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[eBay Plus] Google Pixel 3 (5.5", 64GB/4GB, Global Variant, 1 Year AU Warranty) $229 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Model Google Pixel 3
eBay Product ID (ePID) 3024688700
Product Key Features Network Unlocked
Operating System Android
Storage Capacity 64 GB
Connectivity USB Type-C, Bluetooth, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, 2G, NFC
Contract Without Contract
Processor Octa Core
Lock Status Factory Unlocked
Colour Pink
Style Bar
Features Proximity Sensor, Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor
Camera Resolution 12.0 MP
Screen Size 5.5 in

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  • +14

    It's a 4 year old phone. Hardly a bargain

    • +9

      Unlimited Google photo uploads

      • +1

        not original size, also pixel 3 to 5 has this feature

      • +2

        For 229. The monthly plan is like 5 dollars a month.

      • Can I copy photos from other phones to this one, to be uploaded to Google Photo?

        • +3

          Yes. But a Pixel 1 would be a better and cheaper option.

        • Yes including DSLR Raw photos. But yes pixel 1 is the best option even secondhand

    • +1

      What's your alternative? Anything at this price will have compromises.

    • Still has Android 12 though so for the price its pretty decent and well featured. Although it won't be upgradeable beyond that.

    • Yet people will upvote a refurbished iPhone XR.

      • +1

        xr still has updates , even iphone 6s still getting support / updates / iOS

  • lol, pls don't buy this.

    • +26

      Okay, will buy 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max instead.

      • +4

        Phew, close one… 😐

    • +2

      People interested in pixel phone should checkout eBay 2nd hand. Picked up a pixel 4 128gb for $170 delivered. Cons is the lack of print unlock but face unlock is good enough. And it will get Android 13 at least.

      • That'smint! what seller did you use?

      • You have been lucky

      • +5

        Second hand phones.. Never again. Way too easy to get burnt.

        • +1

          Don’t buy Note 7s then.

        • Bought pixel 3 128gb for $80. 100% battery life
          Pixel 4 128gb for $170. 86% battery life
          Granted they both had slight screen defect (dead pixel buy in corner, doesn't bother me)
          No issues whatsoever. I'm stunned considering I got the latest Android OS and they were $1k on release.

  • The cheapest Google Pixel that supports eSIM

    • +1

      Doesn't support esim. Only pixel 4 onwards

      • My Pixel 3a is using an eSIM.

      • +1

        Pixel 3 supports esim. It doesn't support dual sim.

        • +2

          No, pixel 3 doesn't support esim in Australia.
          Pixel 3a was released after pixel 4. It's build upon pixel 4 not pixel 3.

          • +1

            @ShouldIBuyIt: The title says global variant so might work?

            • @jtrvk: Wouldn't risk it, but you do you :-)

            • +1

              @jtrvk: Could be a Verizon Global variant which wouldn't do esim, for example.

              Usually any IMEI starting with 35 won't support esim for this model

  • Spy phone. 😆

  • +1

    Just be aware that the Pixel 3 is EOL and no longer receives monthly security updates.

    I’d even be cautious about buying a Pixel 4 / XL as it’s EOL from October 2022.


    • Pixel 3 did receive a couple of security updates this year. Although officially ended 10/21

  • +6

    Great phone still snappy and good camera and good speakers perfect for occasional gaming and video content even for parents/grandparents/kids just grab a 365 prepaid 4g Sim and enjoy

    • Good only compared to ultra cheap phones. Even ultra cheap phones may have better battery life though, and still get security patches. Nice giving kids and parents a phone that may contain major security holes…

  • +4

    I have a parent who has one. Fast responsive and glitch free. Excellent camera. Not overly concerned about security updates because doesn't do anything silly on phone

    • They don’t use the web or wifi? No sms?

      • +1

        What if one doesn't do banking/email/purchases on their phone?

        I mean what if they just do simple browsing, making and receiving calls/texts? Would it still be a security risk?

        Genuine question.

        • +1

          They use the web and wifi and sms and internet banking.

          I really think the whole android security updates thing is overhyped. As long as someone is sensible enough to download reputable apps, not to sideload apk's, not answer any dubious banking emails, and only use their banks official app for banking, then security updates don't really matter.

          I wouldn't feel unsafe at all using one.

          One of my friends just retired an LG v20 from 2016. Still going strong, never exposed to any dangerous security issues.

        • Yea, if they click a link from sms, email, web, apps, yes.

          There was a big sms vulnerability in android just last year alone.

          Realistically as long as they don’t use their phone for 2fa, have strong passwords, don’t download apps, know what phishing is, know what https is and how to tell if it’s on, secure their phone with some lock, then they will probably be fine.

  • +1

    Terrible battery life is it still worth it with no more android update?
    Call screening is still not in Australia.

    • I had call screening on my pixel 6.
      Tried it multiple times whenever gf called lol

    • My wife has call screening on her 4a

      • Sorry mate, but what do you exactly mean by call screening enabled phones?

        Isn't this anyone can do when receiving a call?

        • Its a feature where the google assistant asks someone why they are calling and who they are, and then you can choose to pick up or not.

    • I've used call screening on the pixel 5 many times.
      And also used the call assistant for calls where on-hold queue times were significant.

    • I have call screening on the Pixel 1 I'm typing this on

  • +1

    The P3 was plagued with uniformity issues because it uses LG's POLED whereas the P3XL uses Samsung's AMOLED.

    • What's an uniformity issue?

  • Need a cheap New Pixel 5 deal

  • +1

    I got one last sale for $229.

    Great phone. Awesome for kids and parents..

  • Pixel 5a brand new for $599 from Kogan seems a much better price.

    • More than double the price of P3 from this deal..

    • I thought it wasn't available in Australia? Grey import? Link?

  • Is second hand pixel 5 still come with unlimited storage?

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