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$18 off Your First Order @ Uber Eats


It’s not $20, but the old deal expired and there doesn’t seem to be any better discounts for new users at the moment.

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • PMAUN still works for me for $20 off on new accounts. WELCOMEAUS works 90% of the time on new accounts once the account is at least 4-5 days old. Need new IP, email, phone number and device. Use Bluestacks.

    • 👍

    • WELCOMEAUS is a bit hit and miss now.
      I just tried PMAUN on a new account, but it says this promotion has expired.

    • Different delivery address? Different name?

      I have done all of the above (except using Tor Browser on a desktop, and use 10min mail). It picks me up as an existing user every time.

      What's Bluestacks? Looks like an Android emulator?

      • I do mostly pickups. Real first name and real initial of last name for pickups, in case you get asked for ID. I get 1-2 deliveries per week using the same address.

        Don't use a browser to create account, but can use it in private mode to do the order.

        Yes, emulator, use this to create the account.

        Need unique payment method, I use Revolut virtual disposable card.

        • Thank you for the emulator info as I also have trouble registering additional accounts from the same laptop. So basically once I download Bluestacks and run it from the laptop, I should be able to create additional new uber eats accounts with no issue? thanks.

          • @szy2k: Yes, just use a new "instance" for each new account. Takes up a few GB disk space per instance.

            • @steven6: Awesome, best advice, thank you again!

            • @steven6: Doesn't it ask for a new number everytime?

            • @steven6: Hi Steven, does "instance" here mean to uninstall and re-install the bluestacks or the Ubereats app?

              • @Spectre1228: Open "Multi Instance Manager", then click on Instance in the bottom left, then "Fresh Instance". Create new google account and download UE app and create new UE account. Wait 4-5 days and try WELCOMEAUS as a promo code. If that doesn't work then just use AUEATS231. I delete the "Instance" once used, but if you have enough room on your hard drive to leave it you might get a code in the future that can be used on the account.

                • @steven6: Legend, thanks!

                  • @Spectre1228: Make sure that no devices with UE app installed access the same internet connection/IP address at the same time as you create or access these new UE accounts. You will have to get new IP address before/after you place an order.

                    UE blocked Revolut ages ago, but now it's fine. If they ever block Revolut you can try using Revolut through PayPal.

                    • @steven6: Thanks for your advice again, I will manually assign new ip address then. Also I just use Zippay single use card and it has no hassle.

                    • @steven6: do you mind sharing how you get new IP address?

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      Seriously? at this point it probably be easier to just change countries, name and sex.

    • PMAUN doesn't work anymore

  • +1

    AUEATS240 works

    • How much $$$ off does this code give?

      • Edit: Its $18 off first order

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