How Do You Get The Most Discount off Fuel?

What are some of your fuel discount stacking methods?

7 Eleven Chopper + HSBC 2% cash back

Woolies 4c off + pay with gift card @ 5% off

Please share


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    • I would but my car is a Novated Lease. :(
      Costco is definitely the best value (if you have one near you)

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        You can still get fuel anywhere you want you just need to keep the invoice to get reimbursed

        Shouldn't be obligated to use the fuel card only

        • I asked about that, as generally Ampol/Caltex usually costs more, but using fuel from someone else would have cost me more, come out of my Post Tax $.

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: It shouldn't. They would have budgeted a fuel allowance per month and it would just come out of that.

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: Nah mate. you will get reimbursed using before tax so effectively you are not paying tax. Then you will also get the GST back. Trust me.

            Buy what ever is cheaper and if you can cancel the fuel card do it. But some providers / contract doesn't allow this

          • @BewareOfThe Dog: Losing out in a big way, never get a fuel card, fill up wherever you want (eg cheapest), and claim it back. Unless you want to pay somebody else to do a 30 second task for you….lots do! Do the same with servicing and tyres etc as well.

        • This.

          When I novated they offered me a BP and She’ll fuel card (which btw cost $5 a month each or so). I asked if I could get fuel anywhere and they said sure, just keep the receipt and send it in.

          Did that for two years and no problem. Plus handed back the cards and saved the fuel card fees. Then I went to Costco as above.

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    • No chance, if you're in VIC it's an illusion because in my years of fuel lock probably no more than 3 times I saw costco fuel cheaper than some NSW or QLD 7-Eleven stores, and I don't have to queue up 20 mins for that single fuel station 20 mins drive away.

    • As of today in Perth, there was a 1c difference between Costco and my local servo. They have been quite disappointing lately

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    Metro petroleum plus 2% hsbc

    • lets hope it is under $99.99

      • just split the payments

        • ya can do

          some get pissy about it

          and think ya stole the card lol as before tap under $100 no pin

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    How Do You Get The Most Discount off Fuel?

    Get someone else to pay.

    • Pay someone else to get

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        Get someone to pay (or else).

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          Someone get to pay

        • And the winner is…. ^

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      Fill and drive away fast.

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    Buying an EV.

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    Q How Do You Get The Most Discount off Fuel?
    A change to electric car

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    Pretty much what you said.

    If you want to go crazy, you can watch the petrol cycle everyday, and when it goes up rush out and fill up a bunch of jerry cans to get the max 150L.
    Then combine with instore spend of $20 for 10c off, which equates to $15 at that amount. Only buy essentials like bread and milk, which are the same price as supermarket, to maximise savings.

    Also if you can, time it so that you fill up on days when the petrol is colder. Petrol expands quite a lot, but its sold by the liter. The difference between a hot day and a cold one can be 10%. At 150L, thats $30 worth.

    And once you've done all that, gone out at 4am to fill up in the frosty cold and come home with a car that stinks of petrol, half hallucinating because of the fumes, and have to drink 1L of milk everyday to get through all the milk you bought before it expires, and also figured out a way to store the petrol without it becoming a fire risk/biohazard, kill yourself. Because at some point death becomes easier than going through all this shit to save a few bucks.

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      Petrol expands quite a lot, but its sold by the liter. The difference between a hot day and a cold one can be 10%. At 150L, thats $30 worth.

      Myth. This has been proven false time and time before. It’s barely noticeable.

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        So that's the only thing you have a problem with, and the rest you agree with.


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          I guess now the more I read your post the more I get a hint of sarcasm haha

    • Closer to 5% as an extreme case (roughly 30 degree temperature diff from cold to hot) likely to be closer to half of this on any given day.

      i guess that works out to a saving of 10c a litre if you want to wait for a 10 degree morning.

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    Carsales members get 8c off from Coles Express

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      only the first fill is 8c right?

    • *4c a litre, the 8c is a one off
      Geelong cats used to do 4c a litre off when they win
      Shell supercars would do 4c a litre off when they win
      4c a litre off by spending $30 at colesworths.

    • Coles Express is the most expensive of all, they even had the ball to raise price 20c higher than the 7-Eleven on the opposite side of the road a day or 2 earlier.

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    This is in Adelaide.
    Find a Caltex/ Woolies near Costco.
    Buy an "Essentials Gift Card" through RAA at 4% off.
    Use 4c voucher.
    Flash RAA card for another 4c off.

    • or you can go in a Woolies supermarket and pay with your Hiver card for a Fuel gift card and get 5% cash back

      but yes this sounds good

  • 7 Eleven Chopper

    have not seen a 7/11 fuel lock deal in months..

    • It is constantly cheaper. Just checked for 91, going by chopper is nearly 20c cheaper than servos nearby. Diesel is 15c cheaper via chopper.

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    Company car

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    Here’s my strategy:

    I look at PetrolSpy to understand the general cost of fuel at different fuel stations in the area, and then work out which is the best fuel station to visit based on cost before discount, how many discount offers I can stack, distance required to travel and convenience… although it usually ends up with me going to a fuel station near Costco.

    My stacking strategies are:

    • Ampol: 3c/L NRMA discount + 5% off AmpolCash physical gift cards1 (which I stocked up from the last AmpolCash physical gift card deal)

    • EG / Caltex Woolworths: 4c/L (or 6c/L in Tassie) Woolworths fuel voucher + either 5% off AmpolCash physical gift cards or ~4% off WISH eGift Cards2 (depending on what I have on hand at the time).

    • BP: I look at any targeted BP Rewards offers or targeted credit card offers to see how substantial the savings could be. I actually don’t go to BP unless there’s a reasonable AMEX cashback offer.

    I don’t bother with Shell Coles Express, as their regular price before any discount schemes is always 10-15c/L more expensive than Ampol or EG in my area, so it’s not worth considering. That, plus getting discounted gift cards that can be redeemed at Coles Express is far more difficult than Ampol or EG.

    Obviously, there are other fuel discounts that are available to other people, so my stacking strategy won’t necessarily work for other people.

    1. I tend to opt for AmpolCash physical gift cards, as they can be redeemed at all Ampol fuel stations and all EG fuel stations, which gives a lot of flexibility. I don’t like AmpolCash digital gift cards, as they can only be redeemed at about 70% of Ampol locations (and 0% of EG locations). 

    2. I prefer WISH eGift Cards, because it means I only need to use the same gift card at Woolworths or BIG W or EG, plus I can access WISH eGift Cards at a higher discount than Woolworths Supermarkets gift cards. 

    • do you use EG / Caltex Woolworths Gift Cards @ 5% off ?

    • where do you buy your wish egift cards @ 4% off?

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        HCF Thank You

        They sell EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards at 5% off, but they also charge a 1% card surcharge on all card payments, which is how I get to 4.05% off.

        If you're wondering, EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards are basically rebranded WISH eGift Cards, because they share the same eGift Card prefix (628000 555).

        • ya but the EG / Caltex Woolworths Petrol card you can't use it at supermarket, big w etc

          or can you?

          • @Poor Ass: I've been redeeming EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards at Woolworths and BIG W for well over a year at this point.

            Remember, EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards and WISH eGift Cards share the same eGift Card prefix, and the prefix is what a checkout uses to determine whether you have a BIG W eGift Card or Woolworths eGift Card or WISH eGift Card. Considering EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards and WISH eGift Cards have the same prefix, checkout systems cannot tell the two types of eGift Cards apart, so they will be treated as the same type of eGift Card.

            EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Cards actually have their own prefix (628000 716), but I have not seen that prefix being used in quite a long time…

            • @WookieMonster: have you tried the Fuel Gift Card at BWS & Dan Murphys?

              • @Poor Ass: BWS online: yes (and it worked)

                BWS in-store: I haven’t tried

                Dan Murphy’s online: maybe? I cannot remember whether the one time I redeemed a WISH eGift Card on Dan Murphy’s online was actually a WISH eGift Card or an EG / Caltex Woolworths eGift Card.

                Dan Murphy’s in-store: I haven’t tried

                AHL Group venues: I haven’t tried

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                  @WookieMonster: you're right 6280 0055 on the Fuel Gift Card is the same as the Wish Cards

                  Ya I haven't seen 6280 00716 before

                  • @Poor Ass: I think 628000 716 is what Woolworths Group previously used when they operated service stations themselves (before operations of these service stations were handed over to EG in 2019).

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          Tried my luck on a Shopback Swap (Prezzee) with EG Fuel Card, got a Woolworths Petrol Store card, 551 prefix :(

          Bummer. Guess just lucky HCF still selling 555s for now.

          • @bamzero: Damn, that's a bummer.

            I previously received Fuel eGift Cards directly from Woolworths Group and those were WISH eGift Cards, but it looks like Woolworths Group has got around to fixing the mistake on their side…

            You're probably right about HCF Thank You doing something strange, because I last year purchased a Woolworths Supermarkets eGift Card from them, but received a WISH eGift Card instead!

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    EV 🦾😷

  • Avoid driving. If you can’t avoid driving, drive most efficiently.

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    At Shell, spend $20 in store and get 14cents per litre off. I usually swap a soda steam bottle or 8.5 lpg bottle. Or get milk and bread and things I need. Then 4 cents off with coles voucher and 4 cents off with linkt voucher. I'm in SA but still have linkt account from when I lived in Vic, that's 22 cents.

    If me and the wife both need fuel, just line up behind each other and fill both cars, you can do it up to 150 litres.

    • nice

      some browsers have extra short hoses which might stuff things up

      • Do it at separate bowsers, just pay for pump 1 and 2 in the same transaction!

        • oh nice they allow that? and can share the discount?

          • @Poor Ass: Not shared, you pay in one transaction. eg pay for 2 lots of 50litres of fuel = X cents x 100.
            We do it for the family cars. Otherwise need to have a friend who gives you $ for their pump

            • @Coops1: nice I'll remember that

              didn't know you could pay for other pumps and discount the whole bill up to 150L

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    If you're in NSW and anywhere near Granville, fill up in Granville. Consistently some of the cheapest petrol in NSW.

  • Download PetrolSpy and FuelMap apps.

  • Get an ebike

  • Does the quality of fuel differ between stations if the octane rating is the same? A friend always fills up at BP because it seems to last longer while I always go for the cheapest nearby.

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      that's the rumour that has been wide spread and it's all branding and marketing. BP bust dirt in 2 tanks?? If there is that much dirt in your car it'll stop working and fuel filter helps too

      most fuel come from the same refinery so the octane is the same

      used to be E10 actually was 91 + 10% ethanol but I think now it's 94 + 10% ethanol. If it is only few cents difference you still go the 91, better fuel economy. If E10 is way cheaper, go E10 but personally I won't because you don't use it within a few weeks it'll absorb water.

      however what can affect quality is how the station stores the fuel and when you get the fuel… e.g. low traffic areas where fuel could be bit older not as fresh, has the place flooded (is there water in the fuel?), are the tanks clean or old with possible crude, filling up when it's cold / no sun for awhile is better than when it's hot

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