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303 Automotive Leather 3-in-1 Complete Care 473ml $12.71 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


If you’ve used this before, you know it’s an amazing product. It smells great too!

I use it in my MK 7 Golf R and it leaves the leather super soft and clean. If there’s a better product, I’d genuinely like to hear about it.

If there’s other 303 products on sale, be sure to post it.

Last time these sold out quick. So get on it!

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hmm I thought the leather in all new cars are coated.

    • +1

      Most premium and luxury brands have nappa / full grain / aniline leather either standard or optional. However yes standard leather / "Italian" leather is sanded and painted.

    • exactly my thoughts. Which renders this product kinda useless…

      The ad does say it's suitable for "finished" leather, whatever that means?

      • Meh worse comes to worse… I'll use it for my leather couch haha.

        • Isn't your couch coated too?

          • @MaxPowerz: Maybe.. haha just found:

            Safe for any finished leather or vinyl surface such as finished leather seats,

            Hold up.. wth…

            Not for use on suede or unfinished leather.? It's actually only to be used if your furniture items are coated hahaha…

    • If it's perforated though, that doesn't help.

      Also, any silicone free leather conditioner won't harm those coatings; worst case scenario, they end up greasy, and if so, stop using it; but its unlikely.

      • Sorry just to clarify… Did you mean one should not use leather cleaner/conditioner on perforated leather seats? My cars seats are perforated

        • No, liquid ones are fine, think twice about creams though.
          I more meant that the coating on them, is often (not exclusively though )applied before the leather is perforated; so helping to 'seal the edges' of the holes can't hurt.

          Bowdens range does better by me though; but nothing wrong with 303 as a brand, I'm sure their leather care is top notch.
          Everything plastic/rubber I own thats going into service (drive belts, switch blocks, etc) goes into a bath of plastic protectant overnight.
          It's magic stuff.

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    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

  • -1

    Good old Amazon sale 1or 2 in stock then wait 2 months lol .

  • Is this fine for cloth interiors

  • Can this be used on leather sofa ?

  • +4

    How does it compare to Bowden's Own?

  • does this give the leather a glossy or matt finish after treatment?

  • Weird question, can you use this on leather shoes or furniture? If not recommended, why?

    • Furniture yes not sure about shoes

    • Ive used Bowdens Own Leather Love, and Leather Guard on a multi thousand dollar piece of leather clothing, and it took it fine.
      Before anyone asks, it was an opshop purchase, which I then researched and found its value; I didnt buy a thousand dollar anything clothing; lol.

      They have to be pretty sure before they suggest it on a car interior; because things like 90's RR interiors (when they still used 0.7mm single piece leather), can be tens of thousands to replace, if they damage them.

  • FWIW, at the time of posting, it was showing next day delivery. Mine is arriving tomorrow.

  • This ok for my V8 Commodore pleather?

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