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nib Advanced GreenPass $4.99 for First Year (Usually $4.99/Month)


Was looking at on-demand health insurance and came across this. Thought that this may benefit some people without private health insurance as the Advanced GreenPass offers discounts to a network of dentists, physios and optical centres. Enjoy :)

Launch offer:

Advanced GreenPass
$4.99 for the first year
Usually $4.99 per month (get 11 months free)

The blurb:
If you're not ready to commit to health insurance, a GreenPass membership offers affordable and personalised support to help you on your journey towards better health. Plus, get rewarded along the way!

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    Is it really a discounted network though? Or a network of associated "providers" that adjust their prices accordingly?

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      it almost sounds like $5 a year to google things for you

      • Yeah the online checks sound thorough…

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    Does this give access to NIB rewards discounted gift cards?

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    Was with NIB for years until I couldn't take the pain any longer. Absolute thieves.

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    In my opinion, the benefits of this seem dubious, hence the 11 months free.

    This is a product designed to ease people into higher cost regular health insurance.

  • Only sunglasses hut gift card @ 9% off discount

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    Waste of $5. NiB is one of the most useless health insurance providers.

    • Why do you think that?

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        Known to sell junk policies, lots of out of pocket cost, rated as one of the lowest value providers by the AMA. Do a google search.

    • I was with NIB for extras last year. It functioned as it said it would. Didn't have any issues making claims at all.

  • Was looking at on-demand health insurance


  • Track your fitness level, sleep, mindfulness, and nutrition in the Well with nib App. Syncs with Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, Apple Health, and Google Fit.

    Imagine paying your health insurance to track you

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