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45% off RRP Samsung Q70B QLED TVs: 55" $1154.45, 65" $1429.45, 75" $1924.45, 85" $2914.45 Delivered @ Selected Samsung EPP


Samsung Q70B qled tv for sale on Samsung epp site for 45% off.

55inch $1154.45
65 inch $1429.45
75inch $1924.45
85inch $2914.45


Mod Note: an account from the following corporate partners is required (Prices may vary between corporate partners)

Do not comment asking for access or to purchase the item off another member, use the wanted section of the classifieds. Members who have access and are willing to assist other OzBargainers, please see that wanted section of the classifieds. Whilst we appreciate members offering to help in the comments, it is open to abuse and some members offering to help are actually attempting to resell for profit/a fee when contacted privately, we'll therefore remove all those comments as such.

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  • +15

    Tell em the price son, in title

    • +2

      Done mate

      • Maybe add a Price & TV to the title

      • +1

        45% off isn’t a price

  • -1

    To login in to the ANZ Samsung Store, you need to be an employee of ANZ and have a Samsung account.

    • -1

      If so, no deal then. darn~

  • +1

    looks like a great deal.

  • Samsung edu price the same? This model will work with xbox game pass without a console.

      • +6

        That is a good deal, if you can get it, it's showing 22% off for my EPP login, clearly targeted.

  • +6

    EPP companies from older post https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/444228

    Use the links from that post

    • Accenture(shop.samsung.com)
    • ANZ(shop.samsung.com)
    • Australian Government(shop.samsung.com)
    • Australia Post(shop.samsung.com)
    • Coles(shop.samsung.com)
    • Downer(shop.samsung.com)
    • Microsoft(shop.samsung.com)
    • NAB(shop.samsung.com)
    • NBN(shop.samsung.com)
    • Optus(shop.samsung.com)
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers (shop.samsung.com)
    • Rebel(shop.samsung.com)
    • Qantas(shop.samsung.com)
    • Samsung(shop.samsung.com)
    • Sydney Opera House(shop.samsung.com)
    • Vodafone(shop.samsung.com)
    • Westpac(shop.samsung.com)
    • Woolworths(shop.samsung.com)
  • +2

    Bugger, only 22% on Gov EPP for me. Good deal for those who can get it at this price though!

    • I could not see on my Gov EPP. Mine is still showing $5,299. :(

  • +3

    I can confirm the price is same in the Westpac portal as well

  • How will be their delivery and service considering the issues posted regarding EPP in past?

    • Personally, I wouldn’t order from Samsung EPP

      • Why not?

        • I know a few people who have been waiting months for refunds, and also still waiting for delivery of their items (ranges from TV’s, to fridges, to phones) ordered earlier this year.

      • +1

        I've ordered 2 phones from Samsung EPP, both arrived within days. One was a preorder and arrived earlier then stated. Just my experience, but so far it's been just as good.

    • My EPP order delivered on the requested date. Dates were 4 weeks out when ordering.

    • I did one recently( TV 65'), came through nicely without delay

  • 22% only via Coles EPP

    • I know how lame

  • 45% via BMW EPP

  • Would this be a good buy compared to a Sony x85j?probably is.

    • The good thing about the Sony's is that they use Google TV which I wish was universally adopted across all TV's. By far the best interface. For picture quality, check RTings.

  • Logged in on Aus Gov, Education and Corporate EPP and all my available stores are showing 22% off. Not 45%
    Must be a targeted deal.

  • +1

    Does this one have unremovable ads and send your viewing data to Samsung?

    • +1

      Anything is removable with a PiHole. I stopped all recommendations and ads on my LG C1 with one

  • Bought one, great price. Cheers OP

    • Which EPP was it available at?

    • Which company’s EPP you used mate?

      • ANZ

  • How do they ask you about employment status. I work for health department, does it count as au gov employee?

    • You need an email ending in .gov.au for Aus Govt

      • Great! I have that

        • Gov EPP is only 22% for this deal

          • @Sparky: I can’t even find this tv on the website…

            • @2hit6: Find it , only 22%. Pass pass pass

    • email address

    • you have to register with a gov email

  • Brilliant, works and I not targeted. I work for one of the places listed above and worked fine

    • huh?

      • As in it's not targeted per se. I work for one of the listed corporate sites and it was already discounted

        • how is it not targeted? only some people get the discount

    • Which EPP store was it available at 45%?

  • Not working for me :(

  • +2

    Maybe MOD/OP:

    Can you update companies showing 45%.

    My Aus Gov is not showing anything.

    • may be 45% for SEP

      • sorry SEP?

        • +1

          Samsung employee program

  • Prices are different for coles member price what a ripoff

    Only 22% off

  • Nothing for health workers….typical…

    • +1

      Not true. You are getting a bonus $3000 from 1st of July as thanks.

      • +1

        …after years of wage freezes. 3k (for me) isn't even close to CPI over the last year or 3.

  • How does this tv compare to the Sony model range?

  • Thanks OP grabbed a 65” for a spare through the Accenture portal

    • Welcome. It’s a shame none of the retailers are stocking this model in the stores. I bought a 75inch

      • How much was delivery?

      • It's back in stock

  • Are these new models and will it have access to the Xbox app to stream games ?

  • Just noticed the Australian Government is now crossed out from the list :(

    Unfortunately, only showing 22% off. Such a shame since I've purchased quite a few things through the EPP in the past and always had a good experience.

  • +1

    Oh qled. I thought it was oled. Now if this was Neo qled it would be a bargain.

  • good deal. thanks op!

  • 45% off for CBA as well

  • How are these compared to Sony in the other thread?


    A quick google didn't yield anything for Q70B. See this one for Q70A

    • Yeah I'm trying to work out the same thing. Q70a vs b.. b is newer though that doesn't always mean better

  • +1

    Thanks OP bought from the Optus store

  • No good for Coles only 22%

  • +1

    65 and 85 already sold out.

    I just ordered 75 via Accenture Aus.

    • +1

      Yeah even 75inch says out of stock. Only 55 inch left.

      • This, hoping they add more stock soon

      • Damn. Any idea if they’ve been adding more stock and/or any other good TV offers available?

  • -2

    So to clarify, you need to be an employee of one of these places? Or if there a workaround?

    • No workaround. Need a valid email address to verify employment.

  • 75 inch back in stock, just ordered one.

  • Got one thanks Op! Hopefully it arrives in time to watch the Socceroos in Qatar!

  • Got a 65 through the Telstra Samsung portal

    BTW they are all back in stock again this morning

    Free delivery, mine is scheduled for 16th.

  • +1

    Thanks bought 85 inch via Westpac portal now that back in stock.

  • Got mine as well 65 and 75 they all are now back in stock

    • Is 85" Q70B for $2900? its showing 4100 for me

  • What is the price for 75" Neo QN85B?

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