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Logitech Stream Cam White $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Bing Lee


Just got this price drop alert from Google.
Can do 1080p/60.

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    I think this is the cheapest it's been. Paid a lot higher, it's been great and USBC

    • Yes I have this and paid around $165 on sale.

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    actually a really good webcam

  • Only negatives is that I find it doesn't do well in low light and it's hard-wired USB-C. Otherwise I think the only webcam that really beats it is the Elgato Facecam which is well over $200.

    • Razer kiyo pro

      • It's up there but I feel this has a better picture quality. The Kiyo Pro is better in low light but has too much of a saturated/punchy look for my liking, I prefer the more natural look of the Stream Cam. The Facecam is better than both though.

        • What about Brio?

          • @4iedemon: 4K picture quality is overkill if you're using it for streaming or video calls. Better to just go with a DSLR if you want that sort of quality but it would be for a specific use-case such as video production.

            • @Yuri Lowell: higher sensor can still allow better quality in low-light conditions… also brio has Windows Hello compatibility

            • @Yuri Lowell: I'm not aware of a single mainstream video call service that supports higher than 1080p30, is basically why I believe you don't see companies rushing to make better webcams

              • @reactor-au: I reckon they could've invested in better mic on those webcams or just improved low light performance…

                Heck phones from 5 years ago are still better as webcams compared to the webcams we have today!

                You still see expensive laptops struggle to put at least 1080p 30fps cameras on their laptops.

        • Kiyo pro might have been improved with firmware then

  • reminds me of American pie for some reason

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    Thanks OP.

    Anyone have any idea if the camera can be swivelled horizontally once mounted?

    And whether it will work if I use a USB-C to USB-A adapter? (My laptop only has 1 USB-C port.)

    • No swivel. Not sure about adaptor but doubt it. It's very fussy about the USBC port used.

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        I have this webcam. It definitely swivels…. Also great buy at this price! I paid way more on sale :(

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          guess i've never tried to swivel it. i just zoom with it in a fixed position.

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      It rotates plenty! Check out this video.


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      Should work fine with a USB-C Female to USB-A Male USB 3.0 adapter.

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      I use mine with an adaptor, works fine

  • I've been thinking of using my gopro hero 9 as webcam, thoughts?

    • Its trash compared to this, i have both

    • Gopro’s can be used directly as webcam for the newer ones. But you’ll need to zoom in because how fisheyes the original lens is.

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    Just use your dslr/mirrorless with a $15 adapter for the best ever webcam that's 1000x better than cheap standalone webcams

    • How exactly?
      I tried the Canon app and cable, but the picture quality seem average and the camera turns off after a few minutes.

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        Not every DSLR is up for this task. The Sony's are the best at this while the Canons and Nikons will depends on the model. Elgato has a good list over here.

        • Thanks. We have canon 600D which isnt on the list.
          Also do we need the Elgato cam? Just using a micro USB cable to connect the camera to laptop and this software

          • @congo: If your DSRL supports it, you probably don't need a capture card. I'm not sure if that effects the output quality, might need further research into that.

      • No dummy battery?

    • I've tried this with my Sony RX100 VA, but it keeps shutting down after a few minutes. I recall reading that it works well with the RX100 VII. The genetic $15 converter works great though.

      • Dummy battery needed.

        • What's that? The issue was caused by overheating.

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            @elektron: YouTube video to self myself from explaining.

            ELI5: Batteries heat up during discharge. If you use main power there is no heat generated (or as much) therefore no heating issues.

            • @Sheng: Thank you - will check it out! I assume it will work with a power bank as well?

              • @elektron: Yeah it should that how some photographers setup. It's implied to not go over 18V/3AMP normally. Just be mindful when buying a dummy to have a passive/live converter the little block near the end of the USB you plug into the charging brick/powerbank.

                • @Sheng: You're a legend sir and may have saved me from selling this camera and buying a subpar streaming cam. Between my Pixel 6 Pro and the RX10 IV, the RX100 VA is not getting any use.

    • Yeah. Converted an old Nikon D3300 with mini hdmi cable, dummy battery and cheap capture card. (Stack with shopback deals to make the conversion basically breakeven/GST for alixpress). Just have issue with iso/white balance when I move back and forth to fast. Backup S9+ with droidcam works too which was a $40 buy on Facebook cause it cracked (got it for free via tiktok referral deal).

    • How about using an old phone

  • Will Office match this price? Save on the delivery or long drive to pick-up

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      I try to call this afternoon, but been told only Mon to Fri, so end up price match from JB hi-fi.

    • Office works price match only when it suits them…their policy is a joke

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    Have this, works great. Type C connector picky sometimes, and if using adaptor, some adaptors don't play well

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    Got one a while back for $150, really good price for this. Really been happy with mine, use it every day for work

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    How does this compare with the C922 in terms of video quality? I don't need special features - would only be using it for work.

    EDIT: Google it. Streamcam is the way to go.

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    I’ve tried this cam but eventually upgraded to Brio. The streamcam is okay if you have enough light because otherwise it’ll suffer with quite a bit of noise.

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  • Anyone else get an email today saying "our webpage in which this model was showing to be available and in stock. After a few follow ups with our management and suppliers, its been revealed that this model is discontinued and we are unable to receive any more new stock"

    Hopefully everyone else's order managed to go through and its just mine that failed

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