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Quilton 3 Ply Extra Thick Facial Tissues Hypo-Allergenic (12 Boxes) $20 ($18 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon


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About this item
Made with 3 ply tissue for extra thickness. Kind to noses and perfect for make-up removal, mopping up small spills and wiping away tears
Quilton Hypo-allergenic tissues are dermatologically tested to be extra gentle on sensitive skin
Created with a unique combination of strength and softness
Country of Origin: Australia
Come in a variety of designs ( actual box design may vary from the ones shown here)
Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations

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  • +22

    Is this actually a bargain?

    • +12

      It’s not a bargain but hard to find them in local supermarkets

    • -4

      This is normal price, not even a bargain.

      Perhaps might be cheaper in Supermarket.

      • +4

        If you can buy them in supermarkets. I was literally able to buy one small box (the last one left) yesterday, and i went to 3 different supermarkets as the first two were out. (I'm talking any tissues at all, not a specific brand)

      • +4

        Prices on tissues have gone up. Even the Coles ones are $2.20 a box now. Were only $1.10 last year.
        So $1.50/$1.80 a box is now cheap

        • +4

          That hasn't been my experience. Both Coles and Woolworths branded boxes (if you can find any in stock) are still $1.30 for a standard box of tissues.

          Both were $1 last year and had been that price for a couple of years.

    • +5

      With the way inflation is going, I'd argue this is a bargain compared to market price and availability.

    • +5

      I would consider this as a bargain since no stock can be found within at least two weeks now from local Coles or wollies.thanks op for posting

      • +1

        Try aldi and iga. They have it.

    • +1

      have you been to woolies/coles recently? Shelves are bloody empty

    • -1

      1/ Demand is far outstripping supply for tissues
      2/ Therefore the theoretical market price for tissues is higher than RRP
      3/ By selling at RRP it is below market price
      4/ People instinctively know this (but don't know how to explain) and that's why the deal is being upvoted.

      The same is happening with PS5s where the market price (scalper price) far exceeds RRP. Therefore RRP deals are considered a bargain.

      Hope this helps!


  • +26

    Jeez. Tissues are so expensive now.
    Bought the same deal last time for $11.7 on S&S Amazon

  • +1

    Hey Op could you put the Supplier in title.

  • +1

    these are on sale at good price pharmacy $1 a box got 10 boxes today fyi .

    • Just one store in Melbourne. In frankston.

    • +1

      Waiting for 50c

  • +9

    3camels says this is the most expensive they have been from Amazon - they drop down a few dollars fairly regularly.

    • +4

      they drop down a few dollars fairly regularly

      They've been at this price since the start of the year, look at the Camels chart.

  • +1

    What on earth happened to cause shortage on facial tissues?

    Toilet paper - easy to get
    Hand towels - east to get

    I haven’t seen facial tissues at my two local Coles for weeks now..

    • +4

      many crying cost of living pressures,
      RBA hiking interest rates,
      Fuel Prices

      • +22

        The crying is increasing tissue use.

        • Makes sense!

        • -1

          Also, teaspoons and cement in short supply…

    • +1

      Umm it's peak cold/flu season, everyone needing tissues for their runny noses…

      • We've had flu and colds seasons in previous years too, yet we never ran out then. What's different this year?

        • We haven't simultaneously previously had:

          • A pandemic
          • A severe flu variant
          • Winter (context for cold and flu)
          • Supply chain disruptions within the country
          • Supply chain disruptions to international shipping (90% of world trade moves on ships)
          • Increased stockpiling (some people are buying a year's worth at a time)

          The combination of factors is different this year.

        • No we haven't. The case numbers for flu and cold were extremely low compared to normal years. This year is looking to be extremely high. There is a BIG difference in illness rates.

    • Fuel price increase usually kills all the regular prices/stock levels.

    • All part of government agendas.

    • -4

      Putin's fault, Covid

    • +1

      Imagine blowing into a hand towel 🤦

  • +5

    Am i missing something? These are always $20 as i buy them every few weeks for months now.

  • FWIW, Toilet paper, paper towels and tissues from Quilton have all increased in price over the last few months. Some items more than others.

  • This is the normal price, had to grab some yesterday and it was $2 more expensive than my last order

  • "perfect for make-up removal" ahh what??

  • +1

    Erm, where’s the ~1 a box price

    • The same place 1.89% mortgage rates went.

  • Not cheap. Bought this for $11.90 s&s not long ago…

  • +3
    • Thanks I'll order from bigw

    • Different product?

      • +2

        The ones from Amazon are 110 sheets, while the Big W ones are 90 sheets - both are 3 ply.

    • -4

      Except BigW one is 80 sheets per box vs amazon's 110. Works out to be 4 cents per sheet vs 1 cent if I maths is correct…

      • +3

        If big w is 80 per pack isnt it 1.3333333 cents vs 1.36363636
        Big w cheaper by 0.03 cents

        • +1

          Guess my maths is incorrect. Profuse apologies.

    • +6

      Completely different product.. BigW is a basic tissue, Amazon is a Hypo-Allergenic tissue. For hayfever or asthma suffers, that's a big deal.

      But ignoring that important fact:

      Amazon is 110 tissues x 12 boxes = 1,320 tissues for $18, or .013636 per tissue.

      BigW is 80 tissues x 3 boxes = 240 tissues for $3.20, or .013333 per tissue.

      When you factor that Amazon's price includes delivery, I still reckon Amazon's deal is far better considering the tissues you are getting are much better.

      • +3

        Factor in the petrol you save for not driving out, your time and energy to lug the boxes back home 0.000303 per tissue extra cost makes total sense

        • Just starting the car in the driveway will negate those savings with how much petrol is nowadays.

          But honestly I know this is OzB but I'll pay the extra 0.003 per tissue for the convenience of having it delivered straight to my door.

      • What does hypoallergenic even mean for a tissue?

        • Less potential for an allergic reaction.

          I've got allergies to dust mites and certain grass pollens for instance. Had to go through exposure therapy for a few years (a needle once a month) to get hayfever symptoms under control.

          Buying a product that claims its hypoallergenic doesn't guarantee it won't set off a reaction (as its not regulated), but it at least lets people narrow the field down to stop flareups. Quilton hypoallergenic tissues aren't as good as Kleenex or Sorbent varieties imo, but are much better than standard tissues.

          There's nothing worse than using a tissue to blow your nose due to allergies, only for the tissue you are using to give you more grief!

          For normal folk…. normal tissues are perfectly adequate. For kids and sensitive noses, there's a huge difference… and the thing is most people aren't even aware they have allergies to certain materials. They just keep reaching for the tissue box, not realising that the very tissue they are using could be part of the problem!

          There's clearly a massive conflict of interest there- tissue makers encouraging use of more tissues due to manufacture processes that cause more allergic reactions and consequently more tissue use! Dust is big business :).

          When at all possible, buy hypoallergenic. You or family members may notice a difference you never realised before.

      • Your math just earned Amazon $18 thanks!

  • I guess just use tissues at work and hankey at home.

  • +1

    I would order this but they always send it in an even bigger box I feel so bad. Just stick a label on it would do.

    • I got mine today just in the branded carton, no extra box. So I guess you can order it.

  • I will soon run out of facial tissues. the 2-3 ply 250 sheets quilton for $1.25 each. Hopefully they come on sale.

  • When an item comes back in stock, why is it being posted in bargain as opposed to Forums ?

    Plenty of stock at my local Aldi

    Even at Woolies they starting are coming back on shelves

  • +3

    Amazon really delivers what others cannot do. Got stock and cheaper than supermarkets. Prime membership is the best valued subscription ever

    With Fuel costing high and spending time to go to supermarkets lugging all these boxes well worth getting them delivered in this poor weather

    • +3

      Not for this price.

      • +1

        It's inflation it won't go down any more mate

        • +4

          I will use toilet paper it’s cheaper!

  • Toilet paper is toxic to use as tissues

    • +8

      Only if you wipe your face after you used it wiping your bum.

      • And only if you're shitting toxic waste.

  • +3

    Normal price here (and rarely OOS), highest on Camels.

  • I last bought in April same price. If it's not moved for 3 months don't think it will move again

    No stock any supermarkets around me

    The supply shortage will not end this year, petrol price won't fall any time soon.

    True ozbargainers can wait, for those desperate this is fine

  • +2

    I buy at this price all the time, not a bargain

  • +1

    $17 at Costco if you are a member.

    • 10 pack of 3 ply Kirkland brand (all that was available) was $40 at Costco when I went on the weekend

      • I was at Costco (Dockland/Melbourne) yesterday morning and only Quilton was available for $17.

      • 10? Its a 15 pack. I have one sitting in the garage I need to return as I bought Quilton from Amazon…

        Haven't seen quilton tissues at Costco for months! You have to be quick to get them :(

        • Same, nothing in Ringwood Costco for months!!

          I just order 4 packs and save some stocks
          My local coles limit 2 boxes per customer

  • +1

    Just use an old gym sock, way cheaper!

    • I wouldn't want to wipe my nose with an old sock if I was a teenager….

  • Who knows this price might drop during Prime Day

  • The S&S for this was not available for some time, so I think the "deal" is that the S&S is back for this item.

    I purchased this a few days ago when S&S returned, but for at least a few weeks prior it was sold out or $20 with no option of S&S available.

  • The tissue shelf in my local colesworth has been empty for almost a month.

  • it was $12 last year!

  • +1

    Not a bargain, just a normal price

    • Can you get it at normal price?

  • +7

    People are ignoring that these tissues are the hypo-allergenic versions, not the cheaper standard ones.

    There IS a difference. Yes it was cheaper 6 months ago… but so was everything else.
    I regularly buy Coke No Sugar on Amazon. It's "sale" prices now are no where near even what the standard pricing was 6 months ago. Everything has skyrocketed in price and people need to face realities on what constitutes a bargain these days.

    • +2

      Absolutely right. Face the reality inflation is real

  • +1

    Thanks for this, OP! Needed some and there weren’t any at the supermarkets nearby. I ended up getting the bigger boxes - 250. Works out to be almost the same after the small boxes S&S. Wish they go on sale more often…

  • -1

    Got it for $13 in the past.

    • +1


    • When you jump in the Delorian, make sure you have enough plutonium for the 1.21Gw or power required to come home with those $13 tissues. I'm kinda guessing frozen clock towers are hard to come by these days, especially ones that have an exact to the second account of being hit by lightning. But god speed good sir!

      • what ? :-)

        • That $13 you're talking about is from a time you'll never see again. My reference (not sure if you're serious about not knowing, but I'll take you at face value) was from the movie 'Back to The Future'.

          • +1

            @UFO: Oh 'Back to The Future', watched it a very long time ago, guess my memory isn't as good anymore.
            Based on your quote from the past, I will buy some tissue :-)

  • +2

    I just use toilet paper

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