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30% off All Gift Cards @ QANTAS Rewards Store



Brand Value Was Points Now Points
Apple $25 5,210 3,640
XBOX Digital $100 19,010 13,300
JB Hi-Fi $250 49,250 34,470
Him (inc JB Hi-Fi) $200 37,970 26,570

Better value getting Him cards over JB card

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  • +7

    I find that points are much better value in hotel stays. But some might not want hotels and gift cards better.

    • +2

      Some seem ok value.

      I think I noticed it was cheaper to get a “For Him” type of card over that direct store (jb hifi)

      • +2

        Yer it's hard to work out the value of qantas points.

        • +1

          I normally compare 1 QP to 0.65 cts or $0.0065
          JB-HIFI with this special is 0.73 cts
          Him would be 0.75 cts

      • yeah ive done that - its bizarre you can get a bigger discount by buying one of the other cards which is ultimately the same thing.

        • -1

          No it's the terms and conditions of what each card allows you to do that determine their cost.

          Eg. JbHifi cards can be stacked online to get a BIG discount of your purchase.

          Him Carbs can only be used alone. Not stacking.

          I dont know if things have changed though.

          • +7

            @shegeloaf: Your change him/her gift cards for the actual store gift card for most stores

  • +8

    Is this when using Gift Cards for points becomes ok?

    • +8

      You mean the other way around?

      • Sorry yes, spending points to buy cards.

    • +1


  • +1

    Let's say valuing a point at 0.8 cents that's still $106 for the Xbox card. I'm struggling to find the deal here

    • +18

      I personally see getting points as free / bonus from money I'm spending anyway. As such, getting anything decent from points is a deal for me. This seems okay.

      • +1

        I agree.

      • Yep, and flights / business class are only good 'value' if you were going to buy them anyway. A lot of the time you end up incurring extra costs in an attempt to use the points…

      • I saved QP to upgrade flights to Europe with Emirates. Problem is: Can't upgrade on Emirate operated QF flights.
        The points would have been enough ( barely ) for 1 Ticket, but the remaining tickets for the family would have been the same price as 4 tickets with Singapore.

        So booked Singapore and now still have Q-Points.

    • 0.8 cents? where have you pulled that from? I think I heard QP are worth closer to 0.6 cents.

      • pointshack

      • -1

        Used correctly you can get 2-4cents a point on flights.

        • -2

          Not post COVID I don't think

          • +1

            @Poor Ass: Even post covid, can easily get 2 cents or more.

            • -1

              @gromit: No, post some examples if you are 100%

              • +4

                @Jessie Ryder: eg Mel > Syd business class $748 one way or 18400 points + $40 fees = 3.847c per point.
                Mel > Cbr business $908 or $18400 + $61 = 4.6c per point.

                • -1

                  @enzso: But I can fly Economy for less $$$.

                  But that's how they get you: "I can fly business ( at a totally overpriced ticket), but hey, I can buy with points at a good points/$ rate )

                  Can you do the comparison with Lowest price economy ?

                  • +1

                    @cameldownunder: I'm sure you're more than capable of doing your own calculation. I was replying to someone who asked for examples of how you can get 2-4c per point value. Points value generally improves the more expensive a ticket gets.

              • +3

                @Jessie Ryder: Sure, my current return Japan tickets.

                cost to buy using cheapest business saver fare $6892
                Cost in point 164,000 + $498 fees etc

                That is 3.8 cents per point.

                • -1

                  @gromit: If normally you fly business ( and it's you paying ) then this holds, but if you are a Economy traveler ( and I think most here are ) then the calculation is not holding.

                  • +2

                    @cameldownunder: geez when did people get so lazy on this forum they don't even bother to check savings. It holds perfectly well for economy as well, not at same level, but even with cheap fares it is pretty decent.

                    Exact same days using cheapest economy sale tickets (currently below the saver fares). $1398
                    Points 63,000 + $390

                    Even with those prices it is 1.6 cents a point.

                    For me any long flight I simply can't do economy. 6 foot 4, wide shoulders and dodgy knee. Even my work makes exceptions and lets me go premium economy as being a cripple for multiple days at the end of a flight is not an option for work and not something I would be willing to do for personal travel.

                    • -1

                      @gromit: Sorry, what flight is your economy sale for $1398 ? And you can buy that ticket with 63K points and $390 ?

                      • +3

                        @cameldownunder: Canberra/Tokyo return, classic reward is 31500 each way with $195 fees.

      • +2

        Pre Covid I used to sell it for 1c per point. Eg 100,000 Qantas points was $1,000 transferred to my account.
        Not sure what the going rate is now but I feel that with some of the crazy prices I’m seeing for flights that these points might be worth more now as the redemption value has not changed.

        • Sounds like the same

          was like 0.6-0.9c last year

        • Any pointers where can we sell?

        • someone was trying to sell me 100,000 QANTAS points for $1100. is that good value ?

        • Redemption has changed: Flight with singapore to Europe ( economy ) ~$2000, Flight with Qantas points ( economy ) 320'000 = 0.625 cents per QP

          • @cameldownunder: That is only for flights on Emirates. basically you need to avoid using them when booking Qantas rewards now.

          • @cameldownunder: where are you getting the points costs from? it sounds like you are looking at pay with points rather than rewards seats. Even Canberra to London can be had for 55,000 points economy each way. singapore to london for 45,000 points economy.

            • @gromit: you are probably right, but my travel period did not have rewards seat.

      • +3

        Value of qantas points and other rewards program here

        April 2022 valuation is 1.8c per point

  • +1

    Wish their flight also discounted

    • -1

      also some is

      • Where ? I can see some sale but no further discount though

        • classic rewards

        • I believe they still have 30% discount running on some regional fares. Doesn't show until you're right at the end of the buying process.

    • +2

      They had 30% off as well. Booked Jetstar business class MEL-BKK-MEL for 64000 points and some taxes for Jan-23 So me thinks best to keep them for flights.

      • do points get reinstated if a flight gets cancelled?

        • +2

          Yes unless of course they provide you with an alternative flight.

      • What do you get with Jetstar business class?

        • +5

          2 sandwiches and cold water

          • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Was it lie flat beds at least?

            • @nightelves: Haha, if only…

              It's just bigger seats and some average food. Big waste of money (or points), unless you actually can't fit into an economy seat.

              OP basically paid $1200 for return BKK fare in premium economy. Better booking a Jetstar sale fare for $300 return and go to JB HI FI with the remaining $800 in gift cards.

        • +3

          I flew Jetstar business (Gold Coast to Tokyo Narita) once. Will never do that again. It’s a bit like Qantas domestic business class seats (think B737-800) without the service

  • +11

    Absolute worse way to use your points. Well except if you paid before they "discounted" them 30%.

    Even at 1c/point it's like $400 for a $250 card. Point Hacks generally value the Qantas points at 1.8c each. Personally I stick to 1c/point as I can always get Woolies/Coles cash off at those rates.

    • +4

      how do you get 1c per point at supermarkets?

      • +3

        If you keep your Flybuys/Everyday Rewards points for grocery discounts instead of VA/QF points.
        It's more of an opportunity cost thing than being able to directly use points at those rates.

        • +2

          peanuts compared to the points from card signups tho, and you can’t go the other way

          i mean you can buy points directly from qantas for some exorbitant rate, doesn’t make them worth that

        • Unless if you don't shop at those major supermarkets often because you can find groceries cheaper elsewhere like the Asian supermarkets if you buy Asian stuff and only earn rewards points because you shop for deals then I reckon Qantas FF pts is not bad

        • But it keeps your Qantas points alive. Heard too many stories about people losing their points because of inactivity

          • +4

            @cameldownunder: You can keep your QFF account active by using the Qantas Wellbeing app and linking your smart watch to it.

            You get 1.8 points per day for doing 10,000 steps, and another 8.5 points for doing 70,000 steps in total per week.

            You can change your daily goal for number steps if you can't be bothered checking the app every day (eg. 1000 steps a day gets you 0.4 points).

    • keen to know how do you get 1c/point at the supermarkts cheers!

    • How do you use your points them if not travel/hotels?

    • +7

      Nah.. you are talking rubbish. Gift cards @ 30% off are excellent way to use points. If you try to buy the item itself off quantas then its a rip off.

      • +2

        even at 1c/point is rather terrible value, this is much less than 1c/point value you are getting

        • +2

          Terrible value but biz class flights are virtually non-existent with Qantas Class Rewards right now. Also due to circumstances you
          might not be able to take that holiday that you want.

          • @nightelves: can use for many one world partner also. just takes a lot of time and research to make the best use of points. at least QFF don't expire you just run the risk with the endless devaluations

            • @lk0811: Yes even with One World most biz class awards have dried up.

            • @lk0811: They do expire if you have no account activity (earn or redemption) for 18 months.

              • @abc: Extremely easy to keep it active compared to hard expiries like KF

              • @abc: Convert Woolworth points to Qantas ….. keeps them "fresh"

  • +9

    goddamn it I just cashed in some points yesterday for a Bunnings voucher because I needed a new power drill.
    And yeah I know it's not the best use of points but I have 300K plus and not travelling for a while… so…

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