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[eBay Plus] Free 2 Months of BINGE Standard (New or Returning Customers Only) @ BINGE


Enjoy 2 months of BINGE Standard
with eBay Plus*
Don't have BINGE yet? Eligible eBay Plus members can stream must-watch TV shows & more. Just redeem your exclusive code by 27/9.

Check your email or message section on eBay for your unique code.

Offer only available to active, paying eBay Plus customers who are new or returning to BINGE and reside in Australia. Must sign up at binge.com.au using unique voucher code. Must redeem by 27 September 2022. Excludes sign ups or payments via third parties. One redemption per person. After offer period, subscription auto-renews at standard BINGE pricing (currently $14/mth on BINGE Standard) unless changed or cancelled prior. Not available in conjunction with other BINGE offers.


Please use the [Code Request Megathread] Free 2 Months of BINGE Standard (New or Returning Customers Only) if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

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    • If eligible you will receive an email containing the offer and it will be visible in your eBay Plus account.

      Seems like it (I didn't get the above (yet))

      • What kind of world do we live in where there is targetting within a paid subscription.

  • Checked my emails, got it as well, on both accounts.

  • I haven't received it yet

    • Same. Let us know if you do.

  • I don't have the email but it is there in my Messages section on ebay. Had that a few times for offers only showing up there.

    • Same here…no e-mail (yet), but is in messages.

  • I received the email

  • Dam I had just signed up yesterday, in hopes of getting the $50 voucher and stacking with $20 voucher

    • -1

      I thought from other discussions you had some eBay plus accounts already, no?

    • i just did this too, hope we get the $50 voucher

      • Same🤞🤞

        • +1

          What $50 voucher?

  • Do Binge do 4K, dolby atmos or allow downloading of content yet?

  • Cool. I have the email too.

  • +3

    Got it and subscribed.
    Then cancelled to avoid payment later.. still works.

    • +9

      it does drop to 1 month though.. So remember to cancel in the 2nd month.. :-)

  • +4

    wow they are really disperate for customers Ebay plus now lol they are trying to compete with Amazon prime video streaming with Binge.

    • +1

      My thought instantly was that they were trying to match Prime

  • +2

    Have not received in my emails (have none from ebay plus oddly) or my ebay messages inbox. Do we know when they are sending?

    Member since May 20 with the ShopBack promo.

  • +4

    I NEVER get ebay emails even though ive been a plus member for a couple of years - do i need to change something in my settings or something?

    • +3

      Same here, I didn't even get one confirming that I've signed up for Plus.

      • Perhaps check your SPAM/Junk mail so as you should received sign up emails.

  • I cancelled my eBay plus membership and it expires 9/7 (so still currently active) and no email or eBay message for me

    • Same as me

    • Got the email, and also in my eBay app messages

  • What to watch in binge ?

  • When does house of dragon start? WIll that be on Binge?

    • 22/08. Yes.

      • Thanks, will hold off activating

  • +4

    I just activated my Binge subscription from telstra( 3 months free ) and I have to say the interface is absolute garbage.

  • Thanks , just got it from my ebay message, will wait for TWD 2nd part return then start streaming :)

  • New or returning customers, valid until 27 September. Just cancelled my Binge subscription so I can use it in a month as a returning customer.

  • +5

    My codes:


    • +1

      I used the second one. Cheers 🥰

      • +1

        Thx, i used first 1.

    • +1

      I used the 1st one. Thanks.

      • +1

        Beaten to it by @rgb!

    • Thanks, I used the second one

  • Damn, looks like I didn't get it.

    I'm eligible for the 50% off Binge for 3 months though so I've got that going for me, I guess.

  • +5

    Ebay plus member and did not receive in messages or email.

  • Checked my emails and redeemed. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    I never subscribed to Binge …

    Guess you should get the trial (14 days) first … then cancel … then use the ebay voucher to get 2.5 months in total. Not sure if this works.

    • That's a question I have. I notice the Game of Thrones spin-off starts streaming on the 22nd, so maybe I'll save my 2 months until then and go with a free trial now, for the school holidays.

  • Nothing here.

  • Can this be stacked with 50% off BINGE for 3 months for selected returning customers?

  • Didn't receive a code either. If anyone has a spare code and would like to share, I would really appreciate it!

  • Nice, but I thought everyone for a free year anyway from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/697573 I got a year premium and still can’t access my account details but it works.

    • I thought they cancelled the deal for anyone who used that code. Lucky that you were able to keep it!

      • Not mine, I also heard about others experiencing same. Got the year for the premium one or whenever they stop it. I can’t access contract details still. Maybe they just decides to keep some people on (like new customers) in hope they subscribe after they stopped it. I got numerous offers from people asking here on OZB to share the account with and offers for little money but I really want to keep this and share around just within in the family.

        • My year sub is still working fine too, and I can access all my account details without issue

  • Damn, didnt get one for either of my accounts. Let me know if anyone has a spare :)

  • +1

    Nothing in my ebay plus account, message or email :( I buy so much from ebay too.
    I think its targeted.

  • Also not targetted :( Would also love a spare code if someone has one extra!

    • Same as me please

  • After offer period, subscription auto-renews at standard BINGE pricing (currently $14/mth on BINGE Standard) unless changed or cancelled prior.

    Got the email earlier. Is there an option to turn off or opt-out of auto-renew?

    • +2

      No and if you cancel you lose access at the end of the current month. Got bit by this with the Telstra offer.

      • Thanks for this.

      • Do you mean if we join now and cancel on 1/7, the access will end on 31/7?

        • Hard to say for certain, but I checked my emails and I signed up through Telstra on the 17th.
          I cancelled the sub on the 18th and I got access for one full month after that date.

    • Yes

      After offer period, subscription auto-renews at standard BINGE pricing (currently $14/mth on BINGE Standard) unless changed or cancelled prior.

      • I get the highlighted part ;)

        I want to try it out and turn off the auto-renew immediately if there's an option to do so. Many a times I've forgotten to cancel a subscription (despite reminders I've set on my phone) then get shocked by a subscription charge.

  • Would like a code too, thank you!

  • +1

    My code:


    • +1

      Thanks heaps. I have used this one.

  • Wish binge had 4k

  • bEBujWshkVA

    Try these or mix the letters up a bit.

    • Neither of those worked for me, might have already been claimed. Tried to guess a few other combos with no success. Thanks anyway though!

      Edit: Just realised these were codes posted from another user…

  • +1

    eBay website is so frustrating. Is there a way on mobile to prevent the website to open the app?
    Plenty of features doesn't exist on the app and yet they force opening the app when trying to access them in the browser.

    • Go to App in settings, change the default app setting.

    • Android?

    • +4

      If you're on Android you can disable it through the "Opening links" settings.

      I'm sure the process varies between devices, but here's how I get there on my phone.

      1. Settings
      2. Apps
      3. Manage apps
      4. Default apps (from "three dot" menu)
      5. Opening links
      6. Find eBay from the list of apps and set "Open supported links" to "Don't open"
      • +1

        Cheers guys, learnt something today!

  • +2

    Its worth getting this just for the Flight Attendant

  • +4

    Met all criteria, no message in ebay account or email.

    • +1

      Tried support. Useless.

      • same, i was put on hold for so long, that I ended up timing out of the chat lol

        • +1

          So there is eBay plus and eBay plus plus which I don't seem to be apart of

          • +1

            @Korban Dallas: I realised that I'd disabled promo emails in my account settings. This is probs why I havent received these Binge (or any other ebay plus!) promo emails

  • Found email
    Thank you!

  • +1

    Binge website is running super slowly for me right now. Can't set up my account, even though I already have a Streamotion account for Kayo. Same for anyone else?

    I would rather try their regular free trial now and save my eBay Plus code for a couple months' time when the Game of Thrones spin-off comes out.

    • +1

      Good thinking!!!!!

      Got til September, so I'll wait for that!

  • What about me? It isn't fair.

    • +3

      I got eBay Plus, now I want my share.

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