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Apple TV $39 Diablo III $20 Flip Flop $1 Amazon Kindle $59 Silver Bracelet $10 1TB HD $49 @COTD


I got an email from Scoopon confirming the COTD flash sale. Below is the email:

The votes are in, and it's all about to start! Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11AM AEDT, we'll be launching the latest edition of our "FLASH SALE" (our popular hour-by-hour sale where the products are decided by our customers). Simply enter the Catch of the Day site at 11 AM AEDT and we will be featuring 12 deals, one deal per hour on the hour. Here are some of the featured deals:

Apple TV – Just $39
Diablo III – Just $20
Traditional Black Havaianas – Just $1
Pandora Silver Bracelet – Just $10
WD 1TB Hard Drive - Just $49
Amazon Kindle - Just $59
and 6 more fabulous deals!

Remember, this is a members only promotion and as such you will be required to login to gain access. Also note that as always, the quantities on the flash sales are strictly limited and vary from deal to deal. We advise that anyone who may find a few server crashes or waiting around too stressful to give this event a miss. It gets pretty crowded, but there's always outstanding value in this amazingly democratic event!

It seem that they will be doing 1 deal/hour. I am not sure if its by the most popular order first or not.

If yes then it will be Diablo 3 from 11am-12am, then the Apple TV > WD 1TB Hard Drive > Amazon Kindle> Pandora Silver Bracelet and lastly $1 flip flop. They also said and 6 more fabulous deal, so may be they will might be doing the next 6 popular as well.
Good price but stock is limited and the server may crash. If you dont have the time or patient then just give it a miss as they suggested, dont go for it and then complain that they wasted your time. If you do have time and patient then good luck getting a great bargain.

Mod: Please let me remind you again the Voting Guidelines of OzBargain, especially regarding to the negative votes. We will revoke votes that do not have valid reason.

Not Okay —

COTD sucks

Okay —

  • Bait advertising — requirement membership but no stock
  • COTD's server crashes when I am trying to complete the transaction.
  • Their website is no usable.
  • Quantity is too limited to be called a deal.

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  • Digital Set Top Box $9.95 + $9.95 Shipping

    • WTF

  • +1

    lol digital set top box 9.95

  • +1

    Digital set top box?? Not even apple tv

  • +2

    WOW must be one of the other fabulous deals!

  • 55555555~ still not Diablo 3. i need wait for another hour. the cheapest one comes first!

  • +4

    God, the deals suck sooooo bad. Can't belive they suckered me into this.

  • +1

    By the way I only '+' the deal as I appreciated the OP letting us know some what deals would be as this was my first time checking out COTD (so I can aware of what all this talk is about) ….

    …it could well be the last too lol!

  • +1

    And down it goes again like a hooker after a tip at the cross.

  • diablo 3

  • Diablo 3 comes!! good

  • Diablo III is up

  • Diablo III for PC
    Don't pay full price - today just $20!
    The smash hit Diablo returns with the latest amazing instalment!
    You will receive either one hard copy or one digital copy.
    Please Note: Because of massive demand, please allow for 7-10 business days for delivery.
    Diablo III is the latest title in this hugely popular PC series, and one of the most anticipated games ever. It’s been twenty years since the Prime Evils were defeated and banished from the world of Sanctuary. Return to where it all began and investigate rumors of a fallen star, for this is the first sign of evil’s rebirth, and an omen that the End Times have begun. Created by PC gaming legends Blizzard, fantastic role playing gaming and countless hours of riveting action is assured!
    Third title in the renowned Diablo series
    Classic hack n’ slash action gaming
    Play single player or online multiplayer
    Investigate rumors of a fallen star in this fantastic journey
    Developed by Blizzard
    PC Version
    Rated MA15+
    You will receive either one hard copy or one digital copy.

  • can't even get in.

    keep getting server full page

  • sold out in 2 minutes

  • +1


  • +2

    Selling digital copies as well so they shouldnt run out of stock, provided it is the actual full version of the game

    • +2

      artificial scarcity is a bitch

    • +2

      pissed if you pay for shipping on a digital copy

  • +1

    sold out already…

    • kidding…. Website not working~ :(

  • sold out

  • +2

    I had one in my cart but it logged me out!!!!!!!!

  • Another Adult Unisex Havaianas - Black / White…
    Give me a break…

    even by the time we posted in OZbargain that diablo 3 is up…

  • +1

    sold out
    Way too little stock

  • +2

    they probably only had 2 copies of diablo 3

    • Diablo x III

  • Sold out in a page refresh….is that even possible?

  • +3

    I refreshed my page the second it was 1pm and then it crashed and then told me it was sold out within a couple of minutes.
    These deals are competitions therefore not a bargain therefore shouldn't be in deals.

  • +4

    LOL i got one!
    i was using laptop and the iphone app to try get in
    iphone app ended up getting me through and completed the order in literally 2 seconds just clicked next next next with all saved details

    • +2

      Congrats! You managed to score the copy they had!!

    • +1

      You sure? Check your email

      • yeah i received the confirmation email, same one i got for the thongs -____-
        im just hoping they dont send a follow up fail email

        • +3

          Maybe we all had to buy the THONGS first to be eligible for a D3?

        • +3

          why the hell did you buy the thongs? any saving you got for diablo was wasted on the thongs.


    • congrats hope you don't get error 3006

    • +1


    • +1

      you must have been the lucky person to score the single copy up for grabs

    • just wondering, did you pay using your credit card or paypal?

    • He's the one who blocked all of us! GET HIM, BOYS! :)

    • I got a copy of D3 as well. I was using the iPhone app on the iPad and it was smooth as. They must have separate servers or gateways to handle the apps as I am having enough trouble at the moment just refreshing the non-bargain page there now advertising the other sites (hardly counts as a bargain for this hour).
      Didn't read that it might be a digital copy and paid $7.95 for shipping. Oh.. paid via credit card.
      I know I'll be firing up the app again for the next rollover of the hour.

    • I'll believe it when I see it, upload a photo…

  • +2

    COTD is rubbish. This was my first time on the site, I created an account this morning, logged in 2mins before 1PM, waited for diablo, hit purchase, checkout… then WHAM! login again please, so i did, then 'cart empty' at 1.03. sorry sold out now, bye bye.

    I'll never bother with these guys again.

  • DIABLO 3 $20 1pm-2pm + shipping.. will recieve either 1 hard copy or a digital download.. luck of the draw.. 7-10 days for delivery

    • +1

      Don't you mean, 1pm-1.01pm?

  • i got one… I think? Does an email confirmation come or what?

    • yes, I have got charged before but no order on there(COTD) side so they just gave me a refund

    • I got an email confirmation @ 1:02, so I assume if you haven't got one yet, then you have troubles.

    • EMAIL Y U NO ARRIVE?? Don't know why i'm getting all excited for. It's not even for me.

      • check to see what the myaccount for recent orders

      • I'm a little apprehensive posting this but i've just got the confirmation email. :D
        Thanks aacheney!

  • I was logged in and had it in my cart. Then it logged me out, so I had to sign back in and it sent me to server full page. Quality.

  • +1

    Unfortunately the following order has not been processed due to a communication error. Your Credit Card account has NOT been charged.

    To continue with your purchase,  please place a new order on the website.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • Seriously…. do you guys reckon anybody actually bought one?

    I believe they probably use these 'popular' deals to lure the fish in so they can see if they can catch anyone purchasing their flip flops…. as all you see after the page refresh are those (now those wont be sold out anytime soon!)

    Edit: wow cant believe mrjk got one!! lucky fish!

    • mrjk, when your diablo3 arrives, could you please let us know if you got a standard version or a starter version?


      • will do :)

    • +1

      They'll probably advertise they they sold 1000's of them.

  • +1

    no wonder people hate COTD, this is complete BS

    • +2

      Its funny how people "hate" COTD but they get so much traffic and sell so many millions of dollars worth of gear every week.
      I guess its a love hate relationship.

  • +2

    By the time I refreshed the page successfully after 1pm, diablo 3 was already sold out. Obviously very limited stock.

  • +2

    This is an absolute joke, sold out in seconds, servers that go down like presidential interns…

  • Surprise. Surprise. The COTD site is having a meltdown.

  • +4

    Probably brought 6 copies or so from the local JB or EB games, advertise for 20 bucks as a loss leader so they can sell the other shit they have.

    Quick! someone should tell today tonight and ACA about it

    • +1

      I would be curious to see if somebody actually manage to bought one. Let's face it the price is unreal for Diablo, Apple TV or Kindle.

  • +1

    Whats even more annoying is that they have the balls to post this on their twitter

    Over 33,000 Visitors are checking us every second! Viva la Online Shopping!

  • Does anyone know what version of Apple TV they will be selling?

    • +1

      probably the original one.

      • That wouldn't matter as it would be for a spare TV and will probably JB it.

        • -1

          PS: sorry Apple if I swore!

    • +3

      That set top box was the "apple" tv

      • hahah! Gold!

    • the question you should be asking first is…..Do I have a chance of actually getting one Apple TV out of one they have in stock?

  • +2

    Really waste of time and too few copies to call it a deal!

  • +1

    and Next on Crash of The Day is…………..

    • +10


      • +2

        are they serious?

      • +1

        Jeeezuz, really?
        And I thought you were joking.
        Nice work COTD.

      • me too

      • +2

        spam of the day

      • +2

        Fool me once, shame on…. shame on you. Fool me…. you can't get fooled again!

      • Honestly, there are no different between Ads!, $20 Top Box, or even $7 Thongs…at least the Ads gave us a laugh, ROFL!!!

  • +5

    I am unsusbcribing from COTD and Scoopon. Just sticking with ozbargain.

  • D3 bait advertising just to get the hit counter flowing. Not to mention the page hasntl loaded for me in the last 30 m.

  • +2

    Big NEG to LIARS from COTD. What kind of rubbish deals (Grocery.com.au??? Not even in the items we voted). Why are they still around for business? Cheater Of The DAY!!!

  • +3

    yeh this shit is bogus. site locked up on the diablo sale, when it loaded finally it was sold out. load of shit.

  • caribee titan 2 tent

  • +3

    Caribee Titan2 Complete Camping Set $39.95 + Shipping