Which nbn cheapest and reliable?

Which nbn cheapest and reliable?
I'm currently just use mobile Sim . Thinking to get a nbn before end June . Any suggestions?
I used to use tpg


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    If you're with Commonwealth Bank, I'd recommend More Telecom. Haven't experienced a single period where I've seen speeds drop below the plan that was paid for - nbn250.

    Here's the OzBargain Deal - it's 30% off for 12 months if you pay with a CommBank card.

  • I've had good experience with Mate Communicate. Cheap and good customer support. Don't forget to use a referral when signing up. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/api/referral/335

    They're also running a $100 credit promo if you sign up in June with code MATE100. Don't know if this stacks with referral but worth a try.


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      Terrible service with Mate - was happy with them until I realised that once speedtest.net is being used, all traffic is prioritised and hence it would give off 250mbps+ every time. Although both More and Mate use the VOCUS Network, I find that More generally has better capacity.

      The real speeds were found using fast.com or Google's Speed Test. For me, I've found that the same nbn250 plan would be good through off-peak, but drop to 20-30mbps during peak periods.

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    I have so far used iiNet, TPG, Superloop, Spintel, all in 100mbps tier

    Spintel is okay with game with Australia based server, but not ideal with international based server.
    Superloop is by far the best, decent speed and good international speed
    iiNet is either same or ever slightly worse than superloop (eyeballing by me).
    using TPG right now because $10 off per month for 6 month they give a free WiFi 6 router if we sign 6 month contract, service is okay, the WiFi 6 router is not very ideal.

    my next hop is probably Aussie Broadband, depending on if there's any notable discount.

    • Add in Exetel, owned by Superloop running on Superloop network.

      • Any idea on the connection type they use for FTTC? Is it pppoe/dynamip IP/fixed IP? They look good but I don't want to have to use pppoe.

        • Nope..
          But I would expect it to be the same as Superloop given they're running on Superloop Infrastructure.

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            @ESEMCE: Thanks mate. I actually just heard back from support. They do use pppoe, unlike Superloop. Odd. Thanks for getting back to me, appreciate it.

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              @zfa: I was with Superloop about 8 months ago and was incredibly happy. No dropouts, always maintained close to 50mbps.
              I've been with Exetel for 3 weeks now and it is horrible! On 50mbps plan and getting 9mbps at night time.
              Can simply using pppoe make such a difference?

              I'm thinking about switching back to Superloop.. but if it will be the same as what I'm copping with Exetel now… perhaps not.

              • @chickennix: Hmmm. This doesn't sound too good! pppoe shouldn't have any effect like what you've seen, no. I was just hoping to avoid it because of the way my current network is configured.

                Unfortunately I've already bitten the bullet and will be moving from Superloop to Exetel next week - hopefully I don't experience speed problems as bad as yours or I'll be moving again. Good job they're month-to-month I guess. My Superloop service was also rock-solid.

                IF I have issues, and IF I find anything to alleviate them, I'll let you know. Thanks for the heads-up.

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                  @zfa: Exetel only relatively recently got bought out, I doubt they have cut over to using Superloop infrastructure yet

                  • @Jackson: The sale was almost a year ago… completion in July 2021 according to the Superloop Investor Announcement documentation

                    I mean, I guess you could argue that it's recent in some contexts, but not really in a layman's definition.

                    People have been reporting that they're been routing via Superloop since at least October 2021…

                    • @ESEMCE: Considering I hd been using exetel for about 20 years (since the advent of adsl just about), combined with covid timewaprs, it felt recent. Also I thought it was a bit later as I had one of the seniors on my linked in, and it was only when he left that I heard about it

              • @chickennix:

                On 50mbps plan and getting 9mbps at night time.

                Sounds like a CVC issue, which would be a local issue not an ISP-wide issue.
                Definitely should complain to Exetel to investigate as that's unusual for them.

    • How you get 10 off per month ? I sign up nbn 25 they only give 5 dollars off

      • I use NBN100, paying more hence larger discount.

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    Cheap, reliable, fast - choose two.

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    There is one NBN network. There are lots of companies retailing it.

    So none of the retailers offer a more reliable product than anyone else can. Because they are all offering the same product that they are sourcing from the same single supplier. Its like electricity that all comes from the same generators and through the same wires, irrespective of the name on the top of the bill you get.

    NBN retailers can only differentiate themselves by offering that same product at different prices, and packaging it differently, and offering different quality of service.

    • This.

      Most people on 50Mbits or less won't tell a difference between suppliers.

      • Thats like saying when driving thru Melbourne CBD it doesn't matter which street you take, it'll be the same because it's all a 40 zone.

        • If that is the example you choose.

          Truth is it is faster on a bike.

          • @netjock: Absolutely. But you're making up stats. So I'm giving real world examples of why you're wrong.

            A Ferrari & a Toyota Yaris travel the same speed through the CBD. But on a trip to Darwin, there's a big difference.

            • @M00Cow:

              But you're making up stats

              Don't believe me. Check the ACCC data

              If I was subscribing to a 100Mbit+ plan I'd be looking very hard. 50Mbits and under you're talking fractionally slower between providers.

              • @netjock: I don't believe you or some halfarse ACCC data. The latter isn't some proper statistical data just something needs to be to be done, this is something

                Your small correlation doesn't equal causation. Your RSP's network makes a huge difference. If you'd spent 12mths looking after networks, you'd understand. I've been doing it for 35+yrs… Back when token ring was king & sneakernet was a thing.

                • @M00Cow: Yawn. If you are that good I'd expect you'd be running the best ISP in Australia now but look where we are.

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      Actually there are 121 "NBN networks", each centered around a Point of Interconnect (POI). NBN offer a "last mile" connectivity solution between your home and your RSP's point of presence (POP), on a multi tier pricing structure where your ISP needs to buy individual capacity to support your connection (called an AVC) and aggregated capacity across multiple connections (called a CVC).

      Your RSP's CVC management practices and routing configuration have some impact on the quality of your internet service.

      As an example, if someone digs through an nbn fibre nearish to you, it will impact all users regardless of their ISPs but if there is an issue further up into the network, you may or may not be impacted differently depending on your RSP and their network configuration and resiliency.

      So the reliability of retailers can change based on what they plug into the other side of your nbn connection. It isn't like electricity because the RSPs have separate POPs, different to electricity retailers all reselling energy from the same generation sources.

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      Not true at all. NBN just offers last-mile connectivity to the ISP. Once you reach the ISPs backhaul you’re quality of service is in the hands of the isp.

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    Belong has been good. $60/month for 25Mbps.

    • I came to see if I should change, but I am on an old plan where I pay only 55 per month, and when you sign up for 30Mbit you get 50/20. Looking around nothing comes even close to this elsewhere. They do block torrents though, so you need a VPN if you want to torrent.

      OK checked More and if you are a commbank customer and get the 30% off you can save 1.10/month for the first 12 months, but the 13th month would eat your entire savings for the year and then some. By contrast it seems my current discount with belong will go indefinitely so not worth giving up. Not sure if More blocks torrents though

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    I've had really good service from Launtel. Aussie based company in Launceston. Aussie based support, and very responsive! Customer service is the best i've had from an ISP.

    My NBN Arris box failed after a storm strike near our place Friday 10pm ish.
    Went on live chat and had an appointment booked with technician for Monday AM within 15 minutes.

    • Yes indeed. I switched from Superloop to Launtel. On the same speed tier and the difference is chalk & cheese.

      Superloop used to be good, their customer service was good (if you were a techie, as you could skip the standard scripted troubleshooting steps). Their network was uncontested. But in the past 18mths t things allowed down noticeably, we had lots of small drop outs, from minor like the kids Skype/FaceTime calls dropping out, Google saying she can't reach the internet and important things like the missus work Zoom meetings lagging, VPN dropping out. The local POI CVC graph was hovering around 85%, so not fully utilised.

      We switched a few weeks ago. I've only had one complaint about Skype. The missus said it's been working well. I noticed an immediate speed increase in loading webpages. Probably the way they've designed the network with no buffers.

      Alas it doesn't meet the cheap requirements. Although I suppose with the new pricing it is getting competitive. The ability to change speeds daily or even pause your service that will save money when we go away.

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    More or Exetel
    Or whoever is offering good deals for 6/12 months

  • Exetel or Spintel 🦾

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