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[PS4, XB1] Fallout 76 $5 + $5.95 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Appears Jollyrogga's previous deal is live again.

Cue boycott Harvey Norman. On clearance and as cheap as you probably can get it (HN definitely not making money on it). Reviews are extremely mixed with the issues the game had at launch. There is also 1 copy on Xbone for the same price on Amazon

Harvey Norman - Xbox

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Cheers for the tag mate!

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    Great game. Well now anyways.

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    They've improved it a lot since launch. If you haven't already got it, for this price it's worth it.
    Just buy it from somewhere else ;).

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      That's good to hear. All I heard at release is how broken and crappy it was. Might give it a shot.

      • Yeah… it was a steaming pile when it first came out. Like, really bad. But with all the updates and content they've released for it now, it definitely feels a lot like the previous ones. Still not as good, but for around $10 you'll get a lot of game play out of this if you enjoyed the prior releases.

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    Worth it. for $5 you will get atleast 80hrs of storymode, quests etc before you get bored.

    Cost per hour for entertainment works out to be quite a deal.

    • It's available on GamePass and GamePass cloud gaming. Just pay $1 for GamePass Ultimate when you have time to play this game. Even if you don't have XBox Series S|X, XBox one or a decent PC, can still play via Cloud.

      Unless, of course, you love this game and want to own a copy.

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    Get it for $0 with the JB Hi-fi $10 perks voucher 😀

  • Man they'd have to pay ME $20 to take this off their hands.

  • Do I need to play the first 75 to understand the story?

    • +1

      Given that Fallout 76 is a prequel, you obviously need to know what will happen later in the future in order to understand. Always good to know the "future" right?

  • Run around, shoot things, feel disappointed… pretty much my experience with the game.

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