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70% off Tontine Mattresses: Double $456, Queen $501, King $547 Delivered @ Tontine


Seems like they are good prices if you're in the market for a mattress from Tontine.

Edit: Thanks to the following users for their comments:
10% CR cashback seems pretty good to me, known brand

When subscribe for their offers you will get additional 15%OFF so 85%OFF got king size for $464. Thanks OP

Don't know if they stack.

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  • I cannot find any info on dimensions. How thick is it ?

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    Memory foam. Even in winter your sweat will be dripping off this mattress

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      I've had this mattress for 2 years. It's actually quite good

    • I agree. Memory foam is bad if you're a hot sleeper. Even for mattress toppers, it can be too warm.

      • I guess good for winter then

    • I've got a Tontine queen and it's foam but not memory foam. I paid $3k for a Tempur memory foam mattress and had all sorts of issues. Also tried a few mattress in a box companies but they didn't work out, but for whatever reason the Tontine (paid about $700) has been awesome

      Unlike memory foam, it doesn't adjust to your shape so you don't get stuck in a you-shaped hole in the mattress!

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    Compressed Mattress in a box. Avoid

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  • 10% CR cashback seems pretty good to me, known brand

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    When subscribe for their offers you will get additional 15%OFF so 85%OFF got king size for $464. Thanks OP

    • I signed up but didn't receive a welcome email… did you receive the email quickly?
      Does the code look generic?

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        Got after 10 minutes thanks

  • About to get a sleeping duck, as I hear nothing but bad things about cheap mattresses. Anyone had experience there?

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      Had a queen for 2 years and really like it. Reasonably firm and supportive.

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      They all have 100 day trials. Spend at least two months with it. Also even if you like it say you want to refund because they might throw in a topper for free if you keep it.

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      I recommend Leura Sealy from freedom. Cheap but a full mattress not compressed. You can also try in store. We got a queen bed and our combined weight is 160 kilos


      • nice price on that, thanks

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          No worries! We bought the firm over a year ago ($550 delivered). Full mattress not rolled up.

      • Good price! 10% cashback on CR as well!

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          i think this one better… but doubt CR will give another 10% off

          subscribe for their offers you will get additional 15%OFF so 85%OFF got king size for $464

          • @thomalfa: Worth a shot. Mine tracked but probably won't be honoured

          • @thomalfa: Thanks thomalfa, I was replying to the Sealy Leura posted by fozzie! That was about $460~ for a double size after CB, Aussie made hybrid (foam+spring) mattress with 10yr warranty from Freedom.

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      Yep. First one was purchased 14 months ago and it's wonderfully comfy. Supportive with just enough softness to it. The second one was purchased two weeks ago and it's very different. The top layer of foam has no resistance to pressure and collapses completely when you lie on it. I've been waking up with hip pain every day thanks to the lack of support. I'd say roll the dice and try one, they'll refund you if you get a dud. (Second one's getting picked up by the Salvos soon.)

      • Eek thats not good

  • General question, I'm a hot sleeper, any recos on a mattress (just the mattress, I have the base).

    Got some tempur pillows a month ago or so from one of the deals, they started off a bit wonky, now I'm getting some good neck sleep.

    Currently have a OMF medium but it's showing it's age and my dent.

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    I've had the Sleeping Duck Mach II for just over a month, I chose their firm option at checkout however using it since recently, I've found I became really warm, hence I'm a hot sleeper, but I contacted their customer service (really good btw) and they suggested I try the extra firm topper(which I didn't know existed); I've been using it for the past two weeks and it's been great, initially it was very very firm but it doesn't get me hot.

    They have a 100 nights trial which is a bonus.

    When they deliver, at checkout you also have the option to choose for them to remove your existing mattress.

  • Seems like this was highly rated by choice. Can anyone check this?

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    I'm getting a sore back due to my mattress and am looking to change it. Any recommendations for a good mattress that will last for a few years and provide good support for my back?

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    Deal is back on. Remember to stack with 15% welcome code you get from signing up to their newsletter. (And tracks through Shopback but not sure if it will be honoured with the discounts.)

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