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[VIC] 5% off Woolworths Wish eGift Cards via Seniors Card Portal


WISH Gift Cards can be used to pay for everyday expenses like groceries and household items at participating Woolworths Supermarkets, BIG W, Caltex Woolworths and EG branded fuel sites and more. Choose a value from $5 to a maximum value of $500.

Can choose physical or egift (instant), not sure if there is a delivery charge for physical.

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  • Same for NSW Seniors

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      Yep can confirm this. Used my mum's this morning yeh!

      • Can you pay with CC with no surcharge? If so this is better than NRMA 4% for Woolies GC.

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          No surcharge for CC

      • In which case perhaps update the title to include NSW?

  • Waiting for comments about how boomers get all the benefits.

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      Those who whinge about boomers to me are just losers who can't hack it. Instead of wasting time complaining, how about directing that energy to making things happen instead? We've got crypto, ecommerce, IT, etc which are opportunities that didn't exist back then. I'm pretty sure they had it just as tough back then.

      • -2

        We also have a higher cost of living and boomers hold a very disproportionately high amount of wealth, creating a large wealth gap. Don't think they had it too tough, don't think we have it too tough either but they certainly had it easier than us.

        • +6

          Don't blame the boomers, blame the billionaires who have an even bigger wealth gap to you. Every second they are making more money than what you make in a year. But unless you're ready to revert society to Socialism or Communism, there's jack shit anyone can do. So what's the point in complaining? I'm not a boomer, and definitely not a whinger/loser either.

        • -1

          It's easier to complain about what others have than to actually do something for yourself.
          Even if you are correct - and even if the wealth was redistributed so you have a greater share - within a few years you'd be back where you started.
          Your mindset is the limiting factor.

      • Why not both?

    • There it is, your comment.

      • You're welcome ;)

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    Time to hit up grandpa and meemaw.

  • thanks!!!

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    Time to grow older can't wait for another few decades to enjoy it.

  • Anyone know of anything like this in WA?

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    Works with Victorian Carer card too.

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    With the new Rewards app, it makes it easy to add gift cards to your account and pay automatically at checkout. A single qr code takes care of both loyalty card and payment. I recommend you update your app if you haven't already

  • Is this the same for Seniors in SA?

  • Can use use this gift card to purchase another gift card at BigW? For example, an apple gift card.

  • +12

    For anyone unaware, Hiver is offering 5% cashback if you use their debit card at merchants that fall within specific merchant categories, including supermarkets (MCC 5411), which means:

    • You can use a Hiver debit card at Woolworths (or Woolworths Metro) to pay for your groceries and receive 5% cashback.

    • You can use a Hiver debit card at Woolworths (or Woolworths Metro) to purchase any gift card in-store and receive 5% cashback.

    • You can use a Hiver debit card at the Woolworths Group gift card portal to purchase a gift card and receive 5% cashback on the amount you paid for the gift card. This is because the Woolworths Group gift card portal is classified as a supermarket (MCC 5411), which means you can stack the 5% cashback offer with the WISH eGift Card discount offer in this deal or through your automotive club (e.g. NRMA, RACV, RACT) or another offer where you are sent to the Woolworths Group gift card portal to complete the purchase.

    Hiver has a wider eligibility criteria than the one used for this deal, which is why I am posting this here for anyone who may be interested.

    Please note:

    • Hiver’s cashback is capped at $250 per calendar year.

    • The cashback offer may be modified or withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

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      Who negged the WookieMonster??!! That’s pure evil!

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    Now I just hope this offer lasts until I qualify as Senior. Senile I could do right now…

    • +1

      I’m looking forward to buying a big stack of gift cards and then forgetting about them. At least until they’ve expired (or I’ve expired, whichever comes first)

      • +2

        Great news for you. The Woolworths GC's do not expire.

        • +2

          But I do

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    Just wondering if there is a cap for how much one account can buy

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      Never had enough money to test it out

    • +1

      Nothing about a limit in T&Cs

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      Either your credit limit, bank account balance, or Woolies market cap — whichever is the lowest

      • +1

        For my personal situation, Wollies' market cap would most likely be the limiting factor.

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      Yes there's some hidden threshold introduced in April.

      I've got access to two seniors (NSW) accounts and both do not accept payment/order cancelled.. still stuck with Woolies help telling me to use different cards.

      There used to be no limit.

      How I know it's an account problem: because I can use the exact same card with a woolies mobile account and payment is accepted, but at a lower discount

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    Old people have had decades to stack their cash.
    The youth are the ones who should get discounts*

    *This is a joke everyone.

    • Youth is wasted on the young

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    Also please change the picture to senior's card. More reflective of the qualification required for the deal.

    I hope people have been good to their elderly relatives which this deal depends on.

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    Time to visit grandparents :)

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    Perfect, been needing some gift cards to pay off my overdue tax bill.

  • Qld seniors eligible?

    • Sure, if you move to Victoria

      • Why is the picture on this deal a Qld card?

        • +2

          Good catch! Probably because the Queensland Government is now running Victoria?

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