their website this morning

    • I just knew that SCA has Bosch wipers now.

    • Can you share your receipt here, might help a few people

    • +1

      I just did the same today at a SCA for aerotwin's. But price matched Automotive Superstore since you can pickup instore

      • Thanks for the tip, got SCA to price beat Automotive Superstore and SCA shipping was cheaper!

    • Thanks. Went online and SCA chat BEAT the price of a set of BBA650/350 for me today without asking.

    • Tried doing price match on spark plugs, they took about 15 minutes and came back to me saying the parts are not identical as the photos "have different stamp". Nonetheless they were both exactly the same part number from Denso, and multiple other online stores had similar price to RRP of sparesbox; pointed this out, they took another 5-10 minutes and said no can do, they are different parts. Thanked them for their time and ordered from sparesbox.

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    Just a reminder https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/626156

    Dont put your real details on the order

    • This should be auto-added to every sparesbox deal

  • Thanks OP

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    bought wipers from their website took 5 weeks to arrive

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    Can always try rolans on ebay. Stocks and delivery is more accurate (than superspares) in my experience.

  • -2

    This or wipertech?

    • +1


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    Their delivery service is super slow, i mean for the pick and pack parcel. U will get it eventually but prepare for the wait

    • -1

      It's like pricks change their wipers once in a year or three and need next day delivery..

  • Thanks for this post, when buying is it to buy one BBA650 and one BBA400 than for example 2 x BBA650?

  • FYI Sparesbox is owned by the giant Genuine Parts Company (USA)

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    Recently bought it from Automotivesuperstore.com.au for the same price but with c&c.


    • Their normal price or is this price on special already?

      • +1

        Normal price

        • Thanks! So no rush to buy then!

      • Bought from these guys too, dispatched quickly.

      • It's free when you buy the wiper blades?

        • +1

          Yes bosch wipers, should see a "POP UP" come on the screen, otherwise just add it to cart

    • Ha. was curious where they were and theyre down the road.

    • +1

      Thanks @osmanRasheed got my paid from them. Great price and free washer fluid bottle. They are my new automotive store. Wonderful Cx service!

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    My very favourite wipers. Word of warning, you really need to get used to them. Initially, I couldn't sit down for a week.

    • +7

      You are supposed to wipe not insert!

      • +2

        username checksout.

      • +1

        Smear campain launched!

    • What does that mean?

    • Not that much better or special lol. Main thing is keeping the rubber clean

  • Gosh, howcome there are no wipers that would fit a mazda CX-5 2018 KF SUV 2.5 AWD on SCA and on Sparesbox. There are so many that would fit a cx5 2017 and KE

    • best to check out at https://www.boschwiperblades.com/

    • They should be the same. Driver side 24" (600mm), Passenger 18" (450mm) and Rear 14" (350mm) wiper blades.

      • That’s for the older KF model I believe. When I select wipers with that size, ebay auto vehicle compatibility check tells me they are not the right fit for my vehicle.

    • +3

      Just get a tape measure, and measure your existing blades. Really not a science.

      • I have the sizes - it matches the older model. But I thought the attachment clip was a different type because thats how it looks from the pictures at Wipertech

        • UGH why mazda!!!!

          Here is a random blog I found;
          For 2018 Mazda CX-5
          1. Get Bosch Envision EN18OE and EN24OE
          2. Replace the Adapter #2 that comes already installed on the wiper with Adapter #6
          3. See video as to how easy Adapter #6 installs onto the wiper arm
          4. However you need to put the Adapter on the wiper blade first. I didn't video that.
          but the point is, 2018 Mazda CX-5 needs Adapter 6.

          Looks like Envision comes with a bunch of adaptors.

  • thanks OP got the BBA400 for my ix35 2010 model!

  • Aerotwin

    Im confused. Does it come as a single wipe or 2 in a pack
    Also how difficult is it to DIY? Never had to replace my blades before but a bird destroyed mine.

    • Single blade only.

    • only one as the driver side and passenger side are different

    • +1

      looks like i found ya and your culprit bird


      • Yep thats me hahah

        There's alot of scratch marks on my car roof from their claws.

    • Very easy to DIY, should only take a few minutes, on most cars they just slide out. There are car-specific tutorials on YouTube as well

  • +2

    I ordered these on April 12 and received 3 out of 4 items just last week. After contacting seller and requesting a refund for missing item they dispatched a replacement instead. Not sure when its going to arrive but avoid if you need wipers before winter.

  • +1

    TIL Bosch make wiper blades

  • I purchased the same wipers as a twin set from this seller last time, no dramas (mycarperformance eBay):


  • +3


    • Use the above PDF
    • Find your vehicle
    • Copy Aerotwin vehicle “Set” part number
    • Buy set on eBay for >$40
  • Will it work for Merc 2017 gle250d model?

  • -1

    Sparesbox eBay experience:
    MAX2041 ordered on the 22nd, received 28th
    ~$180 with eBay coupon
    ~$500 from Repco (excluding delivery cost)

    No complaints

  • I've recently just fitted these exactly wipers (pretty good). I know they aren't officially refillable but has anyone tried before? Looks like it may be possible with some dogging around, and generic rubbers are like a few bucks for a metre or so

  • Literally bought some of these 2 weeks ago. Took about 5 days to arrive.

    Have had them fitted to my car for about a week now and they're performing well. No streaking, skidding and they can certainly move a lot of water with one swipe through. Hopefully this performance lasts.

  • Stupid question - do people usually change the whole blade or just the rubber insert/refill?

    • Depends if they are disposable or not.
      The refillable are usually a lot more expensive to buy initially. All in the Bosch manual

  • +3

    Don't bother with Sparesbox, they used to be decent years back…Just placed an order and it was stuck "processing" for more than a week. They don't have a "Live chat" that I could see - only FB chat. Their telephone lines are also now down since Covid hit. I ended up eventually getting a refund and going to Repco to price match (same parent company). I'd recommend the same to buy locally via SCA or Repco.

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