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Reolink RLK8-820D4-A 4K Smart Person/Vehicle Detection PoE Security System $674.99 (Was $899.99) Shipped @ Reolink via Amazon AU


Original price:$899.99
Now: $674.99 ($135 coupon+$90code: X7TJDFBA)
You save: $225

Flawless Video in 4K Ultra HD

  • Person/Vehicle Detection
  • 24/7 Recording
  • Power over Ethernet
  • 8-Channel NVR
  • 2 TB Built-in HDD
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Hi OP, if i want to buy 4 extra cameras with this bundle, whats the best way?
    Are individual caneras discounted as well? Ta

  • What is the difference between these cameras and the bullet ones in RLK8-510B4-A?
    The RLK8-510B4-A pack is $579.99 on Amazon right now.

    • +1

      The ones in OP are 4K (8MP), the 510 are 5MP

    • +1

      This post has 8MegaPixel 4K dome cameras. Much better picture quality than the 5MegaPixel 2K bullet cameras. Well worth the extra $100

  • +1

    Any idea when Reolink will release it's doorbell camera?

  • Hi, do these camera n app work in India or Australia only?

    • Hello, don't worry, there are no restrictions.

  • Hey OP, Is there any deal in just cameras? RLC-820A?

  • +2

    Biggest reason I have been waiting for these for months is going to H265 from the H264 of the 4 and 5MP cameras. 50-60% smaller file sizes for storage and 50-60% reduced bandwidth to improve recording quality at any given resolution.

    These have been out of stock for a while now. Just bought a set.

  • What is the difference between RLK8-810B4-A and RLK8-820D4-A

    • Ones bullet cams the other dome

  • Can these cameras be set up to an alarm? such as with wifi camera systems.

  • Thanks OP! Been waiting for this to go on sale since missing the last deal earlier this year.

    I now have more work for the ‘break’ over school holidays - woohoo

  • My driveway runs down the front of the hose and then turns into the garage at 90°.
    I wanted to mount this, wall mounted, (no eves at front of garage) but have it pointed 45° off the wall, covering the driveway coming down and front of house.

    Hope that makes sense?

    This looks like it literally only points up and down?

    • I think I know what you mean.

      I have these Reolink dome cameras. You can wall mount these but they would sit flat against the wall. The cameras do have a bit of "swivel" in them though so can point them almost anywhere. Although you might need more than 1 camera to cover the whole front of house.

      • Thanks for reply.

        Likewise, down the one side of the house, I don't have any eaves. They'd be wall mounted again.
        I was hoping to have one, wall mounted towards the rear of house on the side wall, looking fwd past the laundry door, and aimed at the frontside personnel access gate.

      • I think a PTZ camera would be better.

        Can walk mount it, it sticks out a bit from the wall, then I can turn it round to face down the driveway, at least angled.

        Thinking the same for down the side of the house that doesn't have eaves. Wall mount it at the back of the house and face it towards the front access gate.

        Anyone used these Reolink PTZ camera's?

  • Hi OP, when will this be in stock?

    • Hello, it is expected to be in stock at the end of June, please continue to pay attention, thank you.

      • Is this price GST inclusive?

  • Hi OP, any more stock of this coming in any time soon?

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