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$3 Bonus Cashback on Amazon $30 Gift Card @ Cashrewards (First 3000 Activations Only)


Hi everyone. This new offer is limited to the first 3000 activations - when cap is reached you'll no longer be able to activate the offer. Once activated, you have until 4pm AEST to complete your purchase, even if activation limit is reached. Thanks for your support as always. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

$3 Bonus Promo Terms - please read carefully - it will save a lot of questions:

  1. To be eligible for the $3 bonus, you must first activate the promotion on this page, then purchase an Amazon gift card of $30 denomination (or higher) via the Gift Card Page on Cashrewards (link is on the activation page).
  2. After activation, gift card purchase must be made between 11am and 4pm AEST 10/06/2022. Bonus will decline if purchase is made after 4pm AEST.
  3. Activations are capped at 3000. Once activation limit is reached, you can still purchase until 4pm AEST (provided you first activated the bonus).
  4. Bonus is eligible on purchase of an Amazon gift card of $30 denomination (or higher) in a single transaction.
  5. Bonus will be added automatically to your Cashrewards account as pending upon activation of this offer. Bonus will be approved within 7 days of the associated qualifying purchase being approved, as per the terms of the store.
  6. Bonus is over and above the advertised cashback rate which still applies to the transaction.
  7. Gift card purchases through the Gift Card Page are available only via desktop or mobile browsers. They are not available via the Cashrewards App.
  8. Bonus is limited to one per Cashrewards account. Additional transactions do not qualify for additional bonuses.
  9. Cannot be used in conjunction with Cashrewards Refer-a-Friend or any other promotion that may be active at this time.
  10. Review all terms & conditions of this Digital Gift Card prior to finalising your order. All terms are set by the retailer, not by Cashrewards. For queries regarding the purchase of your Digital Gift Card, contact True Rewards on 1800 850 739 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 9am to 5pm Sydney time.
  11. Fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc), VPNs, avoid browsers such as Brave, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on promotions and great deals. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • 11% cashback, not bad but do I actually need anything?

    • +24

      Amazon is the best platform for storing gift card balance

      • +20

        I love the wallet feature. Looks at ebay in disgust

      • +2

        Storing yes, but I just don't buy enough from there. I have a $500 GC I am trying to sell off, buying another one is sort of counter intuitive lol
        All my groceries I get from supermarkets cheaper. I only buy with point offers and discounted GCs, min discount is usually 25%

        • +1

          Prime Day soon as well.

        • Seriously, if it’s no good for you then I hope you don’t activate it and leave it for others that might find it useful.

    • +2

      Groceries and essentials. Chocolate.

    • It's good just in case. Like anything that I can get next day (like groceries) because I'm too lazy

  • Top offer, thanks TA.

  • Thanks, got one!

  • +2

    Now we're talking!

  • EZ money. Thanks TA!

  • Nice, Thanks,
    on other note, my CR extension is not working anyone else having similar issues?

    • +1

      The CR Notifier (Extension) is not meant to work with the gift card portal :)

      • Yeah, I meant it doesn't "notify" me of CB rates on websites.

        • +2

          Please uninstall it, then grab the latest version here. Any issues, let's take it up offline. Thanks.

  • Legend. Thank you (:

  • Great thanks TA

  • Thanks TA, nice gift for the start of the long weekend :)

  • 0.10 c for mobile sms, any way to avoid that?

    • +7

      It's optional. Just don't select it.

      • +1

        I think it's not that you don;t have to select it, but rather you DON'T have to enter a phone number. I never do so I'm never presented with the SMS thing.

    • +3

      leave the field blank, it's optional.

    • +5

      Don't get it sent by SMS.

    • Thanks now ok

  • +2

    Cheers TA. Activated,bought GC, redeemed to my Amazon GC balance . Bonus and std cashback tracked - all done in 5 mins .Seamless with CR.

  • Thanks TA

  • +2

    Much better the $50 one yesterday. Ta

  • +1

    Thanks again TA! Always coming through with the goods as usual.

  • cheers legend

  • Not sure I understand. Once I get the gift card, I activate it, then do I have to purchase an item to be eligible for the cashback?

    • +3

      Once you get the gift card, that's it. It will track in a few minutes.

    • +1

      Once I get the gift card, I activate it,

      Once you activate this Cashrewards deal and get the Amazon gift card, the other way is that what you mean?

      • I meant once I purchased the gift card, would I actually have to buy something. Anyway, I got it and it has worked.

        • +1

          No need to buy anything with gift card.

    • No, you don't have to purchase anything, you can just add it to your amazon account, for use with future purchases.

      • log into Amazon.com.au
      • hover mouse over "account and lists" at top-right of screen, and select "Your Gift Card Balance"
      • click "Add a Gift Card"
      • paste or type-in the 14-character "Online Gift Card Number" that is listed on your gift card.

      Apparently the PIN included on the gift card is not needed, I wasn't asked for it. Your gift card's value will now be added into "Your Gift Card Balance:" at the top, and will also be shown under "Gift Card Activity".

  • Thanks TA.

  • Oh, I should buy Coles gift card yesterday not Amazon XD


  • Thanks TA

  • It's saying $31 pending on my debit card instead of $30. Did I do something wrong?

    • +1

      No. The initial $1 is the pre-authorisation amount which disappears after a few days :)

    • +1

      If you added a new credit card in the process it's the $1 pre auth that will clear in <7 days.
      TLDR: The $1 is temporary. You won't pay it.

  • Thanks TA

  • +2

    Activated using my mobile but trying to fill in the order form was impossible, the mobile UI was a complete mess such that it was literally impossible to use so had to go to laptop to do the gift card purchase.

    • @tightarse

      This is likely what we've discussed before

      • If I'm not wrong, this affects some Android devices using mobile Chrome? True Rewards has been made aware, as the widget is generated by them and not by CR.

        • +1

          Cool. I just managed to take a video of everything, if you want me to upload

          • @justtoreply: Please PM me the link to the video and I'll send to TR. Thanks.

  • Oh wow!

  • Thanks TA

  • Thanks TA! Happy Friday everyone.

  • +1

    Is this new? (taken from regular cashback terms - not this particular bonus offer):

    Sales are limited to one Amazon gift card purchase per member per day (irrespective of denomination). Cashback for Amazon gift cards is limited to $3 in total per member account, per calendar month, irrespective of the number and/or value of gift cards purchased in that month.

    • +1

      Been that way for a while. Crazy, hey

      • I guess Amazon 1% cashback is better than Coles 0.1% cashback - so rather than limit the purchase amount in a calendar year, they limit the cashback instead.

        All good, TA confirmed that this clause if the regular one that does not apply to this awesome $3 bonus offer!

      • That's all to do with cashback, and nothing to do with the bonus. It's an Amazon requirement that's been there since day one. You'll find other cashback providers have very similar terms around limits on Amazon GCs. Cheers.

  • With the term "Cashback for Amazon gift cards is limited to $3 in total per member account, per calendar month, irrespective of the number and/or value of gift cards purchased in that month."

    Does this apply to the bonus cashback, particularly if I bought a $50 amazon gift card with the previous deal yesterday?

    • Hopefully does not apply to bonus cashback - TA will confirm soon :)

  • thanks TA

  • Cheers TA

  • Hi TA, Something went wrong with my transaction. Can you please help.
    Once I clicked on "Pay $30" button after selecting the card, the next window went blank and nothing happened. No email with the gift card, however pending payment in shown my bank account.
    Transaction is showing in my cashrewards "My rewards" page.

    • Hi. Please call True Rewards right away. They're very responsive…

      Review all terms & conditions of this Digital Gift Card prior to finalising your order. All terms are set by the retailer, not by Cashrewards. For queries regarding the purchase of your Digital Gift Card, contact True Rewards on 1800 850 739 Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) 9am to 5pm Sydney time.

      • Thanks TA.
        All good, I called them and they tracked it for me. My mistake, there was a typo in my email address.

        • +3

          Told you they're responsive. Great result :)

  • Nice! Got in at click 2970. Haha.
    Thank you TA.

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    Took me a while to remember how to remove my cc, so for others.. just a reminder.

    If you would like to remove/unlink your credit card from True Rewards, you can do the below:

    • select to purchase another gift card.
    • fill out the receiver info, then click next.
    • review the details, then click on checkout now.
    • locate card and remove by click on the bin icon.
    • I don't have an account with True Rewards (this is the first time I'm seeing them). Is there a way to remove my cc without having an account? Silly me have only just realized it's a whole another entity. I thought I was dealing with Cash Rewards and Amazon all along.

      • Why remove the card?
        I just leave mine there. Super easy for future GC purchases.. I only have to enter CVV and all done..

        • I never choose to have my cc stored on any site. I don't mind manually filling in each time I need to use it online.

      • The method above is the way. From your Cashrewards account go through the process of buying another gift card and remove stored details at the last step.

  • Thanks TA, activated and bought a gift card.

  • Anyone else bought the choice card then realise it was only for the Amazon card :(

    • This offer is for the Amazon card, why buy Choice card? Cause it was yesterday's offer (confusing?) :O

      • Didn't read the title xD, usually, they only ask min. spend from gift card pages without target brand

  • I have had 2 bonuses declined in the past and don't know why - I have sent an enquiry and waiting to hear back. Has anyone experienced the same?

    • All bonuses are automatically declined after 14 days if you've not made any qualifying purchases for that particular promo. An easy way to know is to check the date of the promo you activated and compare it to this thread which lists most bonus promos. As I always say, please don't activate any promos you don't intend using, and that way you won't be disappointed :)

  • @op how quickly do you see the $3 cash back? I got the "Your cashback has been tracked" but only shows $0.30. I've activated and then use the link on the activate page to buy the gift card…

    • +1

      Shows the estimated approval date here https://www.cashrewards.com.au/my-rewards

      • Just checked the webpage and and the $3 is there pending.. all good silly me…. :\

    • +1

      The $3 bonus cashback will show as pending immediately upon activation (please check your CR account). A tracking email is not sent for this. Also, ignore the estimated approval date - gift cards and associated bonus are usually approved within 3-5 days. Thanks.

  • +4

    Hi guys. Activation cap now reached (1:05pm AEST). For those that activated but are yet to purchase, you now have until 4pm AEST to purchase your card via this link. Any purchases after 4pm will unfortunately have the bonus declined. Also, due to the amount of traffic at True Rewards during the promo, there's a small possibility a handful of transactions may not have yet reported to CR accounts. Please don't worry, as these will be captured in the next batch run from True Rewards just after midnight. Any issues, please PM me.

    • does it show in your account that you have activated it? I thought I clicked on it before the cap was reached but now I can't confirm if I have or not.

      • +1

        Yes. If you check your My Rewards, you'll see a $3 pending amount with today's date (see here). If you don't see this, you didn't activate the offer.

  • Far out these go quick. Missed out yesterday's too :/

    • I wonder if there is a way we can get notified about these "limited time deals" that are only available for 1-4 hours (for those of us who check OzB once a day..)? Email notifications?

      • +2

        You can subscribe to poster and/or to store for immediate notification?

        • I have now subscribed to the TA legend πŸ˜€
          Any way this can be email notifications if I’m not on the site?

  • +1

    late to the party again

  • Glad I missed out since I still have tons of GCs from similar deals in the past.

    • Tons?

      • +1

        I'm picturing a ton of sour grapes

        • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Thanks. Stocked up on diapers from Amazon. They are getting really pricey.

    • Everything's going uphill… probably in the new financial year!

  • Thanks TA.

    Tracked Perfectly & $3 Promotional Bonus is now "Pending"

  • +4

    All those that activated & purchased from this promo will now have the transaction & bonus approved in your Cashrewards accounts :)

    Can you please update your BCMT @Yowie - thank you :)

  • Activated and purchased at 12:25 pm was pending now declined :( Have sent enquiry will see

    • +1

      Reasons for decline:

      1. if you activated the offer after purchasing the gift card.
      2. if you purchased the gift card after 4pm AEST.
      3. if you didn't activate the offer.
      4. if you didn't purchase a gift card.

      Check your click history for clues (is there a click to Amazon.com.au Gift Card on June 10). Feel free to PM me if none of these apply. Thanks.

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