Get $200 Cashback on CommBank Low Fee Credit Card ($1000 Minimum Spend within 90 Days), $0 First Year Annual Fee @ CommBank


Low Fee credit card

$0 annual fee in the first year and subsequent years when you spend $1,000
19.74% p.a. purchase interest rate
Minimum credit limit of $500

To be eligible for the $200 cashback on a new Low Fee card, you need to spend at least $1,000 on purchases (not including balance transfers and cash advances) using your new card within 90 days of activation. Cashback will be credited within 90 days of you meeting the spend criteria and will appear on your statement as ‘CASHBACK $200’.

Cashback only available on one credit card per customer. You will be ineligible for the cashback if your account is closed, switched to another card or in default at any time prior to the cashback being credited to your account. We reserve the right to close the offer prior to 31/10/2022.

  1. The annual fee is waived in the first year and every subsequent year if you spend at least $1,000 in the previous year. Spend includes all purchases and cash advances fully processed in that year (excludes pending transactions) minus any refunds.

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      • +1

        That much? Rent itself would be covering most of these cards' minimum spend requirements.

        • Don't rent. Still living at my parent's basement. With government bills, some don't allow it like Citibank

          • +1

            @CosmicP: This isn't the deal for you then.

  • +4

    Application not successful…wth! Never had application rejected before and salary also meeting requirements
    Anyone had this experience?

    • Just wondering what salary did you input? Getting worried now as I’m on 60k and no response yet.

      • 100

      • I just put in 60k and got rejected.

    • How long did it take for the reply?

    • +3

      yep, rejected before a credit check even done thankfully

      never been able to get a commbank or bankwest card, i must be on a shi!tlist

    • -6

      expect large interest increases thank all labor voters for that!

      • +1

        Far out a few people getting rejected, not sure if I should apply now

        • -2

          Keep trying! The communists are very good at removing irresponsible lending laws! But beware if you ever own property they will get you by the ba…(if you have)

    • +2

      same! I wonder if too many people have applied and they've decided to pause applications until they can remove the 200 cashback

    • +2

      Mine too! Just applied and instant rejection. Unbelievable. I got the ANZ black card last year for the giftcards.

      • +1

        Same. Just close my ANZ Platinum card but then this gold low fee credit from CBA was rejected :(

  • +2

    rejected straight away! Would they have done a credit check? Because i have always paid bills on time

  • Can you get this credit card if you are a university student without any income?

    • Highly doubt it - especially after the 2017 investigation how banks were easily handout CC like lollies.

  • Anyone know if Zip repayments count towards the $1000?

    • Interested in this and Bundll and ATO

  • Buy 》consume 》churn

    • more like

      book :: points :: cancel :; refund

  • +2

    Also failed. Never had any problems before. Maybe it is because I am now an aged pensioner.

  • I know that it isn't the Ozb way to pay fees, but if you get desperate to reach your spend, and you shop at Aldi, then spend the amount needed on Aldi Gift Cards. 0.5% fee will be a max of $5 on $1,000. And no fees when spending the Aldi Gift Cards.

    • +2

      Just buy any gift cards through Woolworths mobile (up to 5% off) or Afterpay or shopback.
      Why specifically Aldi ?

      • +1

        It was just a suggestion. But "yep I agree with yours too".

  • Does it work if I buy 1k item and return it for a refund and get the money back from the store of purchase, do I still get the $200 back?

    • If you can get the refund on a different card, why not

    • +1

      risky if you cant refund

      • i’ve had refunds go through to closed card many times no problems

  • Did anyone's application disappear? Can't find it in the app or on the website anymore

  • Does this work for existing commbank customers? I keep reading and can’t find the answer

    • Yes.

    • yes and no.

      Offer not available on all other card types (including Low Fee Gold), existing cards, switches from other card types, and new Low Fee credit cards if you currently hold, or have held, any Low Fee card type in the 12 months prior.

      • Ok but sounds like it works for cba bank accounts

  • Can you get this one and the $300 cashback one?

    Edit: Won't be able to get both within the 12 months period.

  • damn sucks for being with commbank :( not eligible if you held any low fee card in the past 12 months.

  • -1

    I already have a commbank low fee card, am I still eligible ?

  • +3

    Terrible experience with CBA application process

    • +2

      Same here, no idea where my application went. Have to send documents by emails, wtf, can't they have secure upload through app / website?

      • +1

        Yes if the documents name is too long it doesn't up load. They requesting documents like interest statements wtf. Each time they request a new item they sit on it for 4 days…

    • Yep, it's been pretty bad. They've called me multiple times requesting documents that I've already sent, then they called again and asked me to come in to a branch to prove my identity, so I did, after three more days all that happened is that emailed again with the "submit these documents and visit a branch", both of which I've already done.

  • Signing up wasn't too hard but it's been about a week and no signs up proper approval or getting the card. How long is it supposed to take?

    • Yeah I’m waiting too. It says “save and submit later” but also says “application submitted”. Confusion.

      • +1

        got conditionally approved, been 4 days now no response.

    • It's been more than a week now, no contact from cba since the sign up day. Also, my proof of income documents do not show up o. The documents check page anymore??

      • I got a credit check notification for 13/06, but nothing yet.

        I tried to log into netbank and it failed driver license validation, even though it worked on my pc before. maybe thats causing the holdup.


        • My id check went through on the first day so you're even more behind than the rest of us.

          • @AusBargains: Mine did too on my pc. But when I registered on the mobile app, it asked for it again and failed.

            Anyway, I called them and looks like I have to go to a branch to verify ID.

            • @kehuehue: Good luck mate

              • @AusBargains: Got my card, was in the mail. Didnt even have to go to the branch to verify. The app wouldnt let me in still because of ID verification failing, but activated the card on the website, then the app let me through.

    • I got my card last week, no email about approval, just saw the card pending to activate on my app.

  • +2

    Absolute shit show.

    Applied, was asked for further documents. Sent them. Long wait. They called me saying I'd have to come in to branch. I did. Another week. They called again, saying I needed to submit documents and come in to branch. I explained that I had already done both. They initially didn't believe me, then found that they did indeed have the documents, then said that the staff in the branch didn't verify my ID correctly and that I'd have to come in again anyway. I told them to sort it out on their end. They agreed, said they'd follow up with the relevant team and get it processed.

    Another two weeks. Got a call from one of their quite confused staff asking me where my application was up to. I explained the whole situation again. Puts me on hold. Tells me that my application has been "closed" (not approved, not rejected) because their fraud team wanted to see the documents but nobody at the bank ever sent them to them. He confirmed that I'd done everything correctly and that the problem was entirely on their end. He said they still couldn't do anything about it and if I wanted the card they'd have to start a new application, with documents sent again and me coming into branch again.

    I gave up. Ridiculously inept people.

    • +1

      Same here, gave up. Hopefully didn't waste as much time, my application disappeared after a week providing documents.

  • is it hard to cancel it after I get the $200?

    • No, just a few clicks.

      • I thought I have to call them and cancel.
        Can we do it online?

  • Please reply if you get the $200 cashback and how long it was after you did the $1500 requirement

    • just needed to spend the $1k. Waited about 2 weeks after I spent it to get the $200

  • Anyone else getting:
    Something's gone wrong.
    Try again later or drop in to your nearest CommBank branch and complete your application there instead.

  • Once I get the cashback, can I transfer it out to another account and then close the account? Will that count as a cash advance?

    • +1

      It's possible if CommBank let do that - some don't.
      Yes it'll cash advance.

  • Numbers look good except the 3% foreign currency fee.
    Kinda kills the deal for me given most of my big purchases are through places that process the transaction offshore (even if they charge in AUD).

  • Took a little while for them to approve mine, I earned my $200 on this one, but it worked in the end. Just paid off and closed the account. Will do it all over again next year!

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