Decent Massage Chair under $8000?

A mate has one of these and reckons its the bees knees

Does anyone else have any ideas or recommendations for something similar?


  • My massage 🪑 is called Luke.

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    The chair you have linked is only $7495 so just buy that one?

    • Just wondering if there where any other suggestions apart from this one.

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    $8k? You’re kidding aren’t you?

    How about $80/week from a masseuse for 2 years. You can get them to focus on a specific area and don’t have to put up with a massive contraption in your house.

    Alternatively, slip your mate a $20 every week and use his.

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      Lol now that's an idea..

      A massage chair should hopefully last more than 2 years though..

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        dont get caught up in the gimmick
        just look at all the elderly people that buy those feet stimulators for blood flow or whatever
        its like sweet if that worked, a dude working a jackhammer all day long should live till he's 300 right?

        for 8k you could buy 3 washing machines with cement bags in them and line them up with an eggshell mattress over them for a full body massage (if you can flip yourself over)

      • My guess is after 2 years you’ll be bored of it and not able to sell it.

        Think treadmill.

    • Agreed re having remedial massage by a qualified health professional. Unless you're doing professional sport or dance, once every two to three weeks is ample. Cheaper with extras cover, too.

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    Costco have a few different massage chairs. All of them are way under $8000. They sometimes have them in-store to try.

    We have a massage chair. I think it's about 8 years old. It's just a generic sort of massage chair that we picked up at a home show. It was about $4k. We still use it a lot. Not so much in summer as it can get a bit uncomfortable and sweaty on it but other than that I'd probably use it at least a few hours a week. My wife uses it as well, just not as much as me. Definitely not for every home. Some people just find it really hurts. Some friends and family didn't enjoy using it. I personally like really hard massages so it suits me just fine. They also take up a tonne of space.

    We've definitely got our money's worth. If you have the cash and enjoy massages, there is a lot of worse things you could spend your money on. I'd just try to make sure you can try it before you buy it.

    • I have tried them while waiting for others, pretty good but not sure if I can justify it.

      bro in law bought one but he works a manual job so muscle soreness is a real thing

  • OSIM is a great brand.

    • Hubs has the OSIM massage gaming chair, he purchased it at the beginning of last year. Cost about $900, though that was in Malaysia; Aussie prices are bumped up a bit… He loves it and uses it most days for 15 mins to half a hour. It only covers back, neck and shoulders though.

      I had a try of a few of the OSIM recliner style chairs - very nice, all the bells and whistles and you can get a decent model for less than $8k. Definitely agree with other advice here that it's necessary to try before buying. Also some of the recliner chairs are HUGE. The size of a 3 seat sofa, so check the dimensions against the space you want to use it in before you get a giant chair delivered to your house you can't even fit through the door.

      I found that while the chairs are good for a bit of temporary relief or general relaxation, they aren't going to sort any specific issues out. Better throwing $100 at a physio or remedial massage session if you've got any persistent aches and pains.

  • Costco ones are ok. It will never replace a properly trained person though.

    I go every two weeks, a 1 hour session is $70.

    • I wouldn't think of a massage chair as a replacement for real massages. Too expensive to have a massage as often as I would like. The chair complements the remedial massages I used to take from time to time. I haven't had a real massage since covid started though.

    • do you have an Osim? Happy with it?

      • Haven't got one, bought one for parents some years back - some "zero" gravity model.

        I fell asleep on if a few times, I guess it is good. Got nothing to compare with.

  • I can't see these chairs being any good for real aches and pains maybe for relaxation. If they were any good even with the cost there would be businesses out there providing use in malls etc for 30mins etc.

    • There are plenty of businesses out there providing use in malls etc for 30mins etc.

  • You can fix real aches and pains with a physio. Massages just provide temporary relief. I did buy a $99 massage chair (that sits on an actual chair) and it's actually pretty good for a bit of relief.

  • I purchased the Intouch SMART GLIDE PRO ( 3 months ago and love it.
    Whereas most of the massage chairs out there only have a 1 year warranty, or a parts only warranty after 1 year; Intouch has a 3 year parts and labour warranty, which can be extended to 5 years for a reasonable fee.

    • Thanks, will check this one out!

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