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Return Flights to Tokyo with a 1 Week Stopover in Fiji. Dep Brisbane $824, Melbourne $868, Sydney $868 on Fiji Airways @ IWTF


Fiji Airways is having a sale on flights to Tokyo, Japan - and you get a week stopover in Fiji! on the way over! Travel in November - December/22 and Feb - March/23. Bags and Meals included. Note, flights from Brisbane have the extended stopover on the way home.

$824 Brisbane to Tokyo+Nadi Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
17/Nov 06/Dec $824 View Flight
17/Nov 07/Dec $824 View Flight
17/Nov 08/Dec $890 View Flight
24/Nov 15/Dec $891 View Flight
09/Feb 02/Mar $891 View Flight
16/Feb 09/Mar $891 View Flight
23/Feb 16/Mar $891 View Flight
01/Dec 22/Dec $941 View Flight

$868 Melbourne (Tullamarine) to Tokyo+Nadi Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
10/Nov 29/Nov $868 View Flight
17/Nov 06/Dec $868 View Flight
24/Nov 13/Dec $869 View Flight
02/Feb 21/Feb $869 View Flight
16/Feb 07/Mar $869 View Flight
23/Feb 14/Mar $869 View Flight
03/Nov 22/Nov $870 View Flight
09/Feb 28/Feb $870 View Flight

$868 Sydney to Tokyo+Nadi Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
09/Feb 28/Feb $868 View Flight
16/Feb 07/Mar $868 View Flight
23/Feb 14/Mar $868 View Flight
02/Mar 21/Mar $868 View Flight
09/Mar 28/Mar $868 View Flight
03/Nov 22/Nov $869 View Flight
17/Nov 06/Dec $966 View Flight

Can I use my own dates? Yes - just click the link closest to your preferred dates and then change the dates once the search has completed.

For this airfare and more, check out our deals site http://iknowthepilot.com.au/

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  • +9

    Aren't Japan's borders still closer though?

    • +25

      Yes. Anyone booking a ticket to Japan right now is gambling.

      • +8

        Alice in Borderland

      • -6

        Why Japan still closed borders? They closed borders to any international arrivals?

        Things are getting back to normal … even Australia opened borders up

        • +31

          Send a DM to Japanese PM

        • +2

          maybe they are tired of the hordes of tourists?

        • +1

          Only open to your groups ATM.

        • +1

          Upper house election on the 25th of July, don't want to spook the public.

          Should open up more soon; events like Japanese Grand Prix coming up soon and having to tight restrictions wont probably go down well with the organisations who run these events. Also with Weak Japanese yen starting to impact economy and have no tourism only makes situation worse.

        • +10

          They are keeping the Gundam they are building a secret

          • +1

            @MagicTsukai: It's hidden in plain sight at Odaiba

        • -13

          The Japs have their own economy and probably doesn't even need tourism, it's not like they have plenty of free land left there…..

        • check jpbargain.com.jp for details

    • +19
    • +3

      No. Group tours are permitted.

      • That's true.

      • +1

        Permitting only tour groups of 4 with draconian like rules means that tour prices are sky high. That's effectly not having any tourism at all.

        • +1

          Group tours are the worst anyway. Though Pyongyang group tour was alright.

    • +2

      nope border opened a few days ago, must be with a tour guide at all times and do PCR test within 2 days of arrival


  • +2

    Yes I booked my jetstar tix yesterday banking on after their election they will announce open borders.

  • Is this a 1 week stopover on the way there, or the way back or both?

    • Click on the linked flights and it shows you. The first Brisbane example is an 8hr layover on the way over and then a 3 day layover on the way back.

  • +2

    Are meals provided for 1 week stopover at Fiji?

    • +8

      Just a box of sugar cane

    • -3

      You're funnier than me, I'm Borat!

  • Any chance that direct flights from Melb via Qantas will be any earlier than Oct?

  • +3

    Been looking at going to Fiji recently. If you’re looking for a bargain, avoid Fiji at all costs. Accommodation costs are eye-wateringly expensive for fairly standard quality.

    • +2

      There are cheap hotels in town, but they're below 'fairly standard quality' and you wouldn't want to stay there. I don't know why I'm saying this as I'd never go to Fiji for a cheap holiday, but if anyone is on the fence, there are budget places to stay, they just suck.

    • I've never stayed on the mainland, but I found the experience in the Yasawa islands excellent.

    • How much a night for two people?

      • -5

        Anywhere from $30 to several thousand I hope that helps

  • +5

    Generic noob question (I've only ever traveled internationally as a kid and the trips were set up via travel agent)..When booking flights this way what resources do you guys use to check you've ticked every box to go into a particular country (eg tourist visas, vaccination etc)

    • -4


    • +10

      SmartTraveller ?

    • +7

      Definitely check out the smarttraveler.gov.au site

    • +7

      Firstly, good on you for asking this question.

      On top of smart traveller, you can also google "entering {country}" or "entering {country} from australia". You usually get the gov official site with all the details.

      Some airlines are also providing information for covid entry requirements like testing before or forms that need to be completed, either prior to boarding or just when you arrive.

    • +1

      Trip Advisor has been very helpful in the past. Just google Trip Advisor Japan Forum

    • +1

      It's a good question and one that can catch out seasoned travellers.

      In 2012 I was working in Hong Kong and decided to go to Taiwan for Easter. It wasn't until I was standing in line at immigration in Taipei airport that I realised I didn't even bother to check whether I needed a visa before arriving…thankfully I didn't (on an Australian passport)!

  • +4

    Note Japan is only open to group tours at present from recognised providers, and you need a pre-organised visa (no visa on arrival at present). And group tours are of course absolute kuso not to mention overpriced.

    Still no sign of them opening for individuals any time soon, so this is a total gamble and one you'll probably lose.

    • Probably?

      • no probably about it your not to be unattended at anytime unless in your hotel room

        • whilst in the shower, but surcharge applies

  • Bought 4 tickets during last deal for March 2023. Gambling that the borders open up by that stage.

    • I've got redemption booking for December. Hoping it's open by then :(

  • +2

    JAL direct flights to Japan please come back :(

    • i hope they do

    • They never stopped

  • I read that as Fuji

  • Will that freebie Qatar Platinum get me lounge on this?

  • Thanks, but how do we find the long stopover? From Brisbane, all I can see is about 11 hours …

  • Classic Perth left out again 😔

  • My flights are cancelled!

    • This is for travel in Nov and next year, still long time, what reasons they cancelled yours? What month is your flight?



        Dear Guest,

        Fiji Airways wishes to advise all guests travelling on our Nadi – Narita - Nadi Services that the following flights from November to December 2022 have been temporarily suspended, as a result of the ongoing border closure constraints placed on travel.

        Flights impacted are as follows:

        FJ351 Nadi to Narita – cancelled

        FJ350 Narita to Nadi – cancelled

        WHAT TO DO?

        If your bookings were via a Travel Agent, please reach out to your travel agent to make the appropriate changes to your bookings.

        If you booked directly with Fiji Airways, we are able to offer you the following:

        Request a Credit - We will cancel your bookings and hold them in credit when we resume services for travel up until June 2023, and you may rebook without additional cost up until December 2022 (read more in our Peace of Mind Policy)

        Request a Refund - We will cancel your bookings and refund you as per the conditions of the ticketed fare.

        Reroute your Travel - If you would still like to travel on the same dates, via alternate airports, we will be able to go through your options with you, although you may be required to pay a fare difference.

        At the moment we are experiencing high call volumes and apologise in advance if you are unable to reach us. Please click this link here to let us know your preference, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

        We do not take cancellations lightly and realise the inconvenience this may cause. We sincerely thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

        We hope to have you at your desired destination as soon as possible, and look forward to welcoming you on board soon

        • Bugger they are afraid already, seems like the packaged tour is just testing the water

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