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Free Portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II for Citizens of Australia by Request to Your Federal MP


Considering it's Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee this year it's an opportune time to remind everyone that all citizens* of Australia are entitled to a free portrait of the ruling Monarch from their local federal government member. If you're not sure who that is you can go to the Parliament's web site and search by your postcode. Contact them by email, phone, or drop in to ask how to get yours.

Portraits can usually be collected in person from either your nearest senator or MP's office. I'm not sure if they'll post one to you if you're not nearby, but if you ask nicely you never know your luck. If memory serves me correctly they're roughly A2 size and printed on reasonable quality photo paper, ready for framing.

*I'm not able to find anything on the Australian government web sites that it's restricted to only citizens, but previous articles on the Internet suggest this is the case.

To paraphrase Malcolm Turnbull, even if you're not a Royalist you can at least be an Elizibethean.

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    • +11

      would it actually change anything, or would it just be something for people in favour of a republic to feel good about?

      no doubt that it would end up wasting a lot of money, in either case.

      • +3

        It changes nothing. Just makes people feel more independent, even though the monarch does nothing except give us an extra holiday.

    • +1

      Let's do that! Many ex-Commonwealth countries have ditched the Queen and put their own people as their head of state. Now you're not just planning to replace the Queen with another European descent person right?? Because that would just be a different form of colonisation :/

    • +4

      That's a political manifesto, not an explanation on why this is not a deal.

    • +1

      She's your landlady, show some love. Or off with ya head.

    • +3

      queen’s birthday public holiday will stay after that?

      • We might have to rename Queensland as well

        • +1

          Victoria wasn't renamed after that Queens passing

          • @Rather be Travelling: Yeah but we’ll need to break all ties to the monarchy

            (PS: this all just a joke)

            • +1

              @FireRunner: "Don't you worry about that!" as Premier Joh used to say.

              There's always secession - making QLD as a separate country loyal to the Royals!

              Saw where you live, so assumed it was a joke😉
              So was this, but some here would consider that move!

      • Ah yes, a holiday held on different dates around Australia… It's so important!
        And a different date in UK - 2 June
        All different to the Queen's actual Birthday… 21 April!
        Not confusing at all.

        Would we miss it?
        Like has happened to other holidays that have fallen from favour or relevance, likely to be replaced with a different name & date.
        Also called Volunteers Day in SA.

        "SA, NSW, VIC, TAS, NT celebrate the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on the 14th June 2022. With Queensland celebrating on October 5th 2022, and Western Australia deciding on the official date each consecutive year."

    • I'm all in favour of this too, but what I worry about is what we might get as a President.
      Just look at the US

    • -1

      I like having a foreign queen. Australia could never have our own native royal family, so this is the closest we will ever get. Our parliamentary system is basically a carbon copy of how they been doing it in the UK for hundreds of years so it's not that strange to have their royals too.

      • … so it's not that strange to have their royals too.

        Even in the Commonwealth, only ~27% (15 countries) recognise the Head of the Commonwealth as their head of state.
        Of the other countries:
        - 5 countries with their own monarchies
        - 34 countries are republics.

      • We could always just get one of the Aussie peers to be our own royal family. There's a Duke, Marquess and plenty of everything else below.

        Not a serious suggestion however.

      • +1

        Why not?

        We could set up multiple royal families and rotate the head of state amongst them like Malaysia.

        Why not replace the British royal family with an Aboriginal voice to parliament. Even in England their role is mostly ceremonial. All those welcome to countries would make more sense if the head of state was an indigenous appointee.

        • Good idea, but News Corp would never tolerate society allowing an Aboriginal family to experience wealth and influence in the name of culture.

      • We don't really need royals. It's 2022 FFS.

        • We have a choice though, so people can do whatever they want to do.

    • nah it'll cost too much

    • I wouldn't be surprised if this does happen once she passes away. I don't think Charles will attract the same level of veneration and I don't think many people would be fussed enough to resist Australia becoming a republic.

  • +12

    It would of been more handy knowing this during the great toilet paper crisis of 2020.

  • +1


  • +1

    Not interested.
    However, would be preferable to the upcoming “King Charles” edition of this portrait by a royal mile.

    • +4

      I find your comment regarding King Charles cavalier.

      • +1

        …very well played

  • waiting for a Groupon, high tea with the queen for 2

  • Deal of the day 🙄

  • Luv platty joobs

    • +1

      Luv Liz
      Luv Bank Olerday
      Luv Platty Joobs
      God Save R Queen

      Simple as.

  • +7

    Oh wow, my old post from 2014! Haha. Thanks OP.
    Takes me back 😂

    • -1

      you must be an old man lol

    • +1

      Ah! I scrolled back through my comments and likes history and couldn't find it. TBH, I probably stopped at about 2019 or thereabouts…I hadn't realised it's been that long!

      Edit: I see someone helpfully added previous posts in the original deal listing, seems it's appeared here a few times already…

  • +4

    Don't forget cashrewards.

  • +8

    Don't forget to grab some googly eyes to go with your HM Queen Elizabeth II portrait

    • +1

      This is epic!

    • +2

      I didn't see this on Mr Maker lol

    • +1

      Waymond would be proud.

  • for All Citizens

    Must be eligible to obtain at least NV1 security clearance

  • +16

    Pretty disappointing that this is what triggers people the most. Bigger things to worry about in life.

    • +4

      I think to really trigger people we need an "is the royal family really underpaid?" thread.

    • Didn’t realise there was so much hate for the monarchy

      • +3

        /r/australia is leaking into OzBargain again by the looks.

      • +3

        What is there to like?

        Known better for immoral and adulterous behavior, racist attitude towards a non white member of the royal family, and a pedophile prince.
        I am ashamed that such a family is head of the wonderful Australia.
        Would be more proud if an Aboriginal person is the first head of free republic of Australia.

      • If you support mummy paying money to get a pedophile off the hooks or condone the millions murdered in genocide during colonisation, then yeah the hate for those royal piece of work is overrated.

  • +11

    I do hope the whole Republic issue gets another vote after the Queen is gone.

    • +3

      And here I thought OzBargain was all about ways to save money. Blowing hundreds of millions of dollars just to abolish something that is already functionally irrelevant seems like a frivolous use of taxpayer money.

      • -1

        If it's only a few hundred million for us to be a republic, I'm all for it!

        I'm not sure why appearing like some vassal state (even if its just symbolic) appeals to folks.

        • +3

          Who's going to pay the few hundred million???

          • -2

            @GG57: The Aussie individuals and business who pay taxes would foot the bill. I guess it would be worthwhile doing a referendum.

            Australia of yore is no longer the Australia of present. We are largely a progressive country with an absolute melting pot of cultures with indelible ties to a diverse range of countries OUTSIDE of the anglosphere.

            As a nation we espouse values of egalitarianism and fairness, yet we have the head of one of the most antiquated institutions acting as our symbolic head of state, which to me, is completely incongruent. Again, as a pro-monarchy type (judging by your posts and dogged defence of the royals) I do not expect you to agree.

            My neg vote is due to the fact that:
            - the OP would likely have know this is a rather incendiary topic and this is likely a troll post intended to stir the pot.
            - the deal itself is as facetious as posting a deal for free "Oxygen" in the air.

            • @ThadtheChad:

              I guess it would be worthwhile doing a referendum.

              Nope, it would be mandatory to undertake a referendum process (after deciding on a couple of options at least about how our government should be structured).

              BTW, I'm not pro-monarchy at all.
              The post is a valid bargain in my view.

  • +10

    Hoping Officeworks can pricematch.

  • +1

    This isnt a deal unless its a framed photo of Klaus Schwab

    • this guy gets it


  • +3

    While a deal, this seems like landfill for those who aren’t going to actually hang this.

    • Only if people claim it, make the effort to collect it, and then don't hang it.
      But some people probably will.

  • -2

    time to move onto to Republic, why pay those posh people whenever they come visit Australia?

  • +1

    If this was free with a frame, I would have gotten one to replace her photo with a personal one.

  • +2

    Over a year too late, toilet paper is now available

  • Queen who ?

  • +3

    Ah yes, HRH Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.
    No von mention ze war, OK

  • +3

    Can we get Kate's portrait instead?

    • +1

      Kate won't be a queen, and Elizabeth II would be your last available queen for rest of your life lol

      • I believe officially she'll be "Queen consort", she'll be known as "Queen Catherine" …

        Since Will and Kate will be king & queen, I wonder if the portrait used then may be both of them, not just him..

      • +1

        HAHA! doesn't matter she would be queen or not, at least it would look much prettier on the wall to look at :P

  • +3

    Meh….. Makes me wonder why people so obsessed with monarchy… Get a life people.

    • +10

      yet here you are?

      ironic isn't it!

      • +1

        You don't need to be obsessed to raise your opinion or voice. If so, everyone would have been obsessed with osama bin ladan or Taliban for the voices that were raised against them.

        Self respecting person with head held high, but with backbone bent ….. iconic… Inst it?

  • +1

    Pack up your dirty looks
    Your songs that have no hooks
    Your stacks of Modern Screen
    Your portrait of the Queen
    Your mangy cat away
    Your baby fat away
    You're headed that-a-way
    You're moving out today

    Carole Bayer Sager

  • +7

    Not this shit again.

    No, you are not entitled to free swag - The Parliamentary Entitlements Act 1990 allows for such material to be ordered for provision to constituents, but nowhere does it state that constituents are entitled to receive them.

    It is for MP's to decide when and where thy would like to present community groups/schools/individuals with such materials.

  • All Hail the Queen!

  • +3

    Chazzozz you need to get out more often, if you are looking on gov.au sites for bargains

  • Are we using this to burn incense to already?

  • Can we get one of a Corgi please? At least we know they are British.

  • +5

    this is paid with our tax money

    • TBH, probably less in costs than a couple of MPs cost us in daily "expenses"

  • +4

    Would rather not have a portrait of a foreign great-grandma born into royalty.

  • +3

    I wonder if Murdoch media will stop daily news on royal family for 6 months, who will remember these clowns?

  • +2

    This will be perfect to stick on my oversized mail I was planning on sending… free stamp!

  • +6

    What a bloody waste of our tax money….bring on the Republic!

    PS we can also get an Independence Day public holiday

    • +3

      Gain an Independence Day, lose a Queen's Birthday and Australia Day?

      • +1

        Why would we lose Australia Day?

        • -1

          Australia Day is tied into the colonisation of Australia by the English, so I suppose we wouldn't want that link to continue.
          Can't have an Independence Day and Australia Day, surely.

          • +3

            @GG57: We can have an independence day/ Australia day and a republic day, and lose the queen's birthday.
            Problem solved.

            • @darkmattersunB6c0MV: That makes no sense, to have both an Independence Day holiday and a Republic Day holiday. Surely they are one and the same.

              • @GG57: Maybe, for you or doesn't make sense.
                Ask 1.3 billion Indians and they will tell you that in India 15th Aug is Independence Day and 26th Jan is Republic Day.
                Look it up on Google, I am not kidding.

                • @darkmattersunB6c0MV: Understood, but we are not India and have a totally different history and culture.
                  To add to the mix, there appears to be some correlation between India's Independence Day and our ANZAC Day.
                  At least India's Republic Day is celebrated on the actual date that their constitution came into effect, unlike the date of Australia Day.

  • +4

    I wonder how much the tax payers are paying for this campaign? I also wonder how much of the British tax payer via Elizabeth went to Andrew's out of court settlement for paedophilia?

    • Australian taxpayers? Next to nothing in the whole scheme of things.

      British taxpayers? No relevant to us here.

      • +5

        Completely relevant. Why the hell would someone want a portrait of Elizabeth who helps out a paedo with tax payer money in avoiding justice?

        • +1

          It isn't Australian taxpayers' money.

          • +2

            @GG57: The portraits are, along with all the staff having to be made available for this propaganda campaign to work.

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