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HP OfficeJet Pro 9010e All-in-One Printer + $50 Bonus Gift Card for $199 (& $50/$100 HP Cashback) + Del ($0 C&C) @ Harvey Norman


Same as https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12199557/redir
Get $50 gift card from Hardly
Get $50 cashback or get $100 if you subscribe to instant ink from HP.
Planning to print 700 photos(edited) in the coming months and downgrading to $1.99 plan(10 pages) in December as long as printer works.

NB- HP is crap and you cant use generic ink
It may end up in landfill if you throw it in bin
You may not be able to use Hardly gift card if you keep looking at Ozbargain

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  • +1

    Who the hell prints 10 pages a month, this is not a bargain

    • +2

      Going to Print 700 pages for first 6 months and the printer need a break then.

    • +1

      This is a bargain if you take into account the following

      $50 gift card
      $100 cashback
      700*6=4200 pages printed in full colour A4 over 6 months. Presume that even with a colour laser and aftermarket toner you'd still be paying at least 10c per page for full photo coverage. So possibly up to $420 worth of printing value.

      • Yeah true, just going off my Big W $60 colour scanner/printer and it’s $22 cartridges that last about 3-4 months

  • So you essentially get $150 back
    Wonder if this printer is any good and how cheap you can get the replacement inks

    • Received $50 gift card from Harvey and HP approved $100 Cashback but need to wait for 20 business days. I think better go for instant subscription as no third party inks allowed. You can then decide $1.99 for 10 pages or $6.99 for 50 pages monthly. If you print more, you should consider Laser.

      • Have you received your cash back yet? Ours got approved on 19th June, 20days later nothing. Emailed them about it on 20th July, response was still processing.

        • Approved on 14th June and received it on 14th July.

    • I picked it up last week, if you print photos it's okish but colour printouts are crisp

    • I am not sure non-genuine cartridges would work in this.

      My older OfficeJet Pro 8740 has been nagging me to update the firmware. I have not and will not on the basis that the firmware notes state that it will block cartridges from third parties.

      Being a much newer model this would surely be baked in.

  • Also is the 6 months in cartridge for free included?

  • Yes, I already received my extra cartridges before trying the ink supplied.

  • +1

    Get a laser printer if you really want to save money.

  • +1

    Just like the last time this deal was posted, I am going to neg it because:
    a) This is going to cost more in the long run compared to laser and generic cartridge supporting printers or even Ecotank ones,
    b) this is will likely end up in landfill after 6 months and,
    c) don’t encourage another service to adopt subscription model.

    • You are basing your assumptions on what evidence?

    • a) It will cost $49 in 20 days for me. I need to scan and copy my documents and I print less than 100 pages for kids-(49+12(1.99x 6)= 61 for first year and $96($1.99 x48) for every 4 year-average from next year.
      Can you suggest any MFC Color Laser printer for $160.
      b) I am going to use as long as it lasts, but it is possible.
      c) I am currently subscribed to monthly phone plan,SIM card provider,electricity, gas,multiple insurance providers ,Deliveroo,eBay,menulog,Amazon, kayo, Netflix Optus, Nbn and internet,Vinnies, cancer care,trade unions, Woolworth delivery service, banking and credit card…..

      • Most people print way more than 100 pages a year. When you factor in cost of cartridges, colour laser or Ecotank printers work out cheaper for average persons print quantity.

        Oh and btw, due to this subscription model, you need an active internet connection and an active subscription in order to print using these HP cartridges (even once you already install them in your printer with ink still remaining).

        You must keep your printer connected to the internet and your shipping address and payment method up to date to avoid service interruption. An active subscription is required for Instant Ink cartridges to print.

      • I print like 50 pages a year but do scan stuff often, if I can scan multiple pages at once then it is a great printer for me

  • Could someone link me what is regarded as the best printer to grab, need to be able to wirelessly print, and need a scanner

  • +1

    hp controls the print quality when you're printing with instant ink, you'll get low res printouts despite the quality you have selected in printer preferences. I've canceled after the first month and saw a clear difference in the print quality. stay away from this!

    • Not true. You get lower quality prints if printing from a mobile device. Use a Windows PC with proper printer drivers and you can max out the print quality.

  • Are the special photo quality papers cost effective or cheaper to go with other printing services?

  • Anyone can recommend a Wireless + Monochrome Laser Printer with small footprint … Just need to print few pages in a month.

    • +1

      Can recommend Brother HL-L2350DW for your criteria. There are similar model in the 2300 series but make sure to get the one ending in DW (D - duplex, W - Wireless).

  • Might be nice for printing photos. Can anyone recommend reasonably priced glossy paper that would work well with this printer?

    • +1

      Any glossy photo paper should work. Just start with a cheap one first to try out. I've used cheap stuff from Amazon and whilst it looks good it was super thin. Fine for framing though. Also used Canon 6*4 paper too.

  • no laser no deal

  • -1

    HP practices have become incredibly predatory in the last couple of years. First inks are extremely expensive and there's multiple dodgy practices HP has been doing (not all applicable to this printer):

    *Printing a "test" sheet every time it's turned on
    *Using ink everytime it's turned on (even if not printing)
    *Blocking third party ink cartridges
    *Not allowing you to scan if you're not signed in.
    *Not allowing you to scan if you're out of ink!
    *Printing out a temporary pincode when setting up wireless access to printer
    *Trying to force users to buy into their subscription service for ink cartridges (overpriced cartridges with delivery charges!)

    Go have a look at reviews for HP printers if you don't believe me…

  • Unsure why this didn't get more hype, basically free printer with unlimited ink for 6 months

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