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Raspberry Pi Zero W Starter Kit $89 + $6.60 Delivery @ Core Electronics


Not the cheapest Pi Zero W, but you do get the full kit and it's a good start if it's your first entry into the Pi world.

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    Pi zero was <$20 many times, how is this a deal? Those extra are not worth for that price tag I guess

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    Jesus these “starter kit” upsell prices have gone crazy. A Zero W with some film flam for the price of a Pi 4 not that long ago.

    • yeah i paid about $5 more for a 4gb labist kit about 1 year ago.

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    $5 computer they said… :)

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    I'm struggling to see $67 of add on value over the base $22 price of the Pi Zero. Can someone please enlighten me?

    • Since I got nothing better to do;

      $26.95 Raspberry Pi Zero W
      $18.95 Official power supply
      $8.75 Official Pi Zero enclosure
      $5.5 Mini HDMI to standard HDMI adapter
      $5.5 Micro USB OTG host cable
      $27.45 32GB MicroSD card with NOOBS

      Also add postage for each item when sold separately.

      Based on this, its still a deal.

      • Also add postage for each item when sold separately.

        Why? You can combine postage for multiple items.

        • Yes which makes this is a even better deal :) lol

          • @boomramada: How so?

            Also, the Wireless Pi Zero W (included in this kit) is $17.95.

            • @magic8ballgag: true this one don't have the welded pins.
              even with $17.95, this be $84.10 LOL

              btw, when I work with PI zero years ago, all i used was empty plastic box, old mobile charger and sd card that wondering around, didn't need any of those additional gear.

              • @boomramada: Yeah, it's not difficult to source compatible components similar to those in this kit.

              • @boomramada: Look theres quite a bit of overpriced stuff in there at RRP. A $27.95 32GB MicroSD is over priced. The Power Supply is overkill for the power requirements of the Pi Zero regardless of the price and yeah a mobile charger will meet the 1.2A power draw requirement.

                So is it a bargain for those components compared to their normal prices. From the numbers yes it is.

                Is it good value even at that price? Well thats upto the purchaser, but for me I wouldn't be tacking on those items onto a $18 Pi Zero setup, I'd be chosing cheaper alternatives that deliver the same result for quite a bit less.

      • $27.45 32GB MicroSD card with NOOBS

        Good if you don't know how to put software on a memory card I guess…

        • +3

          If one doesn't know how to put software on a memory card, the Pi Zero isn't something I'd be recommeding one drops their coin on as its all going to be out of their league… shrug

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    I feel like they're purposely limiting stock of the standalone board, so that people have no option but to consider this overpriced kit.

    There's either a global shortage, or there isn't, pick one!

    • That was my hunch as well.

    • don't forget China has limited export ships and containers in freight cost like 5000% more than pre-pandemic prices for wholesalers. Have you noticed not much stock overall for general goods in shops? it's not just a silicon shortage. It's because we live on an island far away from most manufacturing/producing nation.

      • If they can satisfy stock for the boards included in the starter kits, they can for the standalone board.

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