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[VIC] Free Dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts (First 50) or Free Original Glazed Doughnut (First 7000) @ Krispy Kreme (Highpoint)


Exciting news for Western Melbourne Doughnut fans! A brand new Krispy Kreme store at Highpoint will open from 8:00am Thursday 30th June 2022. Come join the fun at the Grand Opening Party with 7000 Free Original Glazed doughnuts to be given away PLUS the first 50 people in store (excludes Drive-Thru) will receive one free dozen of Original Glazed doughnuts and a limited edition T-shirt.

There will be live music, giveaways and free face painting from 2pm – 5pm plus the Hot Light will be on all day to enjoy fresh hot doughnuts straight off the line.

Krispy Kreme Highpoint Grand Opening from 8:00am Thursday 30th June
120-200 Rosamond Road, Highpoint, VIC 6003 (next to Hungry Jacks and Maribyrnong Library)

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    noticed a spelling error, its KnifePoint

    • +2

      You can use it to cut the donut

      • +1

        How else do you expect the holes to get there?

    • 🔪

  • +2

    Not worth getting robbed in the car park for.

    • +3

      The donuts are free, so you don't have to worry about a wallet. And there's a medical centre next door for the wounds.

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    I wish I had an ozbargain t-shirt to wear… This may be the next best thing.

  • +1

    Still have mine in the freezer from last $12 deal

    • +2

      I'll trade you for a 1/4 leaf of lettuce

    • Free donut when the hot light on has a better probability of winning. I’ve won that lottery a few times now.

      • Before someone with no search engine fluency asks what this is all about: https://krispykreme.com/hotlight

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          Wow didn't know this, thanks for sharing.

        • +1

          Australian website: https://www.krispykreme.com.au/blog/krispy-kreme-hot-light/

          Noting that it is a BOGOF not just a free donut here:

          The Krispy Kreme Hot Light is going to be switched on EVERYDAY from 5pm – 8pm in Hot Light stores from the 17th of May until the 25th of July!

          Piping hot tip: …if you see that light beaming, you can score yourself a free OG with any purchase made.

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    I went to the Fountain Gate grand opening many years ago. It took hours just to get into the carpark and they had traffic control personal directing cars. Never again.

    • +1

      🤣 Same. It was a nightmare.

      • +2

        I remember that, dont know why i did it

        • We were starved for new things back then

    • I was there too LOL. And they limited it to 1 per person. Friends and I went and 5 of us waited hours to get 1 each.

      The only reason for the queues at the time though was because it was the first KK in Victoria. I used to buy them frozen from a St Albans Filipino grocery store prior to this opening

    • Ahh the good old days fountain gate Grand opening.
      I remember bringing back Krispy Kreme from Sydney and people offering $$$$ for my dozens before fountain gate

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    Lined up now, I'm carrying so all good, but also wouldn't suggest cutting in line.

  • Can't remember when and why, but when they were free at Krispy Kreme Fawkner, I was in and out of the drive thru in minutes.

    Doubt it will be the same in this case, being school holidays and such, but hopefully if you go early enough, it might not be that bad.

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    Do people still care about Krispy Kreme?
    Used to see people take boxes on planes from Sydney to Perth ffs before they opened up at Myaree.
    They really pick their markets.

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      Yes, I appreciate the Krispy Kreme Original Glazed. It's so light and fluffy with the really delicate icing.

    • By far the most over rated donuts around

  • Just clarifying for us locals missing front teeth: it's a zero cost packet of 12 doughnuts and not a three dozen packet of doughnuts.

    Love, Shez

  • Do people really have the time to go at 8 AM that too on a weekday

    • +1

      School holidays

    • +1

      Sure, I could just work later, or take the morning off. If I was going to do that I'd prefer to just buy the donuts. But for people who have the time, inclination, and don't live far from the store, free donuts are free donuts, especially if you get a dozen.

  • Saw some photos… The number of people waiting is staggering… All for a free donut

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