OzBargain Ads Mobile - I Can't Use The Website

Has anyone else started having issues with interacting with the website on mobile. I don't use adblockers to help the website but the officeworks ad for example took up basicaly 75% of my screen and I can't close it or do anything to minimize it basically making this website unable to be used?


  • Hi,

    Can you take screenshot & pass me the landing URL of the ads? You can send them to [email protected]

  • The ad's are terrible

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    The Officeworks ad currently running is ridiculous. Takes up half the screen, which would be fine if you could close it, but you can't. If this stays like it is, I think you'll find many people will stop using the site because it's basically unusable.

    • Or just disable the ads in your settings?

      • What do you think pays the bills that keeps the website running?

        • +1

          Wow you learn something new every day… /s

        • So obnoxious ads are okay, and should be given free reign?

  • Oh my God, I was 99% done with typing out a long, informative reply, went to click post, and the ad popped up before I could. Literally covered the entire screen, couldn't scroll past it, couldn't see the comment box or anything except a thin sliver of the top of the page. No way to close the ad, no way to get it away.

    Wasted ten minutes of my time having to retype the entire comment because of a hostile ad that ruins the site.

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