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Savings Maximiser Account 2.10% p.a. Interest on Balance up to $100,000 (Monthly Deposit, Balance & Spend Requirements) @ ING


ING will be increasing the additional variable rate on our Savings Maximiser by 0.75% p.a. which will take our highest variable rate to 2.10% p.a. The additional variable rate is available to eligible customers that meet the monthly criteria. Available on one account for balances up to $100,000 (see comments below for details).

The additional variable rate (that is added to the Savings Maximiser standard variable rate, currently 0.05% p.a.) applies on one nominated Savings Maximiser per customer for the next calendar month when you also hold an Orange Everyday account and in the current calendar month you do the following:

  • deposit at least $1,000 from an external bank account to any personal ING account in your name (excluding Living Super and Orange One);
  • also make at least 5 card purchases that are settled (and not at a 'pending status') using your ING debit or credit card (excluding ATM withdrawals, balance enquiries, cash advances and EFTPOS cash out only transactions); and
  • ensure that the balance of your nominated Savings Maximiser account at the end of the month (excluding interest) is higher than it was at the end of the previous month. When we assess whether you've met this balance growth requirement, we do not take into account any interest earned on your account in the month.

Each customer can nominate a maximum of one Savings Maximiser account (either single or joint) to receive the additional variable rate (where eligible). You can check and change your nominated Savings Maximiser account via online banking, If you have any questions about your account, please visit ing.com.au/contactus for contact details and operating hours. If no nomination is made, the additional variable rate (where eligible) will be applied to an account nominated by ING at its sole discretion.

Referral Links

Referral: random (619)

$100 Campaign — Until 31/7/2022, referrer and referee will each receive $100 for opening new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts. Do not participate in the referral system if you do not have a current $100 referral code.

Referee is required to deposit minimum $1,000 and make at least 5 (settled) card transactions in any calendar month.

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  • Ubank->ING

  • -3

    Crypto has far better apy's, but nice to see them trying

  • EFFECTIVE DATE is 15/06.

    • +1

      Yep, as per the OP

      • Sorry, missed that towards the bottom of the post.

    • +1

      it always takes them several days to increase rates from the announcement but will drop rates suddenly.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, was wondering how long it'd take them to respond to the rate rise 👍

  • Common amp, where is your rate rise so we don’t have to jump through hoops for ing!

  • Meanwhile Business Savings accounts are still on a piddly 1%

  • Does beemit between own cards work towards the 5 transactions?

  • Was ING the one where you don't receive the interest for the first month so you just put in 1k for now do the 5 transactions then put the 100k in on July 1st? Or if you put in 100k now you will get 2 weeks of interest?

    • +3

      No higher interest in the first month. you're correct!

  • +2

    ING management's gone crazy. They make it so hard to get the bonus, hoping we don't meet the requirement, not worthed.

  • +4

    If ING raises their cap of 100k to 250k like UBank, i will be all over this

  • How long does it take to get the $100 bonus? It’s been over a week since I’ve fulfilled the criteria and I am yet to get mine. TIA

  • +1
    Hmmm, decided to reapply to get an ING account after a 2+ year hiatus and noticed that you get 1% off energy bill payments:

    Bonus interest is just the start. When you meet the monthly criteria, by depositing at least $1,000 per month from an external source to any ING personal account (excluding Living Super, Personal Loan and Orange One) and make 5+ settled (not pending) eligible ING card purchases each month, you'll get access to these benefits on your Orange Everyday the following calendar month:
    - 1% cashback on any eligible gas, electricity and water bills paid with your Orange Everyday account by BPAY or Direct Debit using your BSB and account number (up to $100 per financial year). T&Cs apply.
    - $0 ING international transaction fees for online and overseas purchases.
    - Up to 5 rebated ATM withdrawals (including ATM operator fees) each month across Australia and overseas.

  • +1

    Hmmm, going in to apply for a new ING and wanted to add in a $100 referral link but there is no way to ensure that I will get a $100 referral link vs a $50 one. Is there a way to check this out? I would like to apply for the account in the next day or so to be able to get my criteria all sorted ($1000 deposit and 5 payments) cleared before 1 July.

    • Ask the referral from the referral link for proof that there offer is for $100. I think all the new emails lately have been for $100. Not 100% sure on that but the ones I've seen were for $100.

  • https://www1.citibank.com.au/deposits/savings-accounts/citi-...

    citibank is 2.1%

    i plan to join them however why hasn't anyone put this up on deals?

    • link is incomplete

    • +1

      Only 2.1 for first 4 months. Then reverts to 1.1%

  • Friend signed up recently but they didn’t complete 5 transactions within month of June. They only received the card on 25th of June. How does this work with the referral bonus? Is it 30 days or definitely same calendar month?

    • This was some time ago but you used to get the extras by default on your first month. Following month is when you have to meet the requirements.

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