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[eBay Plus] 42 Weekend Flash Deals - Links & Details Inside (Starts 8am AEST Saturday) @ eBay


Hey guys. I apologise in advance as I've had no time to research any of these, so no idea how strong the deals may be. Table below shows the 42 products available to eBay Plus members this weekend. Each item has its own coupon code, and each has a limited quantity. First drop is Saturday at 8am AEST. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Starts Item & Link Units Code Price
Sat 8am Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-20 Engine Oil 5L 150 PWE5W $40
Sat 8am Aussie Bold Red & White Mixed 12x750ml Wine 500 PWEMIX $65
Sat 8am Aus Wooli UGG Unisex Melbourne Sandals 800 PWESAND $25
Sat 8am Google Nest Audio 300 PWEGNEST $99
Sat 8am Kitchen Couture DUO 2-Basket Digital Air Fryer 400 PWEDUO $134
Sat 8am Dell 32" Curved Gaming Monitor S3222HG 1000 PWECURVE $284
Sat 8am Yesoul S3 Spin Exercise Bike 100 PWESPIN $449
Sat 8am Huawei MateBook D14 i5-1021U/8GB/512GB 82 PWEMATE $619
Sat 8am Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan TP04 91 PWECOOLF $479
Sat 8am 4-in-1 Baby Swing Slide & Basketball Set 120 PWEBABY $199
Sat 12pm JBL Tune 600NC Headphones 300 PWEJBL $49
Sat 12pm Ryco Universal Fuel Filter Assembly R2132UA 150 PWEFUEL $59
Sat 12pm Cast Iron Camping Frypan 100 PWEFRYPAN $23
Sat 12pm 500GB Samsung T5 Portable SSD 100 PWE500GB $83
Sat 12pm Gianyz 20V Cordless Electric Chainsaw 120 PWESAW $89
Sat 12pm Absolut Vodka Soda & Passionfruit 24-Pack 200 PWEVODKA $69
Sat 12pm Westinghouse Electric Kettle & Bread Toaster Set 100 PWEWEST $59
Sat 12pm Tefal Fry Pan 30cm 93 PWETEFAL $20
Sat 12pm Google Pixel 3 64GB - Not Pink 300 PWEPIXEL $229
Sat 12pm Kids Ride On Electric Mercedes-Benz Car 120 PWERIDE $225
Sat 12pm Dell 32" Gaming Monitor G3223D 800 PWE32 $499
Sun 8am Nintendo Switch Sports Game 500 PWESPORT $49
Sun 8am Gourmet Kitchen 7" Japanese Steel Santoku Knife 100 PWETOKU $49
Sun 8am Absolut Vodka Soda & Watermelon 24-Pack 200 PWEMELON $69
Sun 8am Charlie's Linen Cotton Polyester Dog or Cat Bed 100 PWEPET $44
Sun 8am SodaStream Genesis Soda Maker & 1L Bottle 400 PWESODA $29
Sun 8am Topdon 2000A Car Jump Starter Pack 731 PWESTART $109
Sun 8am Beats Fit Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds 100 PWEBEATS $199
Sun 8am Aftershokz Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones 71 PWESHOKZ $159
Sun 8am Apple Watch S6 40mm Red Aluminum Red Cellular 250 PWEAPPLE $489
Sun 8am Topdon OBD2 Scanner Auto Diagnostic Tool 96 PWEAUTO $429
Sun 8am Dyson V7 Motorhead Origin 400 PWEDYSON $379
Sun 12pm Transformers Gigawatt Back to the Future edition 100 PWEACTION $28
Sun 12pm Sennheiser PC360 Special Edition Gaming Headset 400 PWE360D $29
Sun 12pm BoPeep Kids Magnetic Tiles Blocks 148 PWETILE $26
Sun 12pm 2-Pack Powercube Extended with 2 USB 100 PWECUBE $35
Sun 12pm Arlo Essential XL Spotlight Camera VMC2032 79 PWEARLO2 $119
Sun 12pm Cat Tree Cubby House 100 PWECAT $24
Sun 12pm Kailua Rattan Coffee Table with Storage 95 PWETABLE $189
Sun 12pm Tasty 16pc Ceramic Cookware Set 98 PWETASTY $93
Sun 12pm Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) with MagSafe Charging 100 PWEPODS $189
Sun 12pm Scanpan 8pc Classic Steel Eclipse Knife Block Set 190 PWEBLOCK $104

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  • +76

    I expect nothing and will still be disappointed

  • +37

    Nothing exciting.

    • +2
      • for effort but - for ebay
      • +2

        My comment is for ebay plus. Not OP. OP did an amazing service here.
        Ebay plus had some amazing deals in pervious year like the Xioami 34" monitor for $400 and JBL Bluetooth speaker for $9.

  • Where did you find the list? Also where's the Monday and Tuesday ones?

    • +7

      Monday and Tuesday will be a repeat of what's leftover from the weekend :/

  • +4

    Sodastream is the winner for me. Don't need tho…

    • +1

      I got sodastream in the birdie promo…. Was over it in a week

      • Review?

        • +6

          Did what it said on the box… but in the end cbf and just drink proper Pepsi max

      • +1

        Bit of a fizzer then…

  • that absolute vodka is like half price after code, really ? are they good ?

    • +40


  • +3

    Oh yes fuel filter, winner


    • +2

      The same Ryco Universal Fuel Filter is cheaper than the eBay offer on sparesbox_auto eBay for $50.29 after code PLSAVE20 (free shipping too)

  • +3

    Dyson TP04 seems lowest price in ozb history, previous lowest at $548.

    Tefal Frypan for $20 delivered seems good value.

    • +1

      It's the lowest tier coating in the Tefal range, $20's not bad tho

      • what’s the highest tier?

        • unlimited premium

    • I was thinking of getting one of those Tefal's from Big W during the 50% off sale anyway, may as well try my luck here for a bit cheaper =)

      • They are $70 less $14

        • I managed to snag one of them at 12'oclock for $20 🤗

    • True, but we are heading into Winter.

    • TP04 is 494 at HN though, so only a $20 saving. Is an older model

  • +1

    I was intrigued by the huawei matebook until I saw no backlit keyboard and 250nit screen brightness.
    Anyone know of some good alternatives?

    • +9

      I was intrigued until i saw "Huawei"

    • +2

      Price is good though. Strong reviews for it

  • +4

    Yeah, saving my time. I can go to park with kids…Happy Weekend…

    • +3

      Me too but ill still be obsessively refreshing ebay…. Just in caseeee

    • Same, I Steve Bradburried right though this one.. skate right thru, buy nothing, win.

  • +3

    It's strange that some of them are already at that price like the air fryer. Plus you can apply an extra code to get it even lower.

    • +1

      The Sammy Tablet is only $10 dearer atm with the 20% code ($359)

      And Officeworks has the Sammy SSD for $75, so $8 cheaper.

    • +2

      @ChillBro - Pronti fryer removed, and pinged eBay. Hopefully an error at their end with a fix tomorrow. Thanks for flagging.

  • +1

    F… Was hoping for a deal on the Barista Pro

  • +5

    Thanks for posting TA. Now it looks like I can sit this one out
    Ebay deals getting a bit stingy now

  • Not much of any deals here :(

  • Tefal frypan is pretty good price

    • Like how much

  • +2

    Most of the items been listed from last few days looks like they couldn't sell them 😕

  • Pass!

    Are there more interesting deals possibly coming late Sunday arvo? 🤞

  • I'm hoping they're saving the best for last, and not previous stock they couldn't sell..

  • No deal

  • +3

    Membership lapsed


    Membership for Amazon lapsing in 7 days


    • +1

      Guess you can get the shopback $40 cashback then, if its still running.

      • +4

        The one that didn't track lol?

        • +1

          I haven't been keeping up with that since my subscription hasnt expired, but haha thats an oopsie. They'll probably honour them individually but thats a real pain.

  • +5

    Wow, I am impressed. I can't imagine how hard were ebay staffs working on finding all these trashes. None exception. Absolutely incredible!

  • +3

    What a total noob, I thought prices were hidden until tomorrow, then realised I needed to scroll right… Might be time for a better phone?

    • It’s not your phone .. I had the same problem on iOS 15. Lol

  • Excited about the Pixel 3 deal.

    • Is what? /s the Pixel 3 worth getting excited about? /f you don’t like pink, then sure it is!

    • Looks like All Phones jacked up their price.
      Google Pixel 3 64GB is $241.92 after the discount.

      • +2

        Bring back the jack! The headphone jack, I mean

      • It's $229 with the code ($73.40 off $302.40)

        Perhaps ebay adjusted the code to counter the jacking?

    • +5

      Hi RW. As stated, have not had a chance to check any of these, but thanks heaps for flagging the SSD is cheaper elsewhere though. I hope an eBay rep will read these comments tonight and maybe reduce pricing further tomorrow. Anyway, signing off now - have a great weekend :)

      • No probs TA, just posted the ones I could remember was cheaper, just noticed the T5 has already been mentioned

  • Is the spin bike any good?

    • Also keen to hear this

      • +13

        It takes a long time to commute to work. I'll let you know how long when I get there.

    • +3

      It's actually surprisingly decent. Main negatives are as follows:

      • Max saddle height a tad low if you are in the 6' range. Workaround is to add a gel seat cushion on top of it.
      • Front handlebars do not adjust fore and aft independently of height.
      • Crank length is rather short (~15cm). Unless you ride another bike, you may not even notice.
      • Reports of Bluetooth dying after a couple months use, not fixed by replacing the battery. Ought to be covered by warranty, but may be a pain to fulfil.

      But the drivetrain and magnetic resistance are smooth, and should be strong enough for most. If you are a big unit, it obviously won't feel as stable out of the saddle as a more heavy-duty bike.

    • +1

      The black bike Is selling for $499 + take off an extra $100 bringing it down to $399 on gearbites ebay listing so the price above at $449 isn't a deal?

    • I personally wouldn't bother with anything that doesn't use electromagnets. Yes, its a pain because you need a powerpack to use it, but they are so much better if you like to change the resistance on the fly.

      • Genuinely curious to know what bike in this price range supports this?

        • No idea. I bought my two last bikes second hand. Last one was an Aldi brand that I got for $50, and the current one is a Reebok that I payed $120 for 2 years ago when the Aldi one started smoking

  • +3

    Are either Dell monitors any good?

  • +2

    Mostly useless rubbish. Not sure why anyone is updating this.

    • +6

      They should rebrand from eBay to eLandfill

  • +3

    No $99 AirPods?

    • +1

      ⅓ off for the latest generation!

  • 1 unit per person?

  • +1

    so far nothing to get me excited, hopefully there is a worthwhile deal not listed yet

  • Time to cancel eBay plus

    • +3

      just join them on a monthly plan only when you need something and will save you more than the monthly sub. Ebay is really boring these days compare when we still be able to get some cheap gift cards from UK and they always have 20% off many big name stores

  • +4

    @TA 'I've had no time to research any of these, so no idea how strong the deals may be'… How dare you have a life outside of finding us the best bargains!!! Lol

  • What time is the $40 cashback deal? In all honesty, with the hype in language about getting plus before this weekend, I've had more excitement watching someone clean their dentures than the products here

  • +3

    Unless there is some deal like we had couple of years ago for Airpods for $99, nothing would excite me to spend.

  • +3

    Nothing of value.

    Tbh just give me a zero FVF already. Plus membership should come with 5 free FVF per month.

    • They need to give their members a bit more value, hopefully some time soon.

  • +2

    100 x airpods is like some million to one powerball level competition where all you win is a moderate discount

  • +1

    use to have 99c Deals, guess not anymore ?

    • +5

      Tbh I rather them not do that stuff again. Selling out in 15 seconds is trying to preload the code and checking out and whatnot is just a huge mess and leaves people more disappointed than not. At $99, its still a great bargain for something like airpods, no need to push it so far low.

    • +1

      That was pretty cool, hopefully they bring that back

  • what do people think of the Knife block? I'm wondering whether to just invest in a higher end (e.g. global) or just get a few cheap ones

    • Kiwi Knives from your local Asian grocer for $3 each and then use one of these budget knife sharpeners guilt free :p. I have a Scanpan set also but rarely use them in comparison. Mainly use the chefs knife from that set :).

      • Thanks!

  • what are the chances of getting those 189 airpods?

    • where your fast fingers hai yaa

  • Only thing on this list I'm even vaguely interested in is the BttF transformer

    • same lol!

  • Glad I got in on the Jameson's deal today…
    Not even remotely interested in anything else on offer here!

    • Did I miss that deal. Search for Jameson shows no deal today?

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