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YouTube Premium via Argentina: ARS $119/Month (Single ~AUD $1.38/Month, Family ~AUD $2.07/Month, VPN Required only to Register)


Resharing after 6 months for those unaware of the workaround to get YouTube Premium at a fraction of the normal price (with credit to HiDave for the original find). It's also around $0.27 cheaper per month now. Personally been using this for over 2 years and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

Referral Links

YouTubePremium: random (78)

Referrers get 1 bonus month of YouTube Premium
Referees get 3 months of YouTube Premium at A$1.29.

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    • Use WISE/transferWise

    • 28degrees

    • -2

      Really? Mine is 3% per transaction. So like an extra $0.06 here.

      Good thing about nab is the FX rates you get on CC transactions are pretty tight!

  • Superb..!!! You saved my hundreds of dollars man..Cheers…!!

  • Can I pay by PayPal?

  • +2

    All good first it wouldnt accept payment then I realised I still had TunnelBear turned on so switched off & it all went through in ARS $ payment etc. ThanksTA

    • Thank you mate, it works

  • New pipe works great.

  • wow great. works for me! thanks heaps

  • -1

    Proxy server works as well. Usually easier than setting up and installing a VPN.

    Just Google Argentina proxy.

  • when creating a google account, it asks to enter a phone number, any work arounds?

  • I just got this. Used argentina vpn and created a new google account. Then bought premium (got 2 months trial aswell). Then i added the new account to all my devices. Even after turning off vpn, premium benefits work.

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    One question: why the expectation for companies to act in good faith when fraud like this is so rampant?

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      Why are you a bot?

      • +2

        I am not programmed for existential questions. Please try again

  • Help! It never works for me. Connected vpn to Argentina , created new account, as soon as I entered aussie cc details and an Argentinian billing address to click buy it says your payment profile has been suspended and can’t complete the purchase 😒

    • +1

      Go to https://pay.google.com/ delete the suspended Argentinian payment profile (make sure to not accidentally delete the Australian one if on same account) then try subscribing again with different address and/or card. If Same problem happens, keep trying until it works. This is what I did for Argentinian YouTube.

      Just recently I got my Argentinian payment profile suspended again when I tried to add a card to my Australian payment profile. When I tried to resubscribe I realised my Argentina VPN wasn't showing the correct currency so I just decided to subscribe for Turkey instead, which was a lot easier. It didn't require a Turkey address.

  • What's the benefits of YouTube premium?

    • No ads every 2mins. Background play on mobile.

    • Doesn't matter =]] You don't buy it if you don't find any benefits :)

  • Had this via India, just cancelled it to go via Argentina, aaaaaand they no longer accept Amex as a payment option. That screws me over as Westpac won't let payment through as Argentinian address doesn't match account details.
    Guess I need to get a 28 Degrees card.

    • Oh wow, I'm still on my Indian account paying with Amex. Definitely not changing anything now!

    • they stopped accepting Amex altogether as a payment method or just for Argentinian accounts?

  • what do i do if i am an existing YT premium user?

    • You cancel your existing plan, and sign up with the Argentina one. The arg plan will start when the other expires

  • +1

    Legend, I was using Tidal that way 😂

  • Thanks OP, signed up the family.

  • How about Paramount+ ? Same deal?

    • I have a US P+ it requires a VPN to watch…not a deal breaker but a pain.

  • +2

    Just signed up, worked a charm

    • Is there 6 accounts that you can add in total?

  • -1

    What's the benefit of YouTube premium to standard YouTube apart from maybe adds

    • +11

      It gives you the ability to google simple questions and have specific answers supplied in almost an instant.
      The extra bonus is that you can see the links provided in Ozbargain original post that take you to the official page that explains all of the benefits.

    • Biggest benefit in my eyes, is that standard youtube is limited for audio to 128kbps. Premium you get twice that (256kbps)

      While usually you can find the audio from better sources, sometimes youtube is the only place you can find things. So if you want to download it in best quality, you gotta pay a little bit

  • Can I use paypal as a method of payment for this deal or do I need a credit card?. Thanks

  • Has anyone had a Google account suspended or closed because of something like this?

    • +1

      Of course not. But now I’ve moved to South America the wages really suck

    • Been using the India hack for over 3 yrs, just switched to Argentina.

      Why would Google suspend or close the accounts? At worst, they'll implement a detection system where a user's IP must match the country they're a YT Premium member of. But then, they're at risk of impacting YT members who travel to other countries often or people who use VPNs for any reason. This hack I'd say is in the "meh, too hard basket" for Google to even care about.

      • What steps did you follow to change from India to Argentina? Looking to do the same for mine too.

        • +1

          Deactivate the current (IND) membership >> VPN to Argentina >> Open Youtube in private mode >> sign up again to Argentina prices. NOTE: random address generator is in the OP.

          • @jigna27: Just did the swap, followed the above steps and it worked like a charm

      • Have you got this issue fixed? I'm running into the same issue.

    • I've had my Argentinian payment profile suspended a few times when trying to add new cards to my Australian payment profile, also had my Australian payment profile suspended once for trying to add someonee else's card.

      For the Australian payment profile I had to prove my ID to Google to get it working again, with the Argentinian payment profile I just deleted the payment profile and resubscribed to YouTube premium.

      • Interesting to hear that. I've had no issues at all with India, so if your scenario happens to me, I'd switch it back and keep it there.

  • +3

    Ok for families this is how I did it…

    1. Use Proton Email to create an email address (this was just easier than going through gmail for a burner account)

    2. Without VPN go to https://families.google.com/families and with the burner account details create the family group with the burner account being family manager

    3. Once all the members have accepted the invitation into the family activate the VPN. I used the free tier of Tunnel Bear to get this done

    4. Use the burner account to sign up to family You Tube premium and the above mentioned random ARG address etc is required

    Hope that helps someone

    • Doesn't the burner account then use up one of the spaces? Or are you afterwards promoting someone else to manage the account and then removing the burner?

      • +1

        you can have the burner account and 5 others (so total of 6)… can always use the burner account as a viewer… for us the burner does nothing, I have my account for what I watch and the wife account is shared by the kids as they are only two years apart and mostly watch similar things

    • Thanks @lenjet.

      The process works beautifully.

      This will avoid all the Google security checks and attachment of other Google services like Google pay.

      If some other country in the future becomes cheaper then easy to transfer without all the account validations and prechecks.

    • Regarding step 2

      How do you create a family group with the Proton email address?
      When I am logged in with my google account it won't give me a choice to use different account.
      When I try to create a new account it won't let me to use any different email except for @gmail.com?

      • In the same boat, anyone found out the solution?

        • sorry i was being brief with the steps… with the proton email address use it to create a new burner google account…

          step 2a - go to https://accounts.google.com/signup/ and create a new google account (this will be the burner account) with the proton email address being the sign up email

          step 2b - once this account is up and running use that burner account to create the family group and it will be the family manager

          step 2c - issue out invitations to all the google accounts you want to be in that family and they need to accept them. You will have the ability to invite 5 other google accounts to be in the family group with the 6th member being the burner account / family group manager

          to do the above I used another browser / incognito / private modes as it was easier than trying to log out of my existing google account

  • Anyone used paypal to pay for this?.

  • +1

    im trying to add another user into my family sharing page, but is anyone getting stuck in a loop? cant seem to pass the page:

    "Share YouTube Premium
    Next, you'll create a family group to share YouTube Premium — as well as other Google services — with up to 5 family members. Learn more [CONTINUE]"

  • I have no idea on where too start can l join up on my iPad? I need a new gmail address and vpn any in particular will CBA debit card work or westpac credit card?

  • I have no idea on where too start can l join up on my iPad? I need a new gmail address and vpn any in particular will CBA debit card work or westpac credit card? How do you find u tube Argentina too join?

  • Anyone used paypal to pay for this?.

  • This still working for anyone, i just get full AU or USD prices not cheap prices, what am i doing wrong?

  • +1

    Worked beautifully on existing Google account with an existing family.

    Now paying $2/m instead of $18/m or whatever it was.


  • you

  • yeah I did last year and it takes like 1 years to move back to Australia. now annoying part i couldn't buy movies and certain app now available.

    • You can have payment profiles for other countries without changing the country for your Google play account.

      • How do you do that. I just went to sign up and it says I have to change my country too

        • I don't know why it would say that, as that never happened to me and I've resubscribed to YouTube premium several times, with the last time being just a few days ago (but I subscribed to Turkey, not Argentina, because my VPN didn't work for Argentina and couldn't be bothered trying another VPN).

          Come to think of it, one difference that I did encounter was that before, I could just resubscribe straight through the YouTube app (with VPN on) but this time, an error message came up (I can't remember what it said but might have been about the country issue). So I tried again through chrome browser with incognito tab on my tablet and then it worked.

        • +1

          I'm guessing your VPN may not working properly and they can see that you're not actually from Argentina?

          I've signed up using VPN (TunnelBear) to both India and Argentina and have never had to change the region of my account. My Google account is still 100% Australian.

          • @xers: I had NORD VON, but it's since expired very recentlyand I wasn't going to pay again, just for this, until there's another good deal available.
            So went to Tunnel Bear and used the free version of this.

            I used Chrome incognito, as opposed to the YouTube app.

  • Thanks. Bought 3 to be eligible for Free express shipping and insurance.

  • Thought I would have to jump through hoops, I created another gmail account…usernameturkey (to remember)
    I connected to Turkish VPN, tried to add my main account to familly group, but already in/manager of one so got an error….and it was late, didnt want to try and readd everyone

    I connected to Turkish VPN, went to youtube premium signup page under my main Australian account - signed up for family for the year, paid for it in Turkish on Latitude as new payment method - already have a google one sub running in AUD ($25 for 100gb)
    $14.31 AUD later for the year…perfect.
    Tempted to try Google One for storage now, might have to cancel my current storage sub.

    Didnt have to run through all the drama above

  • HAPPY VPN Argentinian Aussie family account for 2 years, reporting back. Thank you so much!

  • so got this error when i ready to pay.

    Your payments profile is currently suspended because some information on your account couldn't be verified. Learn more. [OR-HDT-09]

    and google wants me upload australian driver liscens and shows address. i guess they picked up that i put in Argentina address? i never had premium account before, and looks like the card i was using just got added into my google account after i tried to pay this.

    any idea?

  • Whats a good vpn to use to connect to arg? My windscribe doesnt appear to allow me with free version

  • This still working for me for 6+ months.
    I also set up for friends, i found many VPN's didnt report the country correctly or youtube had issues, NordVPN was only VPN i found to work accurately and allow youtube to detect argentina as location.

  • +1

    i've got this working with me and 4 others - I added all 4 before i did this last time. When trying to add the last member (after subscribing with VPN), it keeps saying "can't join family group" "It looks like you're not in the same country as the person who invited you." both profiles are Australia, i'm not sure what else to test!!

    edit: got it working. I had to remove the argentina billing profile in google pay from the manager account.


    under: Payments profile for Google Pay - there's a dropdown box, I selected the argentina profile and removed it.

    Reinvited the account, accepted, readded argenitna payment profile (i had to remove youtube premium and resubscribe - I hope this helps someone else!

  • Would anyone know if something similar could be done with an Amazon Prime or Ebay Plus subscription?

  • Only 2 months free trial for Argentina, vs 3 months free trial for here

  • Cancelled Indian, got Argentinian, thanks op

  • Cancelled my Australia family subscription worth $23.99 AUD per month and converted to AR family subscription worth $2.12 AUD per month.
    Thanks tightarse !! You are a legend :)

    • to convert an AU family to AR, do you have to change everyone's payment profile to AR? Appreciate any guidance :)

      • +2

        No you leave each individual payment profiles as is.

        Only the family organiser payment for YouTube is used.

        • Thanks! And can you add additional members to the family after you've started the AR subscription? Or do they all need to be in the family prior to starting the AR subscription?

          • +2

            @unknown-entity: I think it is easier if you already have your family group set up beforehand but it is possible to add members during the subscription process (but I think this might be where other people are having problems) and afterwards as well at https://families.google.com/families (this is what I did, with VPN off and ran into no problems).

        • Did you get any side effects on Play Store? It seems any member of the family now has Argentina as the region for Play Store, and some apps cannot be found that are Australia-only.

          • @unknown-entity: I have definitely not experienced that, @super-user. Family member is still in correct home region, not Argentina.

            • +1

              @caperite: I managed to figure it out, documenting below for other users:

              This is likely only going to be effecting anyone who went the route of creating a dummy Google account as a Family owner.

              Issue: Family member's account (Android) Play Store region is seemingly non-Australian, cannot find Australia-only apps on Play Store. Play Store content may also show Argentina ads/art/UI/banners. This is despite the app reporting "Australia" as their country in Play Store app settings.

              Confirmation of issue: On family member's account, goto https://play.google.com/store/account/orderhistory - if there is any mention of "ARS" near "Total you've spent in <month>" then it is affected.

              Cause: The family owner's account was not set up as an Australian account for the Play Store.

              Fix: I found the easiest fix was to start clean (abandon original dummy account, kick users from family, cancel premium):
              * Create dummy account (no VPN)
              * Sign into Play Store on an Android phone, go to Settings -> General -> Account and device preferences. You will see something like "Switch to Australia Play Store".
              * Add a payment detail to switch to Australian Play Store
              * Enable VPN for Argentina
              * Go to YouTube website, signup for family premium
              * (Disabled VPN) you can invite family members now, no issues for me doing so after the plan had been started

  • Also picked this deal up last time. Haven't had any issues and love watching YT with no adverts!

    • -1

      I miss the ads…

  • Thanks OP, Easy sign up

  • Works beautifully with an ING debit card. Thanks op.

  • Thanks TA. Subscribed to YT Premium Family (Argentina).
    Invited my main and family members to join Google Family on a secondary Google account I had.
    Setup Australian payment profile.
    Got it verified.
    Turned on VPN.
    Went to YT premium link and subscribed - it automatically created Argentina payment profile.

    One issue I'm having is that my secondary Google account is currently on 1 month free trial of YT Premium Family. Is it possible that because of this none of my other accounts can see YT Premium at all?

    • I have the same issue.
      Tried delete profile, readd profile for family member in Argentina, reinvite etc. still does not work.
      Not sure if it is because of free trail.

  • I logged in to an old unloved Gmail account from Argentina - thx to VPN. Added cc for pymt and got YouTube premium.

    Good news is I can now see YouTube Premium on my Samsung. Bad news is my region is now set to Argentina and I can't download Seven+ because it's not available in my new country.

    Was my region supposed to change to Argentina?

    • Maybe that account had not been connected to the play store before so region automatically defaulted to Argentina when you subscribed to YouTube premium? Once I wanted to access the Korean play store and connected an old unused account to the play store while on Korean VPN and was successful. Just checked and that account's region is still set to Korea.

      You can just use your usual account on the play store to download Australian apps, that account would still be set to Australia. Just like how my usual account is still set to Australia. You can easily change the account within the play store app.

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