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10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard Gift Cards ($4.50/$6.30 Activation Fee Applies) @ Coles


Coles has 10% off $100 & $250 Mastercard gift cards starting on the 15th June to 21st June. Additional purchase fees apply ($5 or $7 depending on the card).

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Offer only applies to $100 and $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable activation fee. Total cost for $100 gift card is $94.50 ($90 for card and $4.50 for activation fee) and for $250 gift card is $231.30 ($225 for card and $6.30 for activation fee). Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au), subject to store availability. Excludes $50 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Please note Coles Mastercard Gift Cards will have a minimum 4 hour activation delay. Coles Mastercard Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift card sold at Coles. Offer valid from 15/6/22 to 21/6/22. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.

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      • +3

        You should buy some $100 ones to recoup some of your petrol costs.

        • There’s some $100 left at Haynes

  • My local store had no stock this morning, then 3 cards on the shelf this afternoon. When I got to the counter in mentioned I got the last three and she said theres a massive box behind you, looked and they'd had a delivery of dozens still wrapped in plastic. I suspect there won't be shortages of these with the supply we've seen.

    • Yeah my local coles had them at the service desk/registers I suppose to stop hoarding.

    • Delayed rinse and repeat so there should be heaps of cards

  • +1

    I can confirm rinse and repeat work. Make sure you use the card after 4+ hours of activation. If it asks for prompt for pin and if you have not setup using the website. Whatever the four digit number you are going to enter will become you pin. So make sure you enter the number which is your usual one ;)

    • Out of savings, chq or credit…which one did you select?

      • the instructions that come inside the card packet say use credit or debit with the card machines but if you use debit you need to set a pin on the machine if you haven't done it before.

      • i simply selected pay by credit card in touch screen of coles machine. Then swiped my coles master card. It asked me for pin and i used a new one . Thats it nothing else.

        • Thats great. I suppose you had to get the attendant to approve when you bought it ?
          and as usual it's not possible to split payments with more than one cartd, right?

          • +2

            @King Tightarse: Thats right and needs to be bit cheeky. Attendant was really nice. I was only able to do two of them and did them separately . Wanted to do more but then my humanity kicked in.

    • So you used this gift card to buy another same gift card? Won't the staff stop you?
      I thought in T&Cs it won't work, so I went to woolworths and bought ultimate gift cards.

      • yes exactly thats what i did. Bought More vanilla cards from same vanilla cards which i bought in morning.

        • Did you mean bought more Coles MC from the same Coles MC you bought this morning? Your comment says Vanilla cards which are not on offer.

      • The T&C somehow works. You can read it again and find a word “…… OTHER gift card ……”. Well this may be “other TYPE”. Or “other CARD”. I know the second one is (generally) correct in the context. Where is my English teacher.

    • I must be doing something wrong as it didn't work for me (card active, balance available, PIN set). Here's my situation:

      Bought one (1 only) of these new $250 Coles Mastercard Gift Cards (yellow card design) at 7:50am this morning at Coles A.

      At 1:50pm, after unsucessfully trying to check card balance online, I topped up my Myki with $1 as a test. It was successful.

      Went to Coles B to try and buy another $250 card with the first card bought this morning. Unsuccessful - chose "credit", swiped the first card, the terminal asked for a PIN so I entered the VERY SAME PIN that I had set when testing the card balance on the Myki machine, but the Coles checkout gave error (code 55): "Denied: incorrect pin" (or words to that effect). Tried three times, same error.

      Went to cool off (and top up a different Myki with another $1, which worked fine) then at 5pm tried again at Coles C to buy another $250 card with the first card bought this morning (new balance of $248) but was still unsuccessful, getting the same error (wrong pin).

      Perhaps this means that if you have set a PIN already on the card, you cannot use this card to buy another card and rinse and repeat?

      Any thoughts anybody?

  • can someone clarify about using these cards at a merchant in person. When the selection is savings, chq or credit, which option do you select, as it mentions select "debit"….I am assuming in this case "savings" would be the correct option? I have added a PIN to my card already via the online portal.

    • +4

      Credit, because these prepaid gift cards operate on the Mastercard network.

      Savings and Cheque are only for the EFTPOS network (which these prepaid gift cards do not support).

      • ok, thanks, it is a bit hard to understand with the below info, as a debit card is usually from savings account, and many times the word "debit" doesn't show on the terminal screen

        Select and Sign
        Finalize your purchase as a signature transaction. Simply choose Credit and sign the receipt.

        You can visit your online account to track your transactions.

        Debit Option
        You may finalize your purchase as a debit transaction. Simply choose Debit and enter your PIN.

        Sign in to your account to learn more about setting or clearing your PIN.

        • +3

          I saw that part of the Cardholder Agreement last week and couldn’t work out what it was on about, because I have never seen an EFTPOS machine (in Australia or New Zealand, anyway) give me a choice between debit and credit. If it has given me a choice, it has nearly always been between:

          • Savings
          • Cheque
          • Credit

          However, some businesses (e.g. Coles, Woolworths) will actually check the data embedded in the magstripe of a Coles Mastercard Gift Card to see which card payment networks are supported; if it detects that your card only accepts Mastercard/Visa, it will only give you the options for Mastercard/Visa. This happened to me at Coles today and Woolworths last week when I swiped the Coles Mastercard Gift Card at the EFTPOS terminal.

          However, at other businesses (e.g. Chemist Warehouse, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys), if you swipe a Visa/Mastercard-only card on the EFTPOS terminal, it will still ask you to choose between Savings, Cheque and Credit.

          Btw, I used a Coles Mastercard Gift Card as a payment method earlier today at Coles without any issues.

          • Chose card as the payment method
          • Swiped the card on the EFTPOS terminal
          • Entered any four-digit number as the PIN and pressed Enter. (This is because I had not set a PIN before on that card.) There was no prompt to choose between Savings, Cheque or Credit.
          • The EFTPOS terminal accepted payment. No signature required.
          • +1

            @WookieMonster: yeah, I tried to use the card today in Blooms and it came up to select one of the options of sav, chq and cr, plus at the time I had no idea about the PIN. Next time I will try credit and I added a PIN via the portal today

          • @WookieMonster: I tried paying with the previous $250 Coles Prepaid Mastercard giftcard (the purple one) for this yellow $250 one at self checkout. It doesn't work anymore unfortunately.

          • @WookieMonster: That is interesting. So there is no need to set a PIN, I can just type a random pin in and it will work?
            And this stops it prompting for a signature ?

            BTW You do amazing work WookieMonster.

            • +1

              @wwwboy: According to the the back of the physical cards, you don't even have to enter a PIN:

              Card PIN is optional. To proceed with no PIN, press Enter/ Ok.

              • @bluggort: earlier I tried no pin.. and it then prompted for signature. I just want it to stop prompting for signature. (perhaps it only prompts on certain situations tho)

            • @wwwboy:

              I can just type a random pin in and it will work?

              Yes, but that only works if you have not set a PIN on that card before.

              If you have already set a PIN, you'll need to use the same PIN (until you reset it online or via the phone service).

              Once you have set a PIN, you don't need to worry about signature verification. Btw, if you set a PIN at Coles, you do not need to sign to verify the transaction.

              • @WookieMonster: Sorry if this has already been asked as I'm a gift card virgin: Say I wanted to buy an item at JB Hifi for $1,000 & I had 4 x $250 of these gift cards. I just select Cr on the Eftpos terminal, swipe the card, enter a PIN if required (I haven't set one up, so will make one up on the day) and do it 4 times for each card?

                • +4

                  @Grinner76: Yep, that's correct.

                  Just make sure that whenever you use one of these gift cards that you tell the staff member (or select on the self checkout, where applicable) that you want to pay by card. If you say (or select) you want to pay via gift card, it will not work, as checkout systems handle these gift cards just like any other Mastercard.

                  Btw, if you want to get even more value out of your Mastercard gift cards, you may want to head over to your local Woolworths first to see whether they have any TCN HIM or TCN HER gift cards in stock. Woolworths' deal this week is 20x Everyday Rewards points on TCN HIM and TCN HER gift cards (which is equivalent to 10% of the gift card's face value returned to you in the form of Everyday Rewards points, or 10x Qantas points per $1 spent on the gift cards). I mention them, as TCN HIM and HER gift cards feature JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer. Obviously, I'm assuming the following:

                  • You have an Everyday Rewards account and actually want to collect Everyday Rewards points or Qantas points.
                  • You have Woolworths stores near you that have the aforementioned TCN gift cards in stock.
                  • Woolworths staff will let you use prepaid gift cards to pay for gift cards. Apparently it is officially not allowed by Woolworths (and I've heard this from a couple of staff members), but there is nothing in the checkout system that will stop you doing this. You can purchase the gift cards at a self checkout (assuming your local store has them) and you can split payments between multiple Mastercards if you want.
  • +2

    Thanks for the post! I have decided to use this deal to pay off my student loans! Will end up saving over $5,000, but going to have to visit a fair few Coles!

    • +1

      Hahaha good luck with that.
      Challenge accepted!
      Find stock…
      Get through registers…

    • Looks like you didn’t learn much from your degree. Nah jokes. Ur a genius

    • -1

      Buy a house first.

  • can you use these cards in WWS giftcard portal?

    • Yes

      • Did you get it go through? I tried and got an error message saying something went wrong.

        • Mine is in pending. Not looking good!

        • Worked fine three times for me last night, good luck

  • Coles Dandenong and Noble park had decent amount of $100, but no $250 at 2pm

  • Both Coles in Miranda had zero stock at 11am, 1pm.

  • I get payment error on Shopback when trying to use them to buy a $250 GC. I checked balance and there is no pending charge to verify or anything. Any idea why mine isn't working?

    • +1

      Did you wait 4hrs for the MC to become active, have you used a bunch of these MC cards today to buy SB Egift cards?
      I bought 5 $250 SB giftcards with these MC cards before shopback stopped me, "Suspicious card activity" or something.

      • Been about 4.5hrs and have also checked the online balance checker to see the $250 is funded and ready

        • Strange, well I did have one of my 5 SB's throw an error(can't remember what it was) but I just tried again literally 30 seconds later and it went through.

  • Question: when paying for something online, it asks for the "Name on the card". Is the name supposed to be "A Gift For You" like it is on the gift card? Or perhaps it doesn't matter. Am waiting my 4 hours now, so I am not sure. Some may have experience with this already.

    • +3

      Try: Luke Skywalker.

      Hint: Name is mostly useless (just like account name).

    • No need to put any name online…just card number, expiry date and PIN…

    • I P Freely
      Mike Hunt
      Wayne Kerr…. you choose!

  • +1

    So, has anyone completed inception using the $250 card by now?

  • https://www.mybalancenow.com/

    Am I on the right site for checking balance? I just see a WSOD!

    • +2

      I get an orange error on top saying system error. Tried using a few cards too.

    • I got a blank white screen to on my phone with Firefox, so as much as I hated doing this I enabled Chrome(always disabled) and it was fine with Chrome on my Android phone, as soon as I got home I also tried on my Windows 7(yeah yeah) pc Firefox and got the same, so went back to my phone w/ hated Chrome.

      • +2

        May be disable ad block extension will help if you have installed one. I got white screen on Firefox initially but the contents displayed after I disabled the ad block extension.

        • Reckon you're spot on there, both PC and Phone not just adblocks but many more anti-scripting AV VPNs, chrome on Android is naked because I've always had it disabled, only ever think about adblock etc. when using cashback systems which I always use the apps. for so don't even need to think about them then either….. Complacency Anyone?

  • +1

    One of my $250 cards gave me a "declined" error at the Woolies POS terminal, and a "card invalid" error message at https://www.mybalancenow.com/
    I called the Coles Mastercard helpline, but they said they can't do anything and a company called InComm needs to be contacted.
    Anyone facing the same issue?

    What's the way out?

    • Is it approved on the receipt ?

      • Yes

        • +1

          I would wait until tomorrow and see how you go. They are probably overloaded today

    • +2

      I faced the same issue. Call the number at back of the card . Once you are through customer care they will give you two options 1. Replacement card will be sent in 30 days .
      2. Unlock the card.

      I chose unlock card and used it to buy another Mastercard.

      They blocked my card as i tried multiple times checking for balance on their site. Hence they thought it is fraud and blocked my card.

    • See my post today at end of messages thread

    • You have to call the 07 number on the back of the card to activate before use. Takes about 30 mins before you can use it.

  • $257 for $250 gift card, 10% off with $25.7

  • Still waiting for my Hiver card in the mail…. Should I wait anymore ? Card stock on the shelf must be running out FAST ! 😓

    • Depends on your risk appetite… if you think your store will run out and mor restock before offer ends then better off just buying now.

    • Hiver has limit of 1000 (potentially 2000), another 4-5 days…

      • +1

        I believe that the $1000 limit (which can be changed to up to $2000) is for ATM cash withdrawals (or transfers). In this case we would be actually 'spending' up to $1,250 each time and that is fine, as long as you have the funds in your account. I also joined hiver recently (last week Thursday) and so I transferred in $5k to that account and I'm now waiting for my physical card to arrive in the mail. Once arrived, I can then activate it in the app and then start buying gift cards with the Hiver 5% cash back.

  • -2

    Thanks, bought 30 today at numerous stores.

    Will recycle later 😂

  • Thanks bought 25.

  • Has anyone used these cards to pay private health insurance?

    • +1

      i have before as mine has a make a payment option and can elect the amount. it then calculates the date you are paid up to.

    • +1

      I tried earlier with BUPA, but was just after I bought the cards. BUPA came up with "insufficient funds". I imagine/hope it will work after the 4 hour waiting period. Will try again tonight.

      • +1

        Indeed, it works.

        • yes, i think it is the 4 hours waiting time, I managed to pay mine too, yay!

  • Plenty of $100s but no $250s on the racks in my local Coles. Then I realised the staff counter has a pile of the $250s.

    • I don't understand why staff has problem putting these on the shelves and supporting customers.

      • +1

        because they want to distribute them fairly

        • +2

          but some genuine buyers may not walk up to the front desk and ask for the cards.
          they might just walk out after seeing nothing on the shelves.

          • @spk: My coles had a sign literally telling people to go buy the cards at the service counter/registers

          • +1

            @spk: Because one doesn't want to be treated like a thief when buying these. Some staff can be rather uncomfortable to deal with when these specials are on.

            One lady stood right next to me making sure I wasn't paying with another gift card (I was using my bank issued credit card)

        • +1

          They should put them on display a small amount at a time throughout the day

  • +1

    Can anyone access their balance on the mybalancenow site? Keep getting system error at the top.

  • New to using gift cards, thanks OP got 4 of $250 ones. I might try to get some more after the shift change.

  • i got 5 and already it seems like a bit of effort to use them, let alone buying 20

    • Got 5 and that will cover me for a while.

  • +1

    Does the Coles terminal allow you to do a split payment? as I couldn't see that option earlier when buying some.

    • No, you will need to go to the staff assisted checkout

    • Wanted to pay with gift card but there was no option for partial payment at self serve checkout so paid with some cash and the balance with bank card.

  • Is it me or have these been cleaned out already?

    • Yep all gone around my area, even asked at service desk. Totally sold out apparently. SA Metro

      • +1

        Was just at Coles Warradale and there is a whole box of about 50 at the counter. $250 and $100

    • Based on the last time exp, there is still hope for Thursday and Friday as new deliveries may arrive.

    • +1

      In my sleepy part of the world Im normally the only one buying these cards, I remember last time on the Tuesday night of the deal ending there were heaps left. Well went in this morning and they had about 80 $250s, went in again tonight and they had under 10 cards remaining.

  • +5

    Seems like you can only check balance for 2 cards per IP. The 3rd card always fails with system error message.

    • Yeah same here, can't check balance after checking 2 cards

    • Ditto. Checked two then it gives me an error.

      • A system error has occurred?

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