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Breville The Barista Pro Coffee Machine (Red Velvet Cake) BES878RVC $680 C&C Only @ David Jones


Advertised at $850, extra 20% off is applied when you add the coffee machine to your cart. This machine price is currently almost as low as pre pandemic prices!

Only click and collect available but there was stock at all the stores near where I live (SA) so hopefully the same in other states and territories.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Everyone who got that Barista Express the other week……….annoyed?

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      It was $120 cheaper at least, so you saved money!

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      Bit annoyed. But that was 141$ cheaper (with ebay plus free delivery), also prefer the liquorice colour than this red one.

      Edit: can’t seem to find any stock- not annoyed all at now.

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        For a truer comparison with the most recent TGG deal:

        +$29.40 cashback for TGG deal vs +$12.36 cashback for this DJ deal
        +$80 store credit for TGG deal (for paying any method)

        At the very least TGG's recent deal was $158 cheaper ignoring store credit, and with the $80 store credit and no specials it would give you a free tamp mat and knock box too worth at least $35 if you were to get the cheapest no-name equivalents via Amazon or eBay. So overall, the price difference is more $193-238 with everything else compared. Some people would also consider the TGG deal price difference to this DJ Barista Pro as $278 if they were happy to pay via PayPal Pay in 4.

        Overall, the features of the Barista Pro are unlikely compelling enough to justify a 40-50% price increase over the Barista Express.

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          Barista express effective price via tgg was around $440 iirc, assuming you could flog off the gift card for ~90% of its value

          Unbeatable deal

        • Yeah. But I jumped the gun on this eBay deal before seeing the TGG one.

    • Tbh, it's faster but it has its own issues.

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    Plenty in NSW and only DJ in Canberra Centre has it

    • Where in NSW? I cannot find any stock

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        That’s weird, it shows two different things when I did it differently

        On the product page where it says Find in Store, it’s showing stock in NSW
        But when I go to the checkout screen, it’s not giving me any stores within NSW

        • Yes it is weird

          • @GreyMann: I'm getting frustrated with this.
            Time to give up.

  • I'd love to move to this from the Barista Express. Cant find stock around 3000 though =/

    • What benefits does this one have over the Express, from what I have seen the heating element is better and grinder has finer adjustment but thats about it.

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        That's it, only two of the two most key elements of making espresso…grind and temperature.

      • +1

        Almost instant-on

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        Per YouTube video comparing upper burr and external dial settings for both models, the Express appears to have 46 possible grind sizes and the Pro has 57 possible grind sizes. Doesn't look like much of an advantage.

        The biggest upgrade is arguably usability and aesthetics with the display screen and reduced number of buttons.

        The improved water boiling system is a worthwhile upgrade but reviews (example) indicate it doesn't matter enough to warrant spending much extra money. If you wanted to quickly pour multiple coffees at once, neither Express nor Pro machines would be your pick, a dual boiler model would be much better. The improvements from Pro -> dual boiler are much more meaningful and worthwhile than Express -> Pro.

        • +2

          Agree. A dual boiler would be an upgrade but only if you're needing simultaneous brewing and frothing. The grind settings are not material, neither are the quicker stream times (because once up to temperature it's fairly good).

          Must say I'd prefer to have the Pro than Express for aesthetics, and a marginal upgrade on the heating system…. but neither of this will improve your coffee making (unless it's already dialed to perfect. 😁)

          • @OrderedChaos:

            but only if you're needing simultaneous brewing and frothing.

            Also external grinder is a huge upgrade too.

            • @SickDmith: … as long as it's a good one 😀. The integrated breville grinders are, for all intents and purposes, the same as their external breville counterparts.

      • One thing to consider is that the portafilter doesn't automatically heat up in this machine unlike the express and you have to run an empty shot or hot water through it first before pulling a coffee shot. Not a huge deal but it does potentially cut down the amount of coffees you can make in half before you get an alert to clean the machine (after 200 shots). Same thing with the bambino plus which uses the same heating system.

    • Why are you considering moving from the Express to Pro?

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    None of the places work for click and collect:

    The selected delivery option is currently unavailable for this item. Please select another delivery option

  • None in Brisbane or around

    • Got it price matched from HN….

  • +3

    Why does it have to be the ugly red one…

    • +6

      because all the other ones actually sell

  • Went into DJ Indooroopilly two days ago and it was $699

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    No stocks shown at stores around 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 0800…..and its via CC only……

    • Looks like Burke St Mall has one.

  • Not if you click through the check out process and it tells you no stock anywhere.

  • Any other store which will price match?

  • Good deal! Lame no stock.

  • Can't get anywhere and jb hifi Can't beat the price.

  • Anyone got it?

  • Love this machine.

  • No click and collect available.
    This item is only available by click and collect.

    Must be a vapour item?

  • Now just need pre-pandemic prices on the dual boiler and i'm good..

  • This machine is awesome i use it almost every day

  • Cant even seem to search for stock now on the click & collect check out

  • Damn :(

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    Is this any good for low volume, i.e. 2 cups a day in the one go?

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    I just bought this one in store at DJ Southland VIC, same price online after 20% off ie $680. Apparently VIC only had 2 stocks both at Southland (called through DJ customer service to confirm stock, then called Southland store directly to reconfirm). Now only 1 stock in VIc.
    DJ website was cooked.

  • Ah crap, gave up waiting for deals and literally just got a bambino plus & pro grinder this week for slightly more, then this comes out. I guess theres the added benefit of gradually upgrading your setup down the track compared to an all in one(that and not having a red machine, lol). The bambino plus is still pretty good and uses the same internals as the espresso portion of the pro afaik.

    The only thing to be aware of is the portafilter doesn't heat up with the thermojet heating system in the barista pro and bambino plus machines (unlike the barista express), so you may need to pull an empty shot every time to heat it up. Technically increases the use on the machine and the frequency of cleaning cycle alerts(Which is usually after 200 shots, so technically you would get them after making 100 coffees if you're pulling 2 shots every time)

    Still very good machines at these price points.

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    Managed to call up Hay Street Perth and got the 2nd last one on hold. Just picked it up, they said they all but one sold out minutes before my call. Jb hifi wouldn't price match as no stock.

  • One left in david jones westfield miranda

    If your close to bankstown area, can pickup and drop off to you as im picking up mine tomorrow

    • I think the price has gone back up to $1399 less 20%. Maybe you can call the store to confirm what is the final price before heading over.

      • Was just there. Price is still $680. Got them to scan it
        Didnt have my GCs as was not expecting to find stock

        • Their website has reverted the price to RRP. Hope you enjoy your new coffee machine. Any recommendations on where to buy coffee beans by the way? I bought the Express model from TGG deal but have no idea where to buy coffee beans.

          • @wtfnodeal: Search 'coffee' on OzBargain, deals galore

          • @wtfnodeal: Instore still ticketed to $850 with 20% off advertised right next to it.

            I aksed the person to scan it. It scanned $680

            I even have one in my DJ online cart and still shows as $680 with 0 stock

  • +1

    I got the last one in WA!

    • Spewin

  • +1

    Called around few stores in Sydney this morning and was able to get one. Thanks Op.

  • Ended up with a display unit for $450.
    Still was literally untouched with all the stickers still on

    • Wtf?!

      • I know. Didnt believe it. Asked for a deal on the display and thats what they offered me

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