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Up to 25% off Local Restaurants, Beauty Services and More (Max $40) @ Groupon


They have 25% off deals from various category.

This is not the usual clickbait up to 25% discount but actually 5% off.

I have checked many pretty good deals and they are exactly 25% off rather than the usual 5%.



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    We gave up on Groupon restaurant 'deals' after a succession of Groupon special (= undersized) portions at participating restaurants .. that is, it's a scam .. 😣 .. !! Don't believe me?? In one place we got into an argument with the owner when paying because we hadn't mentioned before hand it was on Groupon (even though the booking was made through Groupon!!). Why? 'The kitchen has 'special arrangements' for Groupon'. !! In another Asian place the offer was a meal and a serve of fried ride. They came on the same plate, two half portions!! You get what you pay for, pay half get half!!

  • This code is listed on cashrewards but not shopback.

    @gotyourback can we get the code listed

  • All the restaurants in my area are either entertainment book or similar vouchers or restaurants that I know are quite bad or overpriced.

  • Its up to 25%. Tried it and gave 15% off only.

    • I only got 10%

  • Surprise Surprise 5% for me

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    5% for the one I checked. The usual bait and switch.

  • The think this code has expired? I thought it'll last longer.

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