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Google Pixel 6 Pro $399 with Telstra $69/Month 12-Month 100GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $1227, Port-in & in-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


Went into store for the Pixel 6 $499 12M $69 Plan and they told me about the Pixel 6 Pro 12M $69 plan for only $399.

Scroll down in the link and see


Get the Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB for $399 upfront when you switch^ your number to Telstra on a $69 Plan over 12 months and sign up in store!

Plan includes unlimited talk & text to standard Australian Numbers and 100GB (60GB + 40GB) of data for use within Australia. Minimum Phone and Plan Cost Only $1227 over 12 months. ^For terms & conditions visit: jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile. Excludes current Telstra, Belong and Boost services. Not in conjunction with any other offer.Offer ends 26 June 2022

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  • +11

    That makes no sense that the pro is cheaper.
    But if true this is a great deal

    • -3

      How is $1227 over 12 months a great deal? I pay $170 a year for credit and data that never runs out and my LG v40 does everything. Explain like I'm 5.

      • +5

        I never understand Ozbargain sometimes. Some days comments like this get negged to oblivion,on other days their upvoted. Luck of the draw I guess

      • +10

        What’s this $170 plan which never runs out ?

        • +1

          boost juice

          • @Budju: Ah, you've overdosed on fructose…. :D

      • +4

        It's a less powerful processor, it doesn't use pure Android, and the camera isn't as good.

        What's not to understand?

        • +10

          My phone does everything I need it to do, why doesn't everyone own my phone????

      • Unlimited data on a $170 a year plan? Ummmm where, what? The old dodo $5 a month with 64kbs plan is no more and its the only one I can think of?

        Felix $35 with 20mbs but thats way more than $170 unless you get a few signups credits

      • +3

        I feel like you've got a few responses already.
        But the plan on here is good for the data hungry if this isn't a plan that suits your need then it won't be ideal for you.
        However if it is then having a great phone $399 on top of this plan is incredible value. Let's say you buy this phone on sale for $1000 (current best price is $1047) you are spending $227 for a period of 12 months equating to under $19 /month for this plan which is super good value.
        Again you would have to like the phone and plan to appreciate this deal. For example I share my data with daughter who likes to watch wiggles etc on netflix while out and about. For me the data is useful. Would I ever reach that data probably not. But I'm currently spending $30 for 28 days or so on telstra prepaid so this plan with phone would work out cheaper.
        But you have me interested. Who is this provider that gives you unlimited data

        • Kogan 90days $15 20gb per month (new customers only). Port out after 90 days with any pre paid sim of your choice eg Woolworths lebara when on special $10 or so. After 30 days port back into kogan.

          $45 (kogan for 9 months) + $30 (any other pre paid sim for 3 months) = approx $75 per annum.

          I win.

          • @Zoolybebe: Thats a lot of hassle, and the off chance there is an issue with transporting your number, it would also be another hindrance.

            However that's still different than the unlimited storage mention.

  • +3

    Damn, seems like a really good deal! The standalone phone is $1,049 outright from Telstra/Google, so this effectively brings the cost of the plan down to $14.83 per month

  • +7

    Looks like Pro 256GB is $549 with the same deal. Very tempted to go for this.


    • +3

      512GB version is $699 upfront with 12 month/$69 telstra plan: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-pixel-6-pro-5g-512...

    • +2

      Got this today and I paid the $549 in discounted giftcards 😂

      Oh chat gave me the $10 monthly credit

      • +2

        They keep on telling me that I can't get a discount on chat :(

        I keep asking for $20 as others have gotten that, but they won't offer anything at all; tell me to call 132200 …

        • Not voice chat but text mssg online chat and ask, again and again. On $69 a 10 port in credit should be easy to get added off your plan

        • I find they do $10 on the $69 plans and $20 on the $99 plans more often.

      • Which discounted gift cards?

        • I got mine a few weeks ago but there were some recent ones

      • Singed up and port in from Amaysim on June 24th. Went home and call Telstra for port in discount but they refused. Told me to apply from JB Hifi. WTF

  • Does anyone know if you also get the bonus gift card associated with the $69 plan?

    • +4

      One or the other mate.

    • +2

      No, it’s either the phone or $400 JB gift card

    • You either get the GC or discounted phone, not both

  • +3

    Good deal

    1. Sign up and pay $399 for the phone
    2. Don't open the seal and stare at the phone for 19 seconds
    3. Decide that you have changed your mind
    4. Refund. Net $1049 GC.
    • Do they offer full refund or it's tied to the plan?

      • Past comments said that JB put through the phone as a separate tax invoice

        • +1

          What's the price of the invoice

        • +1

          Yeah you're right, it has a separate tax invoice which is not tied with the plan. You are still required to pay the plan for 12M.

    • But still have the 12 Month Telstra contract?

      • Phone can be sold outright for $6-800 and the rest you pay is just for the contract.

    • -1

      "Minimum Phone and Plan Cost Only $1227 over 12 months"
      So you'd be paying $1227 for your $1049 Gift Card

      • +6

        No, you would be paying $1227 - $1049 for a 12 month/100gb plan on Telstra

    • Refund. Net $1049 GC.

      Where does the $1049 GC come from?

      • Good deal

        1. Sign up and pay $399 for the phone
        2. Don't open the seal and stare at the phone for 19 seconds
        3. Decide that you have changed your mind
        4. Refund the phone. Net $1049 GC. (Bonus on the plan magically becomes $650)
        • +2

          Would you be able to explain what you meant by

          Bonus on the plan magically becomes $650

          • @bargainsgrabber: I think he means because you get a $1049 GC from returning/refunding, at a cost of $399 (cost of the phone).

            • @jayz: Shouldn’t it be $1227-$1049 (cost of the phone) = $178 for the Telstra plan over 12 months?

              Assuming you can sell the JB GC at face value

    • +13

      is 10 sec enough or do we need the full 19?

      • +7

        You really need the extra 9 seconds to fully commit to this deal.

        • +3

          I normally take 30 seconds to stare, and then another 30 seconds to decide.

    • Depends on how the $650 credit is displayed on the invoice I suppose?

    • Why would they give you $1049 for returning something that cost $399?

      • +4

        Because they are nice?

        Whatever additional "value" contributes to the phone on-top of the $400 is funded by Telstra, for signing up customers. Alternatively, you can have a GC instead of pay $400 for something that cost $1000.

        AU's education system fails big time on numerical and logical reasoning. OzB is better at training these two areas to fill the gap.

        • My reasoning is fine it's just my expectation is that if I pay $X for something I get a receipt that says I paid $X.

          • @Boshait: Sorry. Was meant to be rude to you. Just having a rant.

    • -1

      In your dreams.

    • +4

      Have tried this before, they refused, IMEI is tied to the plan documentation

      • Seemed too good to be true. There's always ebay.

    • +1

      Can I confirm whether anyone has successfully done this for this deal or other?

  • +2

    Can you port in from telstra prepaid?

    • "Excludes current Telstra, Belong and Boost services."
      Telstra prepaid is still a Telstra service

      • yeah what i suspected.
        Was just hopeful.

        • +1

          I was on Telstra prepaid and they said I couldn't get this offer when in store as wasn't eligible.
          I then went to the Optus store (next door) and swapped over to a $7 prepaid SIM before getting some lunch whilst the number porting went through, etc.

          Checked after about 20mins and it was already working so I walked back into JBHiFi and said I am now an Optus customer.
          They put it through without any issue. The number porting went though straight away and even the sales girl said it was an unusually quick process.

    • Port out to Voda or whoever for 12 hours

      • Didn't they change the wait time to a month?

      • Good luck with that

    • I ported in from Boost last year. It was a pain but they did it. Try on the Boost side. there is a degree of risk. You will have 2 numbers, and then you have to assign your prepaid/boost number to the telstra account.

  • +1

    Wow great deal, was going to delay getting a new phone but for this price maybe I will make the jump

  • I literally cracked my S20+ this morning and was looking at deals (S22 Harvey Norman Optus 24mth deal)

    This seems like quite the nice deal however!
    Is it a seamless transition between Samsung and Google these days?

    • +1

      No issues transition between Samsung A50 to pixel

    • Yes

    • +4

      Unlike other transitions these days, this one is safe and no problems

      • +3

        and it's reversible

  • +4

    If you're already on Telstra, what's the easiest way to switch out and back for a deal like thiis?

    • -2

      Port to <your operator of choice> prepaid, port to Telstra on this deal the next day

      • +1

        Next day will not work. It's been mentioned numerous times.
        Checks are in place, you'd have to be very lucky to find an operator clueless enough to not run the check.
        JB lose out if it's less than 30 days as telstra will not pay the bonus and so JB have to wear it.

        • Cheers, looks like I’ve to plan my porting out from Boost if and when the next deal comes around in December (judging from previous deals around the same time)

  • +1

    what if i have a telstra prepaid number? Can i use this offer?

    • No - "Excludes current Telstra, Belong and Boost services."

      Switch to another network for a day

  • +3

    In a similar way, if you want the 512GB Pro version you can get it for $699 upfront on the same Telstra plan.

  • +2

    Can i port off Boost to Kogan for a day and then get this deal?

    • +1


      Previous deal posted said that the loophole could have been closed
      Must be port out for 30 days but no one has confirmed this yet

      • That's what I read in the previous deal as well unfortunately.

  • +3

    I'm about 12 months off getting a new phone. I'll wait but damn even worth going Telstra for this deal.

  • +1

    Has anyone done a quick exit from boost to say Optus or vodaphone then too Telstra and keep the same number within a few days?

    • +3

      Assuming that your current plan is out of contract:

      1) Sign up to this JB deal and get a new number.

      2) Walk in to a Telstra store, get them to port your current existing Telstra number over to your new JB Plan.

      3) Your old Telstra plan is then cancelled and your new JB plan has your old number.

      • I thought they wouldn't change a number that's under contract. So the number you sign up to the deal with can't be changed until the 12 months is up. Is that wrong?

        • +1

          Have done it a couple of times before with no issue, but as said do it in store, I have had some major issues from trying it on the phone.

        • +1

          All I can say is that it worked fine for me when I did it last year. Does anyone have any more recent info to the contrary?

          Maybe just visit Telstra and ask them if it would be possible to port an out of contract number across to replace a number in an in-contract plan.

          They should be able to tell you if it's possible.

      • +1

        Can someone please confirm this? I have done it before but someone said they stopped this loophole (not sure where they got the info from).

      • Can you sign up to this deal and get a new number though?
        It says you need to port in.
        Would you need to activate a $2 SIM and port that across and then port your existing Telstra number to the JB plan?
        Would you still be able to get the $20 port-in credit via live chat with this method?

        Trying to work out if I should try go for this deal, but I'm currently with Telstra.

        • A guy signed up with a new number , reading comments below.

    • +2

      Wouldn't recommend this, changing numbers between providers within a few days puts your number in a quarantine and you can potentially lose it so its risky

    • you will need stay away of Telstra for more than 1 month to qulify as new account.

  • +1

    Also, it's a pity it's not $299 and $79 plan so we could take a straight ATO cut on the phone cost

    • But the phones on a Seperate tax receipt for 1049, so depreciation over a couple of years is just as good.
      Of course I always have a seperate work phone.

  • What's the cost of terminating the contract?

    • +1

      Expensive. No loopholes there anymore. They make you pay the ETC plus any gift (meaning full price of the phone)

  • +1

    Just a quick question, can the upfront cost be paid by digital gift cards?

  • You need to create Telstra Digital ID?

  • +1

    Combine with $50 ZipPay promo and request $10 / month port-in discount through Telstra chat for further discount?

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