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OXO 1119100 Good Grips Hand-Held Mandoline Slicer $19.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Half price for a decent mandoline. More and more and more words.

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    What is a mandolin slicer?

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      not sure, but I would guess its made from Beskar

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        this is the way

    • Does what it shows in the images

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      A great way to lose the tip of your finger if you're not careful.

      Basically it allows you to thinly slice, julienne, etc, food. It's essentially for stuff like potato dauphinoise, the Pixar style ratatouille, potato galettes, etc.

      It's not necessary, but I did use my old one a bit, which is why I've nabbed this one.

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        I think there are Kevlar kitchen gloves you could use when mandolining

      • I cut the tip off my thumb with one of these, wasn't fun.

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          Yep me too. Felt amazing.

        • You are not alone in causing thumb damage with one of these. (profanity) deadly

        • Same here

        • I've never lost so much blood from such a small wound.

          Less than 1 sq cm, wouldn't be more than 1 or 2 mm deep. It just wouldn't stop running. Soaked through wads of cotton wool, band aids etc, all with pressure held on.

          Not funny at all.

          Be careful people

        • Did yours not have a holding contraption so your hand is always separated from the blade by something solid?

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      Mandalorian Slicer?

      • +1

        For making Grogu carpaccio.

    • I thought it might be that which wiped out mandalore

    • A Nic Cage movie.

    • Do you have google where you are?

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    camels show this as the normal price with a regular drop of a few buck more

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    Good deal for Captain Corelli

  • +5

    Awesome, I've been looking for a new mandoline for a while, and Oxo make some decent kitchen stuff.

  • -1

    Well if old momma had of got me a guitar like i wanted, dads bloody chainsaw wouldn't have ‘magically’ sliced the stupid mandoline to pieces, would it!

  • This mandoline is endorsed by Mumford & Sons

  • I thought it’s a music instrument!

  • +7

    Cheers. Bought one with prime so I get it delivered tomorrow by an underpaid worker

    • Nice. Next step is to cut your finger really bad and go to the ER.

      • +4

        To get it fixed by an underpaid worker

  • Others have said this but let me repeat: these are kryptonite to fingers, be careful, use the safety handle, pay close attention, etc.

    • Fingers simply grow weak in the mandoline's presence. "Mandoline… my one weakness…"

  • +3

    Got this on the last price dip, can definitely recommend for ease of slicing.
    Not sure why people are slicing their fingers though since this one comes with the hand protector bit… (´•_•`)

    • +13

      Becaaaaaaauuuuuse "It'll never happen to me" is real

    • +3

      The one I have has a protector but I still managed to circumcise my thumb. There's a lack of control with the protector so I took the risk and paid the price. AMA.

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        How is it possible to slice your thumb even without the protector? Is it because you try to cut the vegetable down to the very end or it is because you can slip while slicing? I thought this thing looks relatively safe, but now I'm not so sure judging by the comments here.

        • +1

          both. they're razor sharp so they're very unforgiving. its why they work well on vegetables and fingers alike

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            @GenghisGun: Thanks for the reply. Seems too dangerous for me then. I've avoided those Victorinox tomato knives for the same exact reason.

            • @warmfruit: Wise choice, although they're great knives

            • @warmfruit: I absolutely love those serrated tomato knives. i must use them at every meal for food prep. I understand the hesitancy, but worth mentioning that struggling to cut tomatoes and other fruit/veg with blunt straight edged knives is also a hazard. Using a sharp knife allows you to have good consistent technique and makes the process of mise en place a much more pleasant experience; you might even come to enjoy it.

      • +1

        Circumcise your thumb? Haha I'm sorry. That gave me a good chuckle. Thankyou.

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    I don't know why, but it reminded me of this old classic

    A man lost his job at the pickle factory…
    He comes home to his wife and confesses…”honey I got fired from my job at the pickle factory today.” “Oh no” she exclaims, “what happened?” “I stuck my penis in the pickle slicer” he says. “Oh my god” cried his wife, “will they have to replace the pickle slicer?” She asks. “Probably” he says, “she got fired too.”

    • +2

      😂 Told my wife. She said “oh god that’s the type of jokes you and your family like”. True that.


  • This deal is still available. Free shipping if you buy two

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    This mandolin sucks. I've not managed to get a decent tune out of it and I've no fingers left.

  • -1

    I don't need fingers

  • +1

    Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.

  • I bought one from Aldi years a go that has multiple inserts so you can slice and julienne (thick and thin), much better!

  • I ended up buying this one instead purely for the Food Grip. Saves me losing a finger tip!

    Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline with Precision Food Grip - Green https://amzn.asia/d/eNC58Ni

  • Is this good to chop garlic? i hate chopping garlic

    • +1

      Use a garlic press, changed my world

  • If worried about cutting fingers I recommend the upright plunger style ones like this https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/185467583960

  • got one same price same place last April. The thickest setting is great for slicing carrots but ya gotta be careful coz you can use the protector. I slice the last section in the finger danger zone with a knife manually. These are great for slicing thin onion rings for BBQs or potato slices. Depending on what you are doing, other tools are better for the job. You can get consistent paper thin slices of radish fast and easy for example.

  • Benriner 7015S Classic Series Vegetable Slicer, Ivory, BN-1 https://amzn.asia/d/gv6XvlJ

    Get this instead, a bit more but all the pros use this

  • Any discount for an OXO silicone steamer

  • Can this slice user stories?

    • No, but it slices epics into user stories…

      • Then can’t it slice user stories to thin verticals?

  • +1

    Would this one be safer? Around same price.

    Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline with Precision Food Grip - Green https://amzn.asia/d/14lPt5U

    • Joseph Joseph is decent quality but seems to value style over all else, including safety I'd imagine. I suppose that's why if one Joseph is incapacitated they still have a spare.

  • I've had like no sleep so I read this as Melon slicer, now I'm disappointed.

  • "Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months. "

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