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Viomi SE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner $349 @ ALDI


In ALDI Special Buys from 18th June, Viomi SE Robot Vacuum $349.

Been thinking of picking up a robot vacuum for a while but don't want to spend a lot of money on it, online reviews for this model look good. Anyone have it or have any thoughts about whether it's a good deal?


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    Ecovacs Deebot N8 is going for ~$400 on ebay, not sure if it's a better buy?
    Means you won't need to line up at 8am at least 🤣

    • How do the two compare?

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      Or get the Viomi V2 Pro for $300-330 (MyDeal, eBay), which is essentially the same as the SE

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    I can recommend going for one like this with proper mapping. The ones without mapping are pretty feckless. I have an older Xiaomi model with mapping and it does an excellent job.

  • iRobot Roomba E5 $349 down from $600 at Costco

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    It's a better deal than that $3000 one.

  • Can anyone comment how this would cope with cat hair? We have two Birman with medium length hair, wondering if the thing will choke itself to death

  • I have this one through aldi. https://shop.aldi.com.au/product-detail?product=708056&name=...
    Its self emptying and mops which is handy

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    Have an old Neato D80 that has carked it, but I was always happy with it. Finding it very hard to compare models and find out what represents the best value for money. Is there a good comparison site like choice for these robo vacs?

  • Viomi S9 UV a better buy when it's on sale at $499 imo. Dustbin is a life saver.

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    Viomi SE or Dreame F9 $299 + delivery ( from Kogan) international version? Which one is better and more reliable ? How is the App of Viomi and Dreame ? Are they the same in quality ? Thanks

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