May Be Homeless in a Few Weeks

So I’m currently unemployed and my landlord is selling - I have four weeks to get out. I’m finding it terribly hard to get a rental in Melbourne.

Im 34, single and live alone ($400 per week). Most equivalent places are $450 per week.

I have $75k in savings and about $25 in crypto (have lost half since the crash).

This entire ordeal of being kicked out has caused a great deal of stress. I don’t want to go through this again, so I’m considering buying but in FNQ.

Im not really sure what to do - take a place in Melbourne for $450 a week, keep trying at employment and save very small amounts once I get a job or look to move to Cairns with the plan to buy in 6 months once I have a steady job. I can get an apartment for 300k there and with 70K savings the repayments will be pretty decent (much less than $450 weekly rent Melb)

I feel like I’m wasting so much money renting but given I can’t get a loan until employed I’m sorta screwed either way. Im also feeling pressured given I could be homeless in a few weeks and feel like I need to accept anything to avoid that even if that means wasting $$ on rent in Melbourne even though I have no intention of buying here given the prices and being single.

If it wasn’t for my pets I’d probably couch surf but I have a lot of household items too.

Any suggestions - I’ve barely been sleeping. Unfortunately I have no family - my mum died last year and I’m estranged from my dad.

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        I very much doubt that
        1. Most independent adults wouldn't dream of living with their parents again
        2. A huge portion of the population here don't even have parents in Australia

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    Come to Perth, huge job shortage here

  • Where are you living where you can't get a place for less than $400?

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    Holy crap, Adelaide now is $300-$400 for a shitty old unit

    50-100 people every open, there isn't even much available. It's so bad, people asking for $200-$300 for rooms, unless you wanna live with 6 people in a dump for $160 a week for a room.

    • I’m glad someone gets it.

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    I work in the advertising industry so can offer some job hunting advice.

    1. Get on Linkedin and make sure your profile is up to date. - Set your profile to 'open to work' or whatever it is and then post a simple message to your connections that you're looking for work and please tag or comment if you know of anyone who needs help in their marketing team.

    2. Make sure your CV & resume is up to date and have it as a seperate PDF to easily upload / send.

    3. LinkedIn jobs section is pretty great resource too, with your profile up to date spend an hour or so searching there each day and apply for any roles that are relevant.
      TIP: LinkedIn shows who the job poster is usually, so send them a personal dm message there to ask questions about the role, show's you're interested and can get a leg up in the hiring process.

    4. Work your network & contacts, hit up people you've worked with in the past and check in with them directly, ask them about work etc and if they know of anyone that needs help.

    5. Contact recruiters on LinkedIn / people you know via email. Tell them your situation and experience and if they have time for a chat to talk about available roles & next steps.

    6. Even picking up a few days freelance here and there will keep your head above water. Work out what your day rate would be / sign up for an ABN / and start working your contacts.

    7. If your role involves specific campaigns / creative - set up a website on squarespace / adobe portfolio and organise your best work into a simple easy to view format.

    Hope that helps mate.

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      Thank you. It does. Appreciate it.

  • Prioritise getting a job asap. Get in touch with recruiters who specialise in your area of expertise. There are so many jobs out there. Businesses are desperate for workers.

  • how are you paying $400 for rent, i was paying $120/room as a student…

    dont give up just keep saving, economy looks like its going down hard and prices should ease

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    Come to Sydney, plenty of jobs.
    Update your CV and pass on your CV to bigg recruiters.

    Find a room on:
    Renting a whole house/apartment for yourself only can be expensive.

    Have a garage sale of some of your old bulky items, donate some as well.
    Plenty of people want donantions.

  • Surely you got more than 4 weeks notice to move?
    Yes it sucks. Moving sucks balls. Being forced to move is even worse. But at least you have some savings and options. Your situation might be bleak but you just need to sit down and figure out what you actually want to do. You could take the risk and move up north, I would have said rent and see if you like it but I think you'll find renting is difficult all over the place. Is $50 extra a week that bad though? It's a job seeker market out there before the mass migration starts up again… now is the time to get another job for sure.

  • $450 for rent sounds expensive. Currently looking myself for a new home to rent.

    Can find entire townhouses to rent around for $400, 25 km from CBD out in the west. (Hoppers Crossing….) Even cheaper if you accept some older property.
    Most likely you can take your pets. They do have good train connections to CBD out there.

  • Melbourne is a dying city that's only going to get worse as pandemic debt suffocates it.

    Get out while you can and go live somewhere nice like FNQ. There's a reason those who can have already left.

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      lol looks like we found a reader

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        Wouldn't I be reading

        Either way. Don't need to, I was one of the thousands that left it last year.

        It's not rocket science what happens when you bankrupt a state and cripple business for two years to stop a mild virus. There's a slow cancer that's going to be apparent over the next few years, no need to argue about it. Enjoy your ghetto.

        • Seems like your one of the low income earners that couldnt afford to live in a decent suburb

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    Hi buddy, I understand everyone has their own difficulties and you of course want to live with you cats. I've got a vacant house to lease in the one of eastern suburbs Melbourne. 19 mins walking distance to a busy shopping centre, grocery shops and local restaurants. It is also close to bus stop and train station. Pets allowed but you you will need to bring your own furniture. It's nowhere to a new house so I am leasing it myself without any agents. I won't need you to provide tons of paper for income or assets proves but of course rent needs to be pre-pay every month in time. Feel free to PM me if you are really keen for a place to live in.

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      Let us know if they message you. It sounds like they are manifesting pretty hard to become homeless.

      • I am not sure about now, but back in 10 years ago when I was renting it was the owners' market. I needed to compete with at least a dozen of other tenants, most agents need a ton of paper from you(bank statement, prove of income and asset, contact reference, etc). For some well renovated and affordable places, you may even need to fill the application upon inspection. If you have pets, you will not be considered at all (again, that was 10 years ago)

        I once had a tenant a few weeks ago when they were kicked out by a motel. They came to me and claim have no place to live. But then they soon moved out because they were not ready for taking a whole house (furniture, utility bills, etc are way too cumbersome for them). Instead of taking a whole house, after they moved out, they moved in a student shared house. For PO's situation, I think it's possible to be "houseless" for someone who don't do life planning in advanced but as long as you have money in the bank, you won't really be homeless.

    • Typo: 10 mins walking distance to a busy shopping centre, grocery shops and local restaurants.

    • Message them directly, they might not see this here.

      • PO is in his penalty box… and on my side shows does not accept new conversation. Good luck to him/her.
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        User Rocksteady99 does not accept new conversations.

    • Hey. This is the OP. I couldn’t message you?

      • Just found the default setting in messaging is not receiving PM. Now should be ok. But are you the PO?

        • Yes — the original account was banned for being a "dupe/ghost" as outlined by the mods in the post.

          Also what does PO stand for? I've only ever seen OP.

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            @gtk: Lol, that's called typo….I've been thinking Post Owner rather than Original Poster.

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    Havent read the other posts. But just wanted to say check out the rural (regional centres).

    Im currently on the verge of selling my house for $130k (in SA). Close to the beach, shopping centre in town, get emersed with a sporting club, drive to work will be 2mins. Jobs will be Mining, engineering, transport (big money for almost no qualifications, or literally none with some). Also retail, education, carers. Save a packet, buy a CBD property for cash down the track. Though fair chance you will never leave. I made the move for just over 10 years. Worked out pretty good. I cant for the life of me work out why people live in the big capitals..they are rubbish in every way.

    • City people is more multicultural and accustomed to diversity thus more comfortable for people of colour, not targeting you but people just don’t understand privileges exist

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        Haha..dude..these areas are populated by people who have entered the country with nothing. From literally everywhere. One of my best mates is an ex detention centre detainee (poor bugga got stitched- his fake passport name was..wait for it…'Michael Jordan'). He had no idea who that was. Nicest bloke you will meet, and I can say I'm best mates with Michael Jordan!

        What you will find is a bunch of people with little mortgage stress, lots of time for sports and community activities, and zero road rage. The cancer rates are massively lower. Also lots of sunny days..and you won't find any gramma police correcting your comment ;)

        The downside is you need to take an extra 45min flight to reach an international airport. Which is fine as everyone has full status from flying so much (disposable income) and get to have an extra drinking stop in the extra lounge. Umm..not many international bands / acts in these areas. But I can say we were Paddleboarding and ran into Eddie Vedder (the real one), as they dropped through and apparently played at the pub for shits and giggles (missed that though). So unique experiences. Carl Barron, Arj Barker etc etc ..we get all them. But a Les Mis performance will be local… actually my missus made me sit through some international ballet performance…just awful!

        Speaking of, honestly think Sydney is just awful..beaches are full and full again. Full of trash. Even if they weren't, they still aren't great beaches. The traffic is just stupid. The harbour looks like toilet water (and you eat by it). Your house prices are mythical figures I didn't even know existed. I guarantee 70% plus would leave if they knew what they are missing.

        There is no housing crisis. $350k will get you a 5 bedder with a pool on a 700m2+ block. $130k will get you a 3 bedroom Duplex. But then these places might get ruined…so maybe let's keep the status quo.

        Melbourne ..well it's just too bloody cold and wet! I sail, Kayak, surf, Kitesurf and Jestki throughout July. Wouldn't be so great in Melbourne. I visited St Kilda.. but couldn't find a decent beach. I do like the snowfields..well played on that one..but they are now doing regional flights to not sure if I need Melbourne anymore. Also there is NZ (Queenstown is via Sydney But can go direct to Auckland and then hop across for $70.

        Op…just get out. Your lungs, skin, eyes, brain and wallet will love it.

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          Mate you seem to have figured out the meaning of life, what you've described is a dream for me. Would you mind if I DM'd you for a chat about how to make it happen?

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    I was in a similar situation in Brisbane recently, the owners decided to sell 4 months after we moved in. We received the notice to leave a week after I unexpectedly lost my job.

    While it was stressful finding a new place in this market while unemployed and not eligible for jobseeker, it is possible. This is how I approached it:
    • I discussed my situation with the property manager at each inspection;
    • I provided proof of my assets and offered to pay six weeks rent in advance with each application (which I submitted the day of inspecting);
    • I followed up with the property manager the day after applying to check whether they had any questions; and
    • I lowered my expectations of what I would be able to get for the same amount of rent.

    I was knocked back on something like 15 applications and inspected more than 25 properties but was approved for somewhere with just a few days to spare. My back up plan was to put everything in storage and either book a short term airbnb or couch surf with friends.

    To be honest, being unemployed (only because I have, like you, a financial safety net) was a benefit in the current rental market. I cannot imagine having had the time to go to inspections and apply for as many properties as I did if I had been working full time.

    It sounds like you may be caught in an unhelpful negative thought cycle because of the stress of your situation. You have savings, you will not be homeless, you may just need to put things in storage and find short term accommodation for a while. Don't give up.

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    Email your CV to me at [email protected] and I will review it if you like. Feel free to anonymise.

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    from op's replies to the most basic of suggestions in this thread, im seriously wondering how he even got this far in life. Even the most basic suggestions seem to blow his mind.

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    You are anything but homeless.
    This post is a slap in the face of ppl who are actually facing financial difficulty.
    If you even get kicked out today, you can ride out the next month in a cheap Airbnb and keep looking for new places. If you don't want to pay 450 rent then try to compromise and move to a studio / shared rental or to a cheaper suburb. With 100k savings you can take a year off and revaulate your career if you want. It's enough to sustain you for a considerable time.

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    Have you got retail experience? I might have a causal role in St Kilda at my hifi store.

    • Hey. I am the OP. Can you message me :)

      • You're the one who's desperate! Instead of telling them to message you, why don't you message them first??


    Probe are looking for people in Melbourne, WFH and other areas: have you looked at them? WFH could suit moving around interstate

    • If you're employed by Probe, expect the pay to be really really bad as they take a huge cut. Better than no job though.

      source: heaps of friends started their career working in several companies as a Probe contractor.

      • Better pay and more reliable surely than stacking shelves at coles for 3.75 hours occasionally

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    what part of melb are you? if south east area. i know a job, start straight away in a customer service based role.

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      Hey. I am the OP. Can you message me. Yes I have vast retail experience.

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    Losing a parent can bring about life-altering change, and often, it will take a long time time for shock to settle.

    Perhaps seek counselling to help cope with your loss and recognise the grieving process. That may be a good first step to then resolve other hurdles.

    Good luck mate and wishing you the very best.

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      This is the OP. Yeah I lost my mum, parter of 4 years at the same time and then a few weeks after Covid hit and I spent two years in lockdown alone.

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        I feel for you. Hang in there.

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    Op, you’re already lucky!

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    You have 75k in savings and I assume you meant to write 25k in crypto not $25?

    Are you taking the piss? You're better off than 70% of Australians.

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      But only 10% of Ozbers

  • Is the issue here that OP is actually living at their parents house (ie. the landlord in the post is their parents), and this will be the first time they've moved out? It would explain the large amount of savings why they're acting so helpless.

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      OP has lost their parents :-(

  • If you can somehow get a mortgage definitely buy. Regional if you plan to work remote would of course save a ton, perhaps check out the Southern Moreton Bay Islands too as land is still dirt cheap there and you're still close-ish to Brisbane.

  • Where are you looking to rent? and what kind of property are you looking to rent? I may be able to help…

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    Mate, you have $75k… There is no way you are going to be homeless in a few weeks, this is ridiculous.

    • Agreed. That's a comfy 10 yrs in Thailand or similar. Take a mid life rest and soak up the sun.

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    There is a worker shortage at the moment. How could anyone be unemployed unless they only wanted their desired role straight away.

  • Have you tried freelancing?

  • Northern suburbs is can be cheaper , around $300/w get you a unit, 350/w for house, 30-40 mins drive from city.

    Job wise, for casual jobs maybe sign up with an agency like Tailored workforce, ASAP, Tusk etc, have lot of them working at my work place. Stepping stone until you get a full time job at your profession.

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    Another ridiculous post, which seems to be a daily occurence here.

    Rent is a necessity in life so I find it funny when people say they are "wasting" money on rent. Unless you have enough cash to buy a property outright, you would have to pay interest on your mortgage. How's that any different to paying rent? Sure, interest you pay maybe more or less depending on how much mortgage you have or how expensive your rent is, but for most people, it's an unavoidable cost of living. If $400/week is too much, find a place to share? You can't be so picky if you want to save money. This whole mindset about "wasting" money on rent is purely based on the assumption that property prices can only go up and it's a fallacy.

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      Yes absolutely right.

      People don't realise when they get a massive mortgage on a owner occupier house, the bank becomes your landlord. Only if you don't pay the bank, its going to be a lot more painful than not paying a human

      Also for the privelege of paying the bank landlord, you have to part with typically hundreds of thousands of dollars known as a deposit + stamp duty + legal costs

      Then people claim the property will go up in value - so what? Are you going to sell, uproot your entire family/memories (which was the reason you bought the PPOR in the first place) and move to another house that has equally gone up?

      Also, how good is it when something goes wrong in your rental property, a phone call to your property manager and you'll have it fixed? Oh and also no council rates/body corp to pay

  • Buying a house won't miraculously give you a better life or the answer to your prayers. You have an incredible amount of savings and paying rent for $450pw can last you quite a while until you find yourself a job. I do not see you have any issues here. Seems to me you just want to live better than the next person.

    • Sorry for not replying. I’ve had to revert back to my original account. I will reply now to everyone. I am not trolling.

      • Hey OP, you will be fine. Keep looking for work but as someone else said you can share house for much cheaper. has pets filter and you can message them to see if cats are alright. If you're short on time, pay for storage or a taxibox until a more permanent solution comes up, all up it shouldn't be any more expensive than what you are currently paying for rent unless you have a tonne of stuff.

        Once your accommodation situation is back on track you can focus more on finding employment.

        Once you're employed you can look at your options for buying a house or relocating. It's perfectly fine to rent until then since you have healthy savings already you are probably financially savvy/responsible.

        Just getting yourself settled bit by bit will really help with the stress.

  • Are you claiming new start from Centrelink?
    How do they feel about you leaving a capital like Melbourne with job opportunities to move to FNQ.
    I know years ago they had a problem with people moving to areas with less opportunities

    • they wont give you newstart with that much in savings

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        This is the OP, I’m getting job seeker.

      • I think you just have to wait longer until you can get it.

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    I stayed in 6 ppl/room hostel for 6 months and share house for a year when I return to Syd from taking two years gap year (I own a house but rented out). If you lower your expectation I think it’s not that hard to find an accomodation.

    • I did that once too. It was a much larger one though. Full of contract workers. You give away some freedoms and comfort but it's not that bad. You can save a tonne of money that way(if you're employed)

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    ops taking the piss. 75k saving and complaining.

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    Without intending to sound patronising, chin up! If you can get past the fear, or FOMO, as a single you have great opportunity - you have freedom. Most of the decisions I make now are heavily influenced by having dependants. And yes there much fear atm for most, but with your savings you will be fine. Think of it as merely another place to stay - the sky is the limit. Go be great - I believe in you!

  • $225 per week studio apartment on Lonsdale St, Melbourne

    Better get in fast. I do not own it but I known the building. Right across the road from Hardware Lane.

    Once you get on your feet look for something else or to buy.

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    why are people still replying to this troll thread, OP has already packed up and gone

  • being unemployed youll fit right in in FNQ - with a finance backgroud you may well be the smartest up there as well :) ——- sorry couldnt help it. Best of luck.

  • Move to Perth housing is cheap :)

    • Yeah I do have family there.

  • This is worse than TMZ

  • Move to Thailand / Philippines and live like a king, do what work you want when you get there.. You can get residency with that amount of savings on hand.

    • I don’t think it’s that easy for Thai, says you need to invest.

      • I looked it up out of interest a while ago and i thought it was reasonably easy as long as you show you can support yourself with a low bar of $40k or something in savings. Could be wrong, i wasn't too serious but it seemed doable.

        • do what work you want when you get there

          You probably won't be living like a king if you're just doing whatever work, pay is horrible there.

      • Shack up with a missus in the Philippines and you can stay there forever - single foreigner you’ll have about 8000 options in your first week lol

  • Anything but homeless. I had to stop working so I couldn’t afford my in laws and had to send them back to china last year and now I have to start working again.

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    Disappointing that with 450$ a week and that much savings you can't find a place— maybe share house or something

    Also disappointing that the mod has deleted your account- i mean what if OP was trying to be anonymous. Anyway.

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      Yup. OzB needs to allow for some anonymity. Not everyone wants to share their dirty laundry and all it does is stifle conversations.

  • dude, you will be fine with that kind of savings. you wouldn't be homeless even if you had only $7500, the worst situation you could end up is living in a share apartment. all the best, and don't be so stressful, go to a pub and enjoy some live music and beer

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    'homeless' when you can literally afford a room in a 5 star hotel for 12months, paying day rates..

    • yes but $75k is nothing in the long run when you're trying to buy a house. If he chews through that money he will have nothing to fall back on in the future.

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    Get on facebook marketplace, buy a van decked out with a sink, bed, diesel heater, solar panel and deep cycle or lithium battery, 12V to 240V inverter, and some have showers and toilets too - but water is obviously limited, so…. look up how to make a composting toilet on youtube for "I don't want to leave the van emergencies" (it separates urine from feces so the toilet doesn't stink like long drop toilets do). Hide it in a cupboard and wire a low power computer fan to draw air through the van to the outside while people are visiting. When people want to visit you drive to a McDonalds first, late night supermarket, etc with a clean toilet. For daily/more frequent use join a 24 hour nationwide gym for their shower and toilet.

    Or similar… buy a caravan and move between caravan parks. (Don't know about VIC but in NSW you can only stay in the same park a number of weeks then have to leave for at least a day before returning.) I frequently see quite nice caravans for sale with a bed, kitchen with a sink, gas oven, and microwave, plus a dining/lounge area, for about $15,000.

    The idea being both options will resell for about the same. In the meantime you're paying cheap rent, can't be evicted, can pack up and go anytime, etc.

    With a van you can also stay in the caravan park, or stay there most of the time (having your mail sent and held there - tell them to hold it), but park on the street as often as you like too for $0. Just don't make it obvious by parking outside someone's house all day, then cooking, meeting your friends, then sleeping all in the same place. Do the active stuff at a public park, beach, etc… then when it's time to sleep go to backstreets or industrial areas.

    Or maybe ask a business, garage, warehouse, etc with its own carpark if they mind you parking there at night, making sure they know you'll be self contained, not leaving rubbish around or sitting outside in fold up chairs, and point out it may help with their security.

    At night blacken out the windows, make sure you can't be seen by just looking through the windscreen, use headphones for TV etc, and never answer if someone knocks… they can't fine you for parking legally if they can't even confirm someone is inside.

    Use the caravan park you stay at one week a month or more, or a friend or relative's address for mail. Use $1 Kogan SIMs for internet, lol.

    Or do the same in a small truck under 4500kg and shorter than 7m, I think it is, which means it only requires a car license. That way you can still park wherever cars can, only you have a lot more room.

    Type "vanlife" into youtube.

  • What's wrong with shared accomodation? I lived in a sharehouse until I was 40. If you can find a room for <$250/week, your savings should last you several years. This is no emergency.

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    I was offered a couple of apartments via a tenancy. I have gone with a 6 month lease which I’m fine with as it seeing this place as a stop gap until I decide where I really want to be with more time up my sleeve to decide.

  • Two words "Only" "Fans" or is it one word?

  • +1

    Also, with $75K in savings you have choices. There are people out there with 9 cents in their account (I know I saw their account yesterday). Your dilemma is 'want' vs 'need'. You can move out further to very cheap accommodation, you can choose to work in a temporary job to tide you over. It is only where you can't cover even the costs of survival that you truly face homelessness. Be thankful that you're not in that position and compromise on your position until you find something better.

  • Why not Adelaide where it is even cheaper???

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