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Govee Wi-Fi TV LED Backlights with Camera, Smart RGBIC Ambient TV Light for 55-65" TV $112.49 Delivered @ GoveeDirect Amazon AU


Govee WiFi TV LED Backlights with Camera, Smart RGBIC Ambient TV Light for 55-65 inch TVs PC, Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant, App Control, Lights and Music Sync, Adapter Powered

I own a Samsung tv 55" and the frame 65" with one box and this works great.

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    So instead of passing through HDMI, this just uses a camera to figure out what to display based on what the TV is displaying?

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      Mine probably just be black and orange leds

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        I never got into the show orange is the new black.

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        yep and abit of pink and white here and there…

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      yup and the response time is not too bad and they improve the color accuracy.

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      Basically, yes.

      The massive advantage is that it works regardless of the picture source, because (obvs!) it simply looks at whatever is on the screen no matter how it is getting there. Things like the Hue Sync Box only work with video passed through the box, which means they won't work with apps running internally on your TV. And, of course, cost.

      The disadvantage is that it isn't as accurate. Lots of reviews, and video, showing that it has particular problems with green. And, you have that camera sitting there. But, it's a fraction of the price of the Hue solution.

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        You know what they say - it's not easy seeing green…
        Or something like that.

      • I have a lightmi box, and its pretty good.

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      Yes. I've been using on on my 65in LG OLED for a couple of months now. It really does improve the immersion. I feel like it improves the sense of scale, making my living room feel more like a cinema. There are also other modes, like having the lights respond to music. My kids love this.

      The upside of the camera method is no interference in the HDMI signal. Passthrough methods can interrupt HDR and Dolby Vision/Atmos. It does work best in a dark room with no other lights to distract it, especially if you mount the camera at the bottom.

      The hardest part was finding a way to mount the camera on my extremely thin TV. I solved that by repurposing the foam calibration squares and sticking them using some Command strips (good double-sided tape will do). You can use a video like this or this in lieu of the squares. In the app, position the dots just above each square, keeping them within the viewing area of the screen.

      There's varying advice on what settings to use.

      Note that the control app needs to connect to Chinese servers. I found that I had to whitelist^Wallowlist it in my security/privacy software. That does arouse suspicions.

      In summary, it's well worth the money.

  • Come on I want the 75inch + version

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      I agree with you, they should definitely have a version for wider TVs.

      However, I have it on a 75inch TV and it works fine. I left the bottom part of the TV without LEDs as my TV is on top of a cabinet and I have a soundbar sitting in front of it, which blocks the light anyway.
      I think it would be a stretch for a bigger TV and I am not sure if it would work well if the TV was mounted.

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        So you have no lights on the bottom of your 75" and it works ok?
        I might do this same…

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            @guilhermearaldi: I use this on a 65" originally and put it on a 77". It's definitely not as accurate and I use all 4 sides. I would want a larger version as the strip is sectioned into 4 bits and it goes with the camera to light up each section (top/bottom/left/right). Not sure how it will work if you are using the bottom section on another side. Unless it's stuck on the bottom and not seen?

            • @jasontworld: You are right, I am sure it's not as good as a 65", but it is great though.

              Now that you have mentioned the four strips, I may have it there, I will have to look when I get back home since it's been installed for over a year. But you may be right and it is probably just installed higher than it should since the lead was too short.

              I think the bottom line would be if you have the option for the larger version, definitely go with that, but you won`t regret having a smaller version.

  • Do I really need this? Hmmm

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      Does anyone?

      • Whilst I dont have a camera one (I have a pass through lightmi box they are wonderful imo for making things look nicer.

  • oh nice, I always thought why can't we have one with sensors to pickup rather than HDMI and was thinking how I could DIY one. Hoping for a 75" one

  • Do these come with an AU adaptor?

    Also, where can I get the Govee Glides?

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    Thanks OP, been waiting for these to be on sale!

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    Good price. I built my own using WLED+Hyperion but for performance I can only capture at like 20fps and low resolution, otherwise it's too delayed to be useful.

    • I made one using my shield. Unfortunately, doesn't work with protected HDCP streams. Still tempted by this deal.

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        same I built a pi4+hyperion with an HDMI matrix 4 input + 2 output (usb capture on one output and one into the tv). Can't beat the convenience of just turning on the tv and it just works for this device.

        • Yeah, I think I'll get it. Thanks for posting. I had just added this to my watch list too. I'll move the current LED strip to my monitor.

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        If you have an LG OLED, like me, you can run an app in the background which captures the screen and sends it to hyperion. It works for me on all WebOS apps and HDMI inputs. The only downside is HDR content is a bit dim, and I have to restart the app each time I boot the TV.

        • Good to know. Unfortunately, it's a Hisense with a shield TV. So don't think it's possible, guessing I'd need HDMI input via USB. I had bought some of the stuff for this already but procrastinated hard on it.

        • What is the app? I just purchased a c1 65 so interested in the best way to set it up for this spontaneous purchase. Thanks for the help.

    • I built mine with RPi3 using Hyperion, the RPi 3 directly drives the 5V LED strip, I run the capture on 720p 30fps, there's no delay at all.

      • Do you run a Shield or something similar through the RPi? I'm keeping it simple by using the PiCap app to capture all screen content on my TV, and send it over wifi to the hyperion server then back to the ESP driving the LEDs. Simple in that it works with anything on the TV but it does have a few jumps to make over wifi.
        I actually suspect the delay is coming from the PiCap app on my TV and processing power.

      • Do you find your Hyperion turn itself off? To the point that you need to keep restarting it through ash?

        • Yeah I have this problem, with my MacBooks hdmi output, but chrome cast is fine

          • @rabbitaaron: Oh, that's interesting; I've been connecting it to the Vodafone TV (Android TV).

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    we have this at home, while not 100% accurate its not bad for its price. This is more aimed at OLED TV's but we are using it on our Samsung LED tv which isnt ideal so thats probably what has made the accuracy lower.

    • Sorry, bit late to the party but why do you think it is only for OLED? I use mine for A Samsung QLED TV and whilst it is good, I do have problems with colours other than red, green, blue, yellow. Black/darker colours, whites/very light colours seem to all be purple. I have recalibrated dozens of times, adjusted white balance and every other combo of settings but can never get it spot on. Doesnt matter whether the camera is on top or bottom, room dark or light, same issue with the colours above, so wondering how OLED plays into it. BTW the support from Govee is simply first class

      • +1

        From what I hear it's to do with the black levels and viewing angles.

        From the angle the camera sees the tv the colours aren't as great compared to OLED.

        When you look at your tv from above and below do the colours look the same as face on. On my Samsung they are basically the same so my tv is pretty decent for it.

        Make sure all ambient lights are off when watching. I turned the white level to minimum as mine was too red. Then I kept saturation to maybe 20-40%. It's mostly good for me.

  • Are TV backlights like this purely aesthetic, or are there any other benefits? Makes the tv look bigger etc. I've always been curious about these, but the idea hasn't grabbed me

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      It's called bias lighting. It is largely aesthetic and makes the screen seem bigger and also can reduce eye strain and fatigue.

      • +1

        Cool, thanks. Interesting that it can reduce eye strain and fatigue.. I might look into it a bit further

    • it's just enhancing the viewing experience

    • It's very good for watching concerts that have light effects on stage, those effects extend to your room through the LED strip. I use Hyperion with smoothing off when watching these.

      Also adding it to an old TV may increase the perception of contrast, since it is brighter overall, and the black seems more black (this makes a big difference at night when you turn off your lights)

      • Interesting that it can effect the perception of contrast. I've gone the opposite way for contrast, painting the wall behind my tv black to make the tv pop more, which also houses it when it's off. Might give it a go with a cheap led strip first. Thanks for the input

  • +3

    I have this and we love it. Even helps reduce eye strain from multi hour gaming sessions

  • +1

    I have these and love them, but have had an issue with the USB camera failing; the only way to bring it back has been to reset the unit to factor defaults which is really annoying when it dies frequently.

    I will say that govee have been very good and refunded the cost of the unit, I'm tempted to order a new one to replace it, has anyone else with these had an issue?

  • This is 55-65 and their larger model is 75-85 (70 missing)
    Wonder if I can use this for 70 without much degradation?

    EDIT: I found this re 70"
    "Everything else seems to be the same between the two kits. The Govee app has the same options for both versions so you aren't missing out on anything there if you are in a gray area where you are torn between the two models and think the D1 55-65" kit will be too small for that 70" TV you aren't wanting to upgrade but feel the D2 75-85" version might be too big. (I'd personally recommend the 55-65" version in that example but it may be possible to implement the D2 version without much overlap.) Also the camera, power source, and controller all seem to be interchangeable within both versions.2"

    • +1

      if its any help, I have a 55" and this kit only just fits, so there's a good chance the 75-85 might be too big for a 70"

  • These go ok with a larger screen or wait for stock?

    • +1

      I would wait. Ingot the 65" and upgraded my tv to 77". Def better if it's big enough

      • Has the 75" version ever been on Amazon? I know eBay have it, but don't think I've seen in Amazon?

        • It was until the govee seller for banned I think due to paying for reviews..I was looking for it

      • thank you

  • +3

    is no one talking about having a huge camera at the top of your screen? Lol how is that ok?

    • +2

      looks like web cam attached. It's struggling to detect all 4 corners on my 65" tv though. not getting the best colours unless I unmount the camera and put at the bottom.

      • I find that in the app, dragging the points to inside the tv rather than the red cubes works easier. Also and glare or reflection on the tv is gonna disrupt the colours

      • if you have a thinner bezel, maybe move the camera a bit forward out and use double sided tape and redo calibration.

        • +2

          There's also a govee calibration YouTube video which means you don't need to stick the cubes haha

    • +3

      It will kinda grow on you and you'll forgett it was there or you can put at the bottom.

      • +1

        +1 bottom mount is what I'm considering if I get this

        • +1

          and hide behind a soundbar if you have one.

        • +3

          Just one thing for the bottom mount as it was my first idea and it did not work. Any source of light coming from the ceiling will affect the result as it mimics the lights it sees. If you have a downlight closer to the TV, the backlight will be unusable when that light is on, as the camera will be picking it up all the time and throwing that colour to the backlight.

          The camera is annoying at the start, but you get used to it.

          • +1

            @guilhermearaldi: Any sort of ambient lighting throws off the colours. I'm almost watching in the dark and let the strips provide the ambient lighting…even then, if it's too bright, it also affects the performance.

    • +1

      It's not too intrusive imo. You could always paint it the same colour as your wall lol.

      There are alternative products but those are around $200.

      • i'd rather pay double and get something that goes through HDMI and isn't visible.

        but thats just me, i have the TV mounted and no wires showing so it just depends on your priorities

        • HDMI has issues with built in tv apps as well as digitally protected streams right?

          • @jasontworld: Yes and no.

            I've got a basic set up and can stream plex fine. It doesn't work for HDCP like netflix and other streaming services.

            What you can do though is get a signal splitter before it gets sent to your TV. From memory it may have required downgrading the quality of the video to something like 480p and analog (RCA) so it runs better into a raspberry pi which controls the LEDs. 4K splitters get pretty expensive ($50+) and have no guarantee of working.

    • I've seen people say you don't notice it after a surprisingly short time. Also, I've seen other people hide it in a shelf below their tv somewhere if that's an option

      • +4

        I plan on wearing it as a hat on my head.

  • Is this actually any good while watching movies or playing fifa? That is pretty the only two things I do on TV. I can use it for background effects while playing music but do I really want this?

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      • +1

        Ok then!

        • No seriously if once you get this thing on your tv or tvs you can never go back without it. I have one in 55" Samsung tv in the master bed, pi4+hyperion on a 75" Hisense in the media room, and the one I just bought for the 65" the frame in the living room. Plus always a great conversation piece when you have guest coming over

    • I’m struggling to think what else to do with tv besides those you mentioned.

      • +2

        Porn. I just did not feel like I needed to mention it.

        • Must remember, porn and movies are seperate category, need to reorganize.

  • Anyone upgrade to this from the first gen govee one? Have the first and only use it in the mode where all leds show the same colour, as the colour detection isn't always the best, let alone assigning different colours to different regions accurately. Might consider getting if it's greatly improved.

    Also, since there seem to be some enthusiasts in these comments… anyone know of a good Lightpack gen 1 product you can buy these days for PC that is similarly easy to set up and doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (gift for kids so simplicity is key)

  • I already have the MediaLight Mk2. Just wondering if this one is a real upgrade or not.

  • Anyone have experience with one where the TV isn't flat/hard against the wall? Our TV sits maybe a foot from the wall and on a 15 degree angle (works best for the seating arrangement), wondering if this would lose half it's impact?

    • +1

      I recently changed from an articulated mount to a flush mount. The articulated sat further front and I think it works better with a bit of an airgap. I only ever ran it on 30-40% light strength so I think it's more than enough power if it's further away

    • Parallel to wall is preferred. A foot from the wall is fine. Flat/hard against the wall may give you bright spots about the LEDs instead of blending the light.

  • Would this work ok on a 50" TV?

    • +1

      I have it on a 55" and it only just fits, but my TV has almost no bezel, it would depend on your bezel thickness

  • Sure I'll give it a go 🤷‍♂️

  • Anyone got good kits they recommend with HDMI pass through?

  • so what's the alternatives available to this?

    Only other one i've seen mentioned is this but its oos: https://us.govee.com/products/govee-dreamview-t1-tv-backligh...

    • That's the same product but 75"-85". Prices are USD too.

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