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Anova Precision Cooker Pro $264 Delivered (RRP $649) @ Anova Culinary


Get a further 20% off using DAD20 code on already discounted price.

Haven't seen it this cheap before.

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  • is it worthwhile? how many people can it cook for? Say if I want to cook a beef roast, how long will it take?

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    Their precision oven, which I’ve been eyeing for a while, is also down to $680 (RRP $939)

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    Why do I need this?

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      Reheat yesterdays leftover KFC more precisely?

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      Chances are you don't, but if you're into experimenting in the kitchen, here's their page on wtf sous vide is -> https://anovaculinary.com/what-is-sous-vide/

    • 90% of my vizzling is either spent-a-hundred-bucks-on-this-steak OCD perfectionism or gotta-cook-a-dozen-steaks-at-once laziness. Throw in the occasional long, slow cook (usually pork belly or brisket) or set and forget veggies and it’s a worthwhile purchase.

      Or, at least, one of the cheaper models is a worthwhile purchase.

    • it allows you cook lots of food to a high precision level of doneness ….. e.g large beef roast or thick cut steaks, several pieces of salmon . You can then finish quickly in a pan with out the risk of overcooking ….. used a lot in hotels and it's how they do those large roasts that are pink throughout instead of overcooked outside and raw inside, or quickly do thick steaks for a crowd as you just quickly fry to finish.

      Problem is time to cook in the water, can be an issue for large cuts, an esky or foam food delivery cartons are handy to minimise heat loss while cooking …. can use a pot but its a bit more heat loss.

    • Good question.
      I kept hearing this making amazing steaks.
      Instead I opted for the free version of pre salting my 1 inch steaks with rock salt (only because once it’s done it’s job you can scrape off the salt and not have a salty piece of steak) and then Reverse Sear my steaks.

      It’s like eating a steak for Hogs Breath. Fantastic.

  • Why is the RRP so high? Does this include accessories? Been wanting one of these for a while so might pull the trigger if it's a decent deal.

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    I'd recommend an inkbird one instead, much cheaper and works fantastic..


    • I have an Anova and then bought an Inkbird to test because they're so cheap…they do the same thing, so I agree- get the cheaper one.

      • Does Inkbird have the same type of app? what else can it cook besides steaks?

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          Apps are pretty useless for both- the Anova Pro and Inkibird have all the controls you need on the device itself. It can cook lots of things, now whether you'd want to do sous vide scrambled eggs is up to you. I now don't do steak without sous vide since I first got the Anova in about 2017 (Inkbird since about 2019) thinking it would just be another gadget in the back of the cupboard.

          • @bxpressiv: but how would i know how much time I need or what temp to use to cook steak/other stuff without the app?

            • @easoweno: So much easy to find info online, including thousands of recipes on the Anova web page. It's not complex and the apps aren't exhaustive anyway.

            • @easoweno: …a sous vide recipe book or the interwebs have plenty of guides. You don't need an app but both Anova and Inkbird have pretty good apps.

            • @easoweno: I own the Inkbird machine but downloaded the Anova app for the recipes. You don't need to buy the machine to use the app.

          • @bxpressiv: Yes, I'm with you on the steak only via SV now. Perfect every time, and tender with my original $200 ANOVA from a few years back.

            • @Grange Hermit: can I ask whether you need new ziplock bag for each steak, and then just chuck them in the pot all in one go?

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    Spend $90 on an inkbird.

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    Man these use to cost around $150. I've still got my one still going strong. To be honest, I've never eaten a pub steak ever again because it makes cooking a steak taste "good" so easy. Steaks and 63 degree eggs is all that I've done with this and it was worth it then. I guess $264 is decent considering "today's price"

    • This is the Pro version (heavy duty construction and more powerful), the regular one is on sale for $175

    • I just throw in those Aldi marinated whole chicken, in the bag it came in (Lol wonder how safe that is..). I usually hate cooking chicken as I have nfi how long and what temp in the oven

      • Only thing about those marinated whole chickens is if you dump them on top of a pile of veggies (I go potato, carrot, apple - trust me, onion, etc) on a pan in the oven you cook the veggies in the chicken fat and make them delicious.

        Not a bad idea though. So tempted to give it a try, seems a great lazy way to cook and finish on the bbq or stove top.

        • True, but I hate turning on my oven to cook one dish 😂 latest power bill of $770. And I'm a dunce when it comes to cooking temps and times. I've been pressure cooking it instead lately then dumping it in the air fryer to finish

    • Yeah don't think the pro has ever been 150. I've had mine (standard model) for about 3 years now and still going strong. Not sure the pro has anything I would want for the extra price.

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      I think inkbird is 1000W and the anova is 1800W …. keeping the water water warm 800W probably doesn't make a difference, but getting it warm might be faster and parts are designed for 1800W not 1000W ……. inkbird is about $140 …. $100 more and get anova ?

      • Not worth it for most people's usage cases. Maybe if you make an improvised high volume vessel, like an esky, you might save a little bit of time on heat up, but for the cook it won't really make a difference. Inkbird is often $100 or less.

        • Besides, you can just boil part of the water in your kettle to get it closer to starting temp if you want to start sooner. Kettles are 2000+W so are going to be more capable again.

      • It depends on the volume of the tank you'll be using, and yeah will get to temperature 80% faster.

  • If you're into cooking and want perfect steaks, chops etc. These are a must.

    I love that some Aldi pre seasoned cuts of meat come sealed with the labels easy to remove. I just have to throw those into the sous vide for an hour then remove and sear on a hot pan. Perfectly cooked every time.

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      I always get worried those sealed meats are wrapped in something that isn't meant to be heated so then vacuum bag it myself when I get home etc…

      • I had that concern originally, but then figured the temperature of the water is usually only around 50 degreees and those plastics are designed to handle temperatures of over 100.

        After doing a few with no issues, I stopped worrying.

        The annoying ones are stickers that don't peel off. I tried just chucking it in and the sticker broke down and clogged up the sous vide 😞 easy to clean but a lesson learnt.

        • Ah I just commented the same above 😂 their marinated chicken is pretty good.

        • Fantastic I've always contemplating this but was hesistant so I kept changing them and resealing them

      • It's a pretty valid concern and even low temps won't necessarily stop the transfer of chemicals.

        The main issue with a lot of pre-packaged modern food is everything is in contact with plastic surfaces.
        It's really not difficult to understand, if you cook with cast iron, you get more iron in your food.
        If you cook with Teflon you are consuming small amounts of PTFE or PFOA.
        And if you eat foods wrapped in soft plastics, you are consuming particles of plastic.

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      Charcoal or gtfo

  • The standard model is $175 with the code… unless you are literally cooking industrial quantities it's probably a better buy than the pro model.

  • My main issue with this was that i used gladwrap zip lock bags and the meat tasted like plastics. stopped using it after that. any suggestions for what bags to use that wont leave plastic residue?

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      You can use/reuse silicone bags like this one… https://www.stasherbag.com/products/reusable-silicone-sandwi...
      Just be mindful that you can’t turn them inside out for cleaning because they will tear, but if you are careful they will last for a long time.

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      Thicker freezer bags or higher mil thickness bags rated for food grade vacuum sealing.

      Having said that you are most likely still consuming some plastic it is just not imparting taste.

  • It no longer works

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