What Game Would You Like Turned into a Series/Movie?

As the subject asks - What game would you like turned into a series/movie?

Horizon Zero Dawn - The Last of Us - Final Fantasy (preferably X) are in my top 3.

Historically movie adaptations have been disastrous (Hitman, Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed to name a few), however the Halo series gave me a cautious level of optimism that there's good out there…

Poll Options

  • 15
    Metal Gear Solid
  • 2
    Syphon Filter
  • 18
    Mass Effect
  • 13
    Leisure Suit Larry
  • 1
  • 11
  • 5
  • 6
    Final Fantasy
  • 5
  • 3
    Half Life
  • 7
    Read Dead Redemption
  • 6
    Ghost of Tsushima


  • +9

    The Last of us has a tv series coming soon, be interesting to see if it's any good.. a MGS or Syphon Filter series would be epic

    • I heard they were talking about a MGS series but it got shelved?

      • The worst adaptation of all time was the Mario Brothers Movie, and I say this as a big Leguizamo fan. The Assasin's Creed was a bad movie from any angle. Similar to that Doom movie they did recently and a while back. The Far Cry and Max Payne movie was just weird. I finally saw the Tekken movie and that was pretty bad. The Street Fighter movie was slightly better. The last Mortal Kombat movie sucked, actually they all sucked except the first one. Need for Speed movie was pretty boring too. They really dropped the ball with Uncharted, should've only used TomH as a Young Nathan and do an alternate story. Didn't get a chance to play or watch Warcraft but heard mixed results. The Last of Us series is going to be disappointing. The MGS-Movie has been in production/back-burner for more than 10-Years (don't wait for it, don't watch it). Tomb Raider movies were pretty meh. Hitman 1 wasn't faithful to the series, but it was fine C-movie popcorn stuffer. You have that new Monster Hunter movie and that was a shtishow.

        But I actually liked the non-canon Resident Evil movies with Milla Jovovovic. Detective Pikachu was good, not great, but much better than most of this list. The Prince of Persia movie was great, didn't have much to do with the series but it was a good standalone movie. Rampage movie was pretty good too.

        The best video game movie I have seen was Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Not sure if Pokemon The First Movie counts, as it is an animated movie and not Live-Action.

        • +2

          Why do people reply to top comments with irrelevant comments? Is it so that your comment gets to the top?

          • +2

            @theguyrules: I disagree, it’s a very good game, but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.

            • @ajdj10: I understood that reference, O'Doyle!

      • I would like an MGS series as well only if no one knew what was going on…not even the screenwriters or producers

    • +1

      I feel like the Syphon Filter series has been forgotten about over the years. I had a blast playing them on the PS1

    • +1

      They're doing pre production on the Metal gear movie. Director attached to it directed King Kong : Skull Island. Concept art looked good.

  • A Sleeping Dogs movie was supposed to have come about, with Donnie Yen cast as the lead. Fight scenes would probably be pretty epic, don't know how they would be able to condense the story into the span of 2 hours though. Would definitely watch if it came out, see if they make any interesting references to the game.

    A man who never eats pork buns, is never a whole man!

    • +4

      I thought Sleeping Dogs is already the homage to those HK crime movies in the 90's.

  • +9

    Historically movie adaptations have been disastrous


    the Halo series gave me a cautious level of optimism that there's good out there…


    For all the 'adapting' they did it might as well have been called Starship Troopers: A Love Story. It was a parody of the games and the (already well-written) characters, and had no respect for the existing fans nor the source material.

    As a series I'm sure many people appreciated it, and would have been much better perhaps as a standalone story or even not Halo related at all, but as it stands it was an awful 'adaptation' of a game. There is plenty of existing examples like Halo Landfall as well as countless fan-made videos that capture the feel and atmosphere of the game much better - and certainly didn't cost $10 million USD per episode!!

    • +5

      Man…. I'd really go for a "Starship Troopers: a love story" series.

      • As long as Denise Richards and Dina Meyer can find the fountain of youth an reverse aging I could maybe watch that

  • It was a comic first, but 'The Darkness'

    Would be prime for it especially in this age of super hero movies.

  • +4

    Mass Effect 2

    • +3

      Its called Babylon 5, the TV series from the nineties, which the Mass Effect Trilogy copied almost verbatim with a few name changes

      • +1

        That's it!

        Honestly makes me wanna rewatch the show again. Have you watched recently? does it hold up?

        • +2

          Vfx aged poorly, the story and acting are top notch to this day.

        • +1

          I'm in the middle of rewatching it right now! Nearly at the end of season 3.

          Still a great, great show. The first season is a bit of a slog to get through. It was even back during its original run, and the dated effects etc don't make it any easier now, and there's a lot of one-off stuff that is pretty irrelevant to the wider story arcs which means the good stuff is kind of diluted across that season. But there is still good stuff there, and from season 2 onward it is outstanding.

          I'm a little nervous how season 5 will stand up… from what I recall, it was a bit of a mess early on, felt like JMS was kind of flailing about trying to think of what to do with the season after being forced to wrap up the story in a compressed timeframe with season 4. But the second half of season 5 found a bit of a groove again and turned out alright.

          • @AngusD:

            But the second half of season 5 found a bit of a groove again and turned out alright.

            Thanks to some crim 3D scanning Captain Lochley and providing her body for all sorts of Fantasies in the local Holo!

            Some really classic character personalities in that show.

  • +14
    • +5

      Well, we do have a movie franchise called The Maze Runner, so why not :D

      • +2

        There's also that Battleship movie based on the board game

    • Solitaire?

  • +2

    Sim City for the Super Nintendo. I think it could make a great comedy series.

  • +5


    • -2


    • +2

      Commander Keen?

    • There is a documentary called "Lemmings Can You Dig It" celebrating the 30th anniversary.

  • +1

    Resident Evil was basically horrible after the first one.
    Silent Hill was horrible full stop.
    Uncharted I have not yet seen.

    I would like to see a MechWarrior series or movie.

  • +1

    the mass effect trilogy - Male Shep Story-line ending up with Ashley or Miranda

    • +2

      As per my other comment, Babylon 5 heavily influenced (or the devs outright copied) its storyline for the ME trilogy.

      • it did the 'character development' a hell of a lot better

  • +4

    Halo series gave me a cautious level of optimism that there's good out there…

    Christ… you watched a different Halo TV series to the one I watched. The one I watched made me wish that no other tv studio ever makes another big screen adaption of any beloved video game series… ever.

    Halo was like someone’s version of the game that they overheard someone talking about at work from what they heard their wife tell them that their 12yo kid tell them about on the way to school. The only thing “Halo” about the TV series was the use of the word “Halo.”

    It was so bad that I didn’t even bother wasting bandwidth pirating the remaining episodes because it wasn’t even worth the time to load the torrent file.

    • I haven't watched it but was there at least one mofo in the show called Master Chief?

      • This or this or this or even this are what the Halo TV series should have been like…

        Twilight was a better Halo tv adaption of Halo than what Paramount's Halo was… And yes, Master Chief was in it, but it's like the cheap, off brand, cheap Chinese knock off version of what Master Chief was from the games. Master Chief in the game is a massive mountain of a man. He stands about 6'10" tall. In the TV show, he is about 5'8" tall.

        It was like the studio literally did not even watch a single cut scene from Halo nor even bother to read one of any number of the 100's of thousands of pages of lore from any Halo wiki, nor pick up the phone and even ask someone at Bungie or 343.

        • Other than the iconic Halo opening theme, they didn't use any other soundtrack also.

          Im pretty surprised some high up at Microsoft signed off on this project. Maybe all they can hear is $ cha-ching ringing…

          • @KaTst3R: The low shields alarm sound was pretty spot on for me, and they got cortana in to do her voice acting

        • I agree that they missed the mark, but the actor who played MC is 6'4" IRL, so he's not 5'8". The casting and acting wasn't the best, but they did get Cortana in which added some authenticity. The best episodes are 5 (by far) and 9 (the last one), simply because there are battles in these eps, but admittedly that's when you realise you had to sit through a season of blah to watch a couple of great scenes that everyone came for.

          I have been wondering what the issue is and I think it's a combination of the writing not respecting the source, and probably also budget. If it really cost 10m per ep, I could see the aforementioned 2 eps costing 20M and the rest costing only 5 each. Would be interested to know if anyone had a per ep breakdown of cost.

          Probably Ms signed off on it and then when production started they didn't really have a say.

      • +3

        Masterchef has been on for years now

    • +1

      I think because I only played the first halo I had no pre conceived idea of what to expect. On that basis I enjoyed it and actually look forward to S 2.

      • -1

        I think this bunch of reviews pretty much sums it up.

        In what universe was Master Chief ever going to be a baby sitter for a moody, brooding, angst riddled female teen? Can you please point out where you saw this in Halo CE for me? The acting was cringe worthy and the CG looks like it was done as a Yr.12 multimedia project for their HSC.

        I was hoping that 343 would pull Paramount from wrecking the franchise any further. Maybe in season 2, they might take some of the fan feedback on board and actually read some of the lore and take it a different direction next time around.

      • Yeah I am also looking forward to Season 2. Yes they showed Chiefs face. And I don't like the Kwan character. But there is also a lot of stuff that worked pretty well.

        They havn't really touched any of the storylines of the games yet. I am hoping that they take the feedback of season 1, turn up the intensity/stakes for the fall of reach, Installation 04, The Flood and possibly The Arbiter.

    • +1

      I have not played Halo but I did like Halo Tv series except for kwan part.

      • Yeah she was so annoying. Killed it for me.

    • +2

      The Halo TV show is a generic SCIFI show with Halo branding slapped on it.

  • +2

    Custers Revenge? I'll see myself out..

  • +5

    FF6 🤔

    • Yup. 6 only.

  • -1
  • +15

    Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards ?

    • +1

      Oh hell yes!

    • +3

      You beat me to it! (see what I did there?)

    • I kind of get a Revenge of the Nerds vibe when I think of LSL

    • +4

      Ken sent me

    • +1

      How about a Family Guy spin-off where Quagmire teams up with Larry? Double giggity!

      Back to topic, I want the Borderlands movie NOW! Break into my house and put it on my TV.

    • +2

      Put on condom

      "I do not understand Condom"

      Put on rubber

      Rubber… oh!

  • +7


    • Yeah pretty much all 3 from Blizzard are good, may be 3 movies per game. Diablo, Starcraft and Warcraft.

    • Yeah, I wished they'd make Diablo or Starcraft instead of Warcraft 2. Diablo before Starcraft, and then maybe Warcraft 2.

  • +4


  • +2

    Kingdom Come Deliverance, Dishonored 1 & Nier Replicant are my top 3. I would have said Cyberpunk too but that's already getting an anime adaptation…

  • +4


  • Wing Commander Privateer with a vibe like Firefly/Serenity.

    • +1

      Wing commander felt like a series!

    • I wish they make a new one for this day and age.

  • +5

    Secret of Monkey Island with the cast from Parks and Rec (or possibly Community).

    • I never knew I wanted this until today!!

  • +2


    Tag line: They were a family, now they are monsters…

  • -2

    Not a game but a book. I desperately want Oryx and Crake (maddam) made into a series. Please someone throw a coin into a wishing well somewhere for me.

    • -1

      Do negs realise you can just report someone for an off topic comment AS WELL as neggin them? Then you can get the triggering comment removed and the world will all be ok again.

  • +6


    • You're in luck, Neflix are making a live-action Bioshock movie. Only announced in February so long way off.

      • Not much comfort after knowing Gore Verbinski or Guillermo Del Toro could have helmed it!

  • +3

    None. I don't think games can be properly brought over to to a series / movie. I think gaming is such a unique medium that requires user input. It's not supposed to be passive and that takes away the magic of the story it is trying to tell.

    In a world full of let's play videos or cutscenes compilation, I cannot see how a series or movie would be able to flesh out a story better than playing it yourself or watching someone play the actual game

  • +3


  • +2

    Golden axe

    • Yes! The beasts would be cool.

    • Conan and He-man cover this game well -minus death adder

  • Go fish

  • Uno

  • +1

    Star Control 2

  • +1

    Just Cause
    Waiting… Patiently

    • F*** NO Way! Plenty of crime, underbelly and drug shows on TV as it is.

  • No big desire for any series to be made from a specific video game.

    That being said I loved Arcane, which I put off watching for so long (being a Dota 2 player and thinking a LoL series cannot be good even with great reviews)

  • +4

    Surely Witcher is a good crossover

    • For how much suck netflix puts out the Witcher is surprisingly great. Have to think Henry Cavil had a lot to do with that though…

  • +1

    Starship Titanic would hopefully translate from an average game/novel to funny sci-fi moofie.

  • +7

    Dead or Alive: Volleyball

    • +1

      wasn't that just one scene from top gun?

    • +1

      Not sure how well this would go down with the times. Maybe 2000s when model chics would run e3 Booths

  • +1

    Vampire the masquerade bloodlines or redemption

  • -1

    Lemmings…using Trump supporters as the lemmings.

    • For some reason I see this as a Tom Cruise movie.

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