Vehicle Keyless Entry Remote - Help Identify/Recommend Replacement Tactile Button

Just wondering if anyone is able to help identify the type of tactile button used on a keyless entry remote (Visteon 41601), or know of a suitable replacement.
The top button has a decent tactile feel like you would expect, but the bottom one feels like it's on its way out (still works at this stage).
The buttons have removable metal shields, so could potentially be rebuilt without having to de-solder & re-solder.
The button covers appear to be of silicone material, and sit flush with the metal shield.

Photos of front & rear of module.


  • which model mazda ?

    • Im guessing very early 2000's 323 or 626…

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    If you just want to replace the switch just google "SMD switch" or "SMT switch" or "surface mount PCB switch" or "tactile pcb switch" and you will most probably want a normally open switch. They look like they may be "DPDT" switches (Double Pole, Double Throw).

    I very much doubt you will find the exact same switch from 20 years ago, but you should find something similar. What you probably wont be able to do is disassemble them and rebuild them, as there would be no "spare parts" for these switches due to their already low cost and tiny parts.

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    aliexpress will have something similar, just solder on new switches

    • Was just having a look actually. Something like this?

  • Go and find some junk electronics and raid any suitable switch.

  • Almost all 4 pin tactile switches have their 4 pins connected into two sets.
    I doubt you'd be able to locate the exact part number but it won't be hard to to find a compatible switch if you match the physical dimensions. I can see in your photos that you've measured the width and the length as 6mm but I believe it has to be 6.2mm which is a much common size for these switches.

    Have a look at digikey, element14 and rs-online and all of them would have datasheets for each switch making it much easier to match with yours.

    For example:

    • Thanks. I think it's actually a 5 pin switch (see top switch in photo, right-hand side halfway down. Difficult to spot in the photo, my bad).

      I'm worried that if I order/buy a 6.2mm switch, it'll miss the pads, whereas if the 6mm is the correct size or slightly too small, I can probably make it work either way.

      I've ordered the above from AliExpress anyway. Worth the gamble for a couple of bucks.

      • is the 5th pin actually soldered? it just goes to the metal shield and is of no consequence. you could use a 4 or 5 pin replacement

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          Yes you are correct. The 5th pin is there to ground the shielding for applications where this is needed. For a car remote this does not make any difference so you can use 4 or 5 pins without any problem and soldering the 5th pin to the pcb would only add to the rigidity making it better withstand heavy clicking.

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