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OXO Good Grips Spiralize, Grate and Slice Set $17 (RRP $86.95) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Camelx3 yet to pick the price drop. Showing $39.99

  • Price matching HouseOnline. FRENZY25 Code works on it bringing the item to $12.75 but will attract delivery fees as no C&C option.

On Amazon HouseOnline is listed as one of the other sellers but will attract delivery fees $7.95.

  • The Spiralizer – creates uniform vegetable noodles out of zucchini, carrots and more
  • The Slicer – yields uniform slices of fruits and veggies
  • Medium Grater – makes fluffy shavings of hard cheeses and chocolate
  • Coarse Grater – perfect for semi-soft cheese, butter, onions and more
  • Food holder protects your hand while slicing
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  • +1

    Thanks OP, needed this

  • Interesting!

    Does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is worthwhile, or is it just worthwhile paying the full amount and getting the full scale mandolin slicer? I appreciate this is super cheap, but I’m just wondering whether it’s worth it if say it doesn’t work as well…

    • Yeah Im thinking the same. If anyone has recommendations on a quality mandolin please share

      • My research years also said borner.

        We bought one and barely use it.

        Borner isn't perfect but the issues are rather minor. But note all mandolins aren't fun to clean. These small ones would be easier for cleaning and maybe get more use. But using them of course more fiddly.

        • +3

          That's a mixed bag of feleings right there, I know it well.

          Do your research, scour the internet for information on the different details, finally buy one….and then use it once in a blue moon.

          You know you've got the best one for your needs, but occasionally you see it there, shiny as the day it arrived, and you wonder if it was worth the time spent….

    • I have the Borner. Works very well for slicing carrots, potatoes into strips/cubes/slices. But it doesn't do shavings.


    • just comes down to how much volume in one go you are doing. If its a single salad, then this will be plenty. If you are trying to do a whole pan of scalloped potato, this might be a bit more annoying

  • Thanks OP, wanted a small mandolin

  • On a related note, does anyone know good gloves or other methods that prevent wasting the veggie end chunks, for fear of losing a phalange?

    I find the included handle with spikes too awkward to use (not specifically this OXO product, I mean mandolins in general)

    • +1

      i just manually chop the last bit

      • There's gotta be a better way, alebox!

        • +1

          Eat it.

        • yeah, those handles are rubbish near the end…I've see online those cut resistant gloves, has anyone used them?

  • Ordered 2 thanks. Great housewarming gifts if anything

    • Some people believe that knives/cutty things are a no-no as gifts

      • -2

        Oh I forgot kitchens need to be a SafeSpace™ these days

        • +3

          not kitchens, housewarming gifts.

          and this is not a new thing, amongst some communities.

          • @andresampras: My mum always says this. If you give a knife as a gift it's customary to receive a token payment in return. Something like $1 so that it's not a "gift". Mum's from a Pakistani background, is this just a south Asian thing or are other communities getting into the superstitions too?

            • +1

              @daanish: MIL is chinese and said, no shoes as gifts for bride and groom as they might "run away". No clock as bday present as like telling them time is ticking. No plants with root when visiting ppl in hospital as root means the illness may prolonged.
              She has a bunch more no no, but I can't remember.

              • +1

                @akte: That reminds me of mum's you shouldn't cut your nails on Wednesdays superstition. The corollary is that Fridays are the best day to cut your nails.

              • @akte:

                No clock as bday present as like telling them time is ticking

                When you say this in Chinese, it rhymes with the Chinese saying to attend a funeral.

            • @daanish: In-laws are of Sicilian background and do the same thing - 'pay' for any knife gifted to them. Apparently they believe a knife given as a gift can cut the friendship.
              Bought my wife-to-be a Swiss Army knife and she had to explain to me why she must give me a coin for the gift. (the first of many 'customs' that I was about to learn)

      • not good to give a new couple weapons ?

        • prob more dangerous with an old couple hehe

  • +2

    Missed out, thanks anyway for posting!

  • Bought 2 from HouseOnline, there's a 20% cashback too so maybe worth buying and getting it shipped. FRENZY25 is listed on Cashrewards so it should work.

  • Late to the party, run out at HouseOnline too

  • Missed out but good pickup. :D

  • +2

    I thought this was a deal for OXO Stock Cubes when reading OUT OF STOCK OXO!

  • damm I needed something like this, and missed out :(

  • House online just cancelled my order for this, ($17+$7.95 shipping) No reason given, just canned it.
    You have to wonder how many sellers just decide they can't be bothered honouring a price and just cancel.

  • My amazon order hasnt shipped yet, with no eta yet
    anyone get one shipped ?

    • Received on-time from seller Amazon AU.

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