Has Anyone Flown on Bamboo Airways?

Wondering if any of my fellow OzBers have flown with the relatively new Vietnam-based airline, Bamboo.
After having had a couple of OS vacation plans derailed in the recent past, Mrs B and I are hoping to get some time away in the next couple of months.
I just came across Bamboo because it won some travel award, which is probably more about publicity than anything else, and not all the airlines have returned to flying on full schedules anyway.
But their 787s look modern enough, full service, good luggage allowance and some positive comments online, though I am usually wary that those things can be manipulated.
Comments welcome, thanks

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Bamboo Airways
Bamboo Airways


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    Is that a subsidiary of plumet airways?

    • Probably owned by Panda Express

    • bhahahahaahahhaha

    • Easy Wings ?

      • Does Paul McCartney play the in flight music?

  • Nop but I came across in tiktok, girls with nice outfits too 😅

  • I doubt it will get full so you can enjoy rows of seats to yourselves.

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    Reviews I read mentioned pandemonium at check in

    • +2

      thats everywhere at moment…

      • +1

        It was a play on words - panda monium

        • +2

          I think pharkurnell was a bit confused, you bamboo-zled him.

        • +2

          That makes sense. Cheers

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    Wife has flown twice with them. Very cheap flights to VN. Going back again in August because "price".

    Have traveled with Jetstar and VN Airlines to VN a few times, wife says Bamboo sits between those two with regards to experience. Wife was really happy with the service but said none of the staff could speak English, so the wife spent half the flight translating for people around her.

    Not sure how long it will be operating for considering their chairman got in a lot of shit recently for fraud or some such thing.

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    Meals are a bit tough

  • Wow $150 from Sydney to Vietnam in August. Respect to these guys.

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      must've been before tax fare

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        Confirm it was, these guys still get away with ACCC ruling. Add both legs and total cost after tax is $560, which is on par with Jetstar (with similar luggage allowance).

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          I don't get how the little foreign airlines keep getting away with this. Cebu Pacific has the same issue in the monthly view, but does show the tax-inclusive prices on the per-day view. Bamboo takes it a step further.

          Unless there's some new loophole I'm not aware of, looks like some new airlines should be getting fined ala Air Asia in 2012 (https://www.accc.gov.au/media-release/air-asia-berhad-to-pay...).

    • Heard they got some 737-800 Max really cheap.

  • The spruce moose was made from wood so bamboo could work too i guess

    • Goose?

      • +1

        I said hop in

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