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10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards ($4.50/$6.30 Activation Fee Applies) @ Coles


Coles has 10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard gift cards starting on the 15th June to 21st June. Additional purchase fees apply ($5 or $7 depending on the card).

Mod Edit: Updated thumbnail/link with in-store advertisement - Credits to randoom

Offer only applies to $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable activation fee. Total cost for $100 gift card is $94.50 ($90 for card and $4.50 for activation fee) and for $250 gift card is $231.30 ($225 for card and $6.30 for activation fee). Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes $50 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Please note Coles Mastercard Gift Cards will have a minimum 4 hour activation delay. Coles Mastercard Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles. Offer valid from 15/6/22 to 21/6/22. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.

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      Also plenty of $250 Melbourne flinders street coles.

    • +3

      Melbourne central out

      • thanks for saving me the trip.

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    • No, check, Is it down for me website via google.

    • Disable your ad-blockers. Was blank for me again too just then, but loads properly after disabling uBlock and Privacy Badger. Suppose I'll keep them disabled from now on for mybalancenow.com (site seems pretty clean anyway).

    • Is this legit?

      Is this the official mastercard site?

      Last thing we want is to be scammed :)

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        It is the correct website to check the balance of your Coles Mastercard gift card. It’s not an official Mastercard website, but it is the official website InComm (the owner and operator of the gift card scheme) uses for you to access transaction information, etc.

        The URL you see printed on the back of the card is different, but it simply redirects to https://www.mybalancenow.com (well, it’s supposed to, but the redirect doesn’t work for me now…)

        Btw, if you type mybalancenow into your favourite search engine, you’ll find results for other websites claiming you can check the balance of your card there. Those look like phishing websites to me…

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    Please don't forget to give the post a + vote, there are a lot who are asking questions about how to use the cards they've bought that haven't yet. I would give it another if I could 😊

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      Thank you 😊

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        No OP, thank YOU for sharing with us 😍

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        Thank you mate!

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    didn't find any stock in Far East Melbourne. The people seemed completely disinterested when I asked if they had stock. Probably had a million people asking them haha.

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    Anyone willing to go to coles stanhope gardens(NSW) to grab some cards, pls pm me

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    This may have already been mentioned, but if there's none left in the main gift card area (where all gift cards are) check the front of the store at the entrance to checkout lanes and the self-serve area. At my local earlier tonight there were only 5x 250s left in the main gift card area but then I noticed that there's plenty stocked at checkout lanes all advertising the 10% off sale.

  • Bought 10 this morning of the 250s. Guy behind the counter was cool with it. Another guy behind me picked up 10.

    • Where

      • Top Ryde, they had some behind service desk.

        • damn it. ssaw this message too late. I got some $100 from west ryde but would have gone to top ryde if i knew they had $250

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    What do you call a guy who hid cards in store with great ambitions and now has forgotten where he hid them.

    • What if someone else craving ice cream found them instead? Double Whammy - Ice Cream + Your GCs Stash.

  • +1

    Healesville, East of Melb. has a lot more 250s than is on display, I raised the eyebrows of a manager today so it's over for me there.

    • Did you try to buy more than one card with multiple cards in the same transaction?

  • I can't find any! Too late to the party.
    Does anyone know of any stores that has the 250's?

    • Which suburb/location

      • +1

        Melbourne south east

        • Any specific stores?

        • Which stores, please. Need to fulfill a load of amex points.

      • +1

        Sydney, south west

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    Thanks OP got 6k worth today..
    Frsh stock in Merrylands and Parra loaded this arvo, I got some and there are some more

    • What are u going to use 6k on?

      • +2

        That's something which I am asking as well to myself ..

      • +1

        Handy discount on Petrol for starters

      • +1

        I am using them to pay the ATO. Also anywhere that I cannot use AMEX or there is a high fee for using it.

  • Coles Couburg North Village had a bunch of 250's and 100's as of 3:30PM. Spread between the gift card shelf and various checkouts.

  • I tossed 3 cards that I had just used into a bin at a food court. They had zero balance on them.
    (stupidly I didn't cut them up etc…)

    With these sort of cards could someone try and cancel the transactions if they take them out of the bin?
    (I will be more careful in the future)

    • Which bin which food court, I'll go test that for you. :-)

      • +1

        haha it was… nope not going to say haha .

        But I suspect there has been more dumped recently.. :-)

    • +3

      i would keep the card as sometime i need to do refund and it goes back to the card.

  • Does anyone know when was the last time this promotion was run and/or how often this promotion comes up?

    • +1

      This is the first time for these specific cards, and seeing how many get bought, it might be the last. I wonder what tally the losses of Coles/the issuer add up to in the end. It's a license to print money for anyone who has the patience seeking the cards out (wish I had realised how useful they are when they were in abundance on Wednesday, and not only today)…

      • There have been at least 3 or 4 of these type of deals each year in the past couple. Split between the % off (best), and bonus flybuys (ok). I tried looking for the original 15% off deal a couple of years ago, but couldn’t find it.

  • Hi, has anyone set a pin for the card? I tried to use it today at a Foodcourt terminal and they prompted for my pin which I do not know. Thanks a lot.

    • Whatever Pin you first enter becomes the Pin

    • First time any random 4 digit pin (say 1234) will work and it will set the default pin for the card . Next time remember to use the same pin

    • I think if you didn't set a pin, just hit enter

      • +1

        In this case "Verify Signature" will show up at some terminals and the billing person will ask you to sign on the payment slip . Sometimes they force to check your driver's license to compare the signature .

        • yeah, thats what happened to me, and the operator clicked no to verified signature and stuffed up my purchase as it declined the purchase after saying it was authorised… :( the transaction is now "pending" on my transaction history, but it didnt go through on the merchants end…

          • +2

            @Bambini88: pending transaction will be dropped after few days if the transaction fails

            • @spk: okay thanks! fingers crossed.. i am stressing

              • +1

                @Bambini88: the cards gets charged(similar to pre-authorisation) but as the transaction is declined instead of going from pending to confirmed, the pending transaction will disappear. give it 48-72 hours and always hang on to the receipt.

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    A lot of people have been asking about setting a PIN on their Coles MC prepaid card.

    You can setup a PIN, or change it easily using: https://www.mybalancenow.com/

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    The next thing noob will come back after a few months to complain here is they have overpaid their utility bill and threw away the card and the utility bill refunded the overpayment back to original payment which is now lost forever.

    As in previous deal post someone got the overpayment refunded even though OP did not even requested it.

    Hold on to your card if you plan to overpay your bill or bought sth online unless it is absolute non-refundable transaction.

  • +1

    where else in melb can i get them!??
    I rung almost alll eastern suburb stores and i no except $100s

    • +3

      The $100 card still offers a saving costing $94.50. Buy hundreds of them (5 at a time) and you're savings thousands.

      • +1

        This. i could not get a single $250 card at any of my local stores but ended up getting 20 $100 cards (5 at a time) which still saves me more than $100.

  • +8

    Need to hire a large bus so all of us OzBargainers can go on an epic pilgrimage to each and every coles.

    • +1

      Maybe a fleet of buses.

    • +1

      Pure sacrilege.

  • I'm not sure how to check the balance now….does anyone having a blank page when checking your balance at https://www.mybalancenow.com/

    • +2

      I tried to check balance once and got error message. After that I didn't bother. Have already used a few to prepay bills. None of them has any problems. You can check balance by calling the number on the back of the card too.

    • Phone number system on the card works well and is quick

    • +2

      Try disabling ad blockers.

      • This one works, thanks mate

    • I never to it to work on PC, even in incognito mode. Using my mobile has no issue.

  • can you top-up once you have used the full balance? if yes any cost?

    • No.

      If that was allowed, Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing requirements would mean you would need to provide identification to prove who you are. Coles actually used to offer a reloadable prepaid Mastercard through Indue, but that was shut down a few years ago.

      However, if a merchant wants to refund you and you present a Coles Mastercard gift card, a refund can be processed onto the card. Before you get any ideas, my guess is that if you have too many refunds processed to a specific Coles Mastercard gift card, Heritage Bank and InComm will be onto you and block your card and probably will not be too interested in allowing you access to any funds remaining on your card.

      • I miss that coles reloadable card, pity they discontinued that.
        I looked around for reloadable visas/mastercards but doesn't look like I could add funds to them with these coles mastercards, oh well.

        • +2

          Yes was excellent, really handy

          • -1

            @King Tightarse: Hey how do the anti money laundering laws actually work. What are they preventing from happening? Use Pablo Escobar as an example so I can understand better lol.

            • @vinnychase:

              The 9/11 terrorist attack was facilitated by reverse money laundering. Money from the United Arab Emirates passed through a New York bank account before reaching the accounts of the hijackers in Florida.

              How do our aml laws stop this from happening?

            • @vinnychase: Lets say I have $50k in drug money that I need to transfer to other people or store somewhere. I could theoretically put large chucks of the case into a series of reloadable cards and distribute or give to people in payment for other 'services'. They can then spend that ill gotten reloadable card on items that are not readily tracable to them.
              To be honest this is just a minor edge case. It's really more an issue of being able to 'transform' illegally gained cash into another form which can legally used.

              • @danielh: Can’t someone with that kind of money set up like any business. Let’s say app developing (low capital costs). And then you pay themselves in cash, or even these coles Mastercards to make an imaginary app.
                Of course they would have to pay tax on these proceeds unless they can then show no profit by paying some Dutch company for intellectual costs of making the app.
                Do drug dealer want to avoid tax or are they happy to pay 30% in order to at least have a legitimate net worth.

                • @vinnychase: I think it is when that app development business is raking in millions of dollars with minimal signs of how you are doing it is when you want to start looking at a better way to launder your cash.

      • Hi WookieMonster,

        Do you know for someone with Coles financial products do you earn double flybuys points for buying these giftcards? Thanks.

        • I don't know for certain, but my guess would be no.

          • @WookieMonster: My guess is no too. I did buy some coles gift cards in the past when this sort of promotion was on but can't remember how much points earned. Didn't pay attention.

            From my memory bonus points from being coles financial product customers are allocated to flybuys accounts at the end of each month. Again not sure either. Do you know?

            I will remember to keep an eye this time.

            • @bbking18: No idea, as I've never had a CFS product before.

            • @bbking18: I have received it in the past for gc, received at the end of the month for a maximum of 1,000pts ($5)

              • @dorikin: Ok. That's good to know. I almost think it is too good to be true.

        • Coles plus member(free 1mnth trial) and I get double points at coles but didn't get double points on these card purchases.

          • @Corcivillius: Sounds about right. Will see if I receive any extra points at the end of the month as cfs customer.

  • +4

    Thanks OP. Was none on shelf at Noosa store, asked and was a new delivery in today ready to go out. Got 2k via 4 cards on 2 separate transactions/register's. 1st time for me, seems like great offer/option.

  • Anyone having issue redeeming the Vanilla Visa GC or the Coles MC on Shopback for the Super Swap GC? It was working for me until day before yesterday but not since then.

    • I successfully redeemed 5 cards , but now it says suspicious activity when I try to upload a sixth card and states I need to add a card from another issuer…

      • Its best to do only a few at a time eg. the ATO only allows 5 payments per day.

    • Same, worked with 5 of these cards then stopped, I then used these cards to by Special super shopper virtual mastercards and was able to use 5 of them at shopback.
      GYB told me it is a cool down thing and that it should lift after 48hrs but it didn't lift after 48hrs for me, maybe because I had it happen twice.

  • Just wondering, does pending balance like $1 auth get credit back?

  • +6

    [VIC] Stock info
    (from the ones I've visited)

    Mon, 20 Jun
    Doncaster: none
    Victoria Gardens: none
    Tue, 21 Jun (today)
    Melbourne Central: none
    Spencer St/near Southern Cross station: five $100s on shelf as of 9:30 am, no $250s
    Elizabeth St/near Flinders Street station: $100s available behind the counter as of 10 am (don't know how many), no $250s
    Richmond: none
    Box Hill: none

  • Does anyone know if this MasterCard will work if traveling overseas?

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