Used Car Dealer Failed to Delivery on Time. Advice Needed!

Hi OzBargainers, this is my first post on this forum and I'm looking for your advice.

I went to a new and used car dealer in north-west Melbourne last week, test driving a Nissan 2013 MY11 (odo 140k, V6 CVT transmission, selling at nearly $13k), the car was nice and clean except some dents (I know it's used car so don't mind). We went to a deal with a sales person, asking for warranty and extend the rego. Contract came out with 3 months warranty and 3 months rego extended. I made a $500 deposit on that day and bank transfer the rest day after. Sales person told me it will take a week to get the car clean details, service and roadworthy… I was not expecting that long for a used car but it is ok to me.

The week after I rang the sales person and said to pick up on Friday as the service team very busy. Now he said the car is not ready and need another week to do. Asked why and he have not answer me yet. Call him few times during the week and got no answers/ call back, only text messages saying delayed/ busy and do apology.

So my questions are:

Is it usually take a week or more to get a used car ready to drive away? How long you guys normal waiting for? My last bought at other local used dealer was 45 mins and drove away.

Potential major issues found after sold the car? Or they could not get parts to replace due to RWC requirements?

Can I request full refund and buying another car?

Any advice are welcomed.

Thank you


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    How would we know the answer to any of these questions? Everything's a possibility. Could be found something wrong. Could be they crashed it into a wall. Could be they lost the keys. Could be they completely forgot. Could be they didn't have staff available. Could be paperwork not ready. Could be RWC not booked in. Could be anything.

    A week delay isn't massive but if it causes you inconvenience, go to the dealer in person and go find out answers of what's going on.

    • Thank you.
      Called the salesman many times but got no answers or call back. He only messages and saying the reason is service team busy. When I asking same questions above then he never reply.

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        Go to the dealer in person and go find out answers of what's going on. If you're not satisfied, request a refund.

        • Yes I may going that way. I actually like this car, spending 3 weeks looking around and found it.

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            @An Ha: So, you maybe going back to the dealer to sort out the delay?

            ffs your ongoing trolling here is beyond ridiculous.

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    Did you do a PPSR check?

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      Yes I did. No security interest, written off or stolen.

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      Why? It is the dealers responsibility!
      Now here is your problem!

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    Nissan 2013 MY11

    Tells us everything except what model the car is …

    • It's Maxima 250 ST-L

    • And strangely, information not necessary in this case. All we need to know is it’s a used car from a dealer.

      • information not necessary in this case.

        It is, as we can now tell op to back out of this terrible deal.

    • The V6 narrowed it down as well

      • Could have been either a maxima or a Murano, both terrible options.

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    Read the contract you signed as it will have the conditions of breaking the contract.

    Without the contract no one can say if you can request a full refund or not.

  • Whatever’s going on it’s pretty slack when selling a used car. Surely it should be ready to go except for a final wash

    • It's probably an unsold car from another dealership, and their mechanics picked up on it. The dealership most likely didnt want to spend money on it, especially if it gets moved onto another dealership.

      I also had a hell of a time, with my car being worked on as staff were off due to CV19 earlier this year.

    • The car was very nice, clean and interior was polished. But they said exactly a week to do RWC and update rego. Now they have not done anything.

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    You've probably dodged a bullet, buy something else. Aurion would be the closest thing, and isn't terrible.

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      Maxima, CVT. Definitely this.

      CVT probably broke when they drove it to get washed…

      • Broke when washed.

      • Car Wizard brought me here.

  • Call up and tell reception you want to speak to the boss to cancel a contract.

    100% you'll get someone on the phone with you pronto.

  • Sounds to me like they hadn't finished all the RWC jobs and there isn't enough mechanics to do it. Call reception and ask for the manager or better yet go in person. It's easy to ignore calls but hard to ignore someone in front of you. Organise with them or their manager a final date that you will pull the plug on the deal if its not done by. It is EOFY so they will get it done before then lol. Stick to this date. If you are willing to flex a bit they might even sweeten the deal for you.

  • There’s a cooling off period when buying from a dealer
    Use that to get your money back or demand a loan vehicle

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