Test Driving an Unregistered and Uninsured Car

Just wondering how I can go about test driving an uninsured vehicle. I know I can get an unregistered vehicle permit, but it is the third-party risk I am looking at, in case something happened on the test drive.
Already checked my comprehensive car insurance which does not have docc (driving other cars cover), which apparently is a very rare inclusion anyway.
Other than arranging insurance and then cancelling it after a day, is there another option?


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      Trying to work out the point of your post ….
      Why am I test driving a car?
      Why is it unregistered?
      Why do I want insurance?
      Why am I wasting time replying to this?

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    The probability of something happening is low.

    The impact if something happens ranges between low and very high.

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    An unregistered vehicle permit does not cover “test drives”. They cover moving the vehicle from point A to point B.

    I’m pretty sure insurance also won’t cover an unregistered vehicle, so no point doing the whole “buy and cancel” routine if it is also unregistered.

    If you can’t road test it, then get someone to do a mechanical check on it or get it taken to a local mechanic to do an inspection on it.

    • Nothing specifically stops a UVP being used for a test drive, there are ways of even avoiding that, but as I have clearly stated my intentions, other methods me be considered fraud and would have my post removed, just trying to do things legally.

      • If you are correct then go for it.

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          But that only covers third party injury, not property.

          In other countries temporary insurance is a very common thing, but as usual, Australia is so stuck in the past and insurers are too scared to rock the boat by offering other options.

          • @singlemalt72:

            In other countries temporary insurance

            They all offer it here.

            • @deme: Not for unregistered cars.

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                @brendanm: Unregistered Vehicle Permits are not for test driving.

                • @deme: Op wants insurance for an unregistered vehicle, to drive on the road. He can't get it.

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                    @brendanm: Did you just reword what I wrote?

                    You can get temporary insurance and you can't use an unregistered vehicle permit for test driving.

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                      You can get temporary insurance

                      Not for unregistered cars, which is what op wants.

            • @deme: Feel free to share a link then ….. Ive checked around and even on insurance comparison sites that talk specifically about temporary insurance and how it is not offered here.

              • @singlemalt72: Deme is correct, there is temporary insurance, it's even free, just not for unregistered cars.

      • Maybe you do things differently over there in the east, but here in WA it's called a temporary moving permit and it only allows you to move an unregistered vehicle from point A to point B to either get it registered or for repairs to enable it to get registered, nothing else. This is why you have to specify every single road you intend on taking to get to your destination.

        These terms are clearly explained when you apply for the temp moving permit. yet people still try to act stupid if they get pulled over by the police, particularly when they're nowhere near where they claimed they were going. There's a pretty good chance you won't get caught however.

        Either way if you want to do the right thing keep it off public roads.

        • Obviously different in WA, you dont even need a UVP to drive for the purposes of registration (obtain blueslip, obtsai registration) here.

  • if it's a test drive, i honestly wouldn't bother. just drive like a grandma, it won't last that long anyway, it's a test drive.

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      Until you have a fender bender with an expensive car, or get done by the cops and face 2K in fines and lost points.

      This is why there are so many idiots on this forum posting "Got into accident, no insurance -what can I do" .

      FWIW I dont give a rats ass what risks others would be prepared to take. I am not.

      • i can't remember the last time i saw a post about someone getting into a fender bender without insurance, it all seems to be that they chose expensive excesses to lower their premiums and they actually got into an accident, much to their surprise, and now they don't want to pay a huge excess. or they forgot to get the other parties details, agreed to a cash settlement to avoid insurance and now the other party doesn't want to pay or is ghosting, etc.

        if you are that bad of a driver that you can't trust yourself on a test drive, i guess you really do need the insurance. maybe get the guy who owns the car to buy it and reimburse him? or get it towed on a trailer to a carpark.

        • And this is why we can't have nice things.

  • Just wondering how I can go about test driving an uninsured vehicle.

    Call RMS

    • I know the RMS requirements, it is the insurance (TPP) I am asking.

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        Judging by this thread you don't

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          UVP valid for driving from point A to point B and return to point A. Sounds like a test drive to me, but you are welcome to tell me where it is verboten with your superior knowlege.


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            @singlemalt72: Call them and stop annoying !

            To apply by phone, please call 13 22 13launch and have these documents ready:

            completed Application for Unregistered Vehicle Permit (PDF, 300.15 KB)
            proof of your identitylaunch
            completed Vehicle Suitable for Safe Use Declaration (PDF, 355.96 KB)
            permit and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance fee.

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                @singlemalt72: Can't take the heat, don't post.

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                  @cameldownunder: I feel bad for the RMS employee that has to take singlemalt72's call.

                  RMS: So you can't do that
                  RMS: Calm down what's your question?
                  RMS: Sir this is a Wendys.

  • Just drive it, it's what I do.

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    If something happens…that would be you in your profile photo.

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    What sort of car?

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      • Not really, if it's a high value car then it's not worth the risk. If it's a junker, then sure take other peoples lives at risk willy nilly. Who cares if the brakes might fail etc. /s

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      I've just realised this is the op from the grays online buying thread, so it's likely some old $600 french shitbox.

  • Get the current owner to take it to some private property that has no other cars in it and test it there.

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    Ooh did you buy the shitbox?

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      Good pickup.

      I liked this line from that thread.

      My decisions, my problems, I require no advice on buying cars, thanks.

      Seems OP may not be that well versed in buying junkers after all.

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    As a mechanic I have a NSW trade plate that allows me to drive any unregistered car. All I have to do is hang the plate on the back. Never had any trouble with it.

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    I see you have two options.

    1. Just drive it unregistered. Don’t take it on major roads, drive ultra careful.
    2. Find another car to buy

    I’d likely just test drive it on quiet streets away from other vehicles - but only if it’s a great bargain and/or rare car. It’s not wise that the risk if it’s currently located on a busy road with no way of quickly getting to some quiet streets.

    • nah take major roads and speed and do donuts

      its uninsured, no plates, untrackable!

      its a ghost car! leave lights off too

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    You can be the best driver in the world but there are a lot of bad drivers out there your insuring against them unless you live in a very quite rural area not worth the risk.

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    Upload a link so we can check the tyre tread depth for you.

  • Realistically its a 100% risk situation

    I wouldn't say don't do it, just know that if something goes wrong you're definitely in a pickle

    I've done it before, just be super careful and try to avoid driving in anywhere remotely busy

  • Paddock bomb… Donut time!

  • if anything happens, you're 100% exposed to risk of liability

    Proceed accordingly

  • Tow it to a racetrack and drive it there.

  • pick it up on trailer take to privite property.
    Take mechnic with you he should be able to spot some issues.
    Likely its a low value car so take a risk if it worth it.
    Know common issue and check them if its adverage in those areas chances are car is adverage in other areas.
    Put car on axle stands if need be and run it.
    Look at car its easy to tell of car has been patched or stuff has been hidden. EG one side of the block near a gasket has been cleaned to death while rest of engine bay has been just quickly cleaned.
    Check for dates on window for servicing and in log books tyres will also have a manufacture date on them.

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