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Dell V313 All-in-One Printer - Only $9.00


I know..I know….they are inkjets…and companies make money from sellings cartridges. BUT it has got a scanner too….and it's wireless…so IMO it's good for 9 bucks..

The specs don't really say that it's wireless…but i received an email from DELL showing the same price and photo of the printer…and it says it has an built-in 802.11 b/g/n wireless printing. So not sure about that.

EDIT : Those who don't beleive me…check this out : https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bxkv5bFG68uYRFFDNTZ4Yzh0QVk

MOD — link directly to product.

Mod: This is not the wireless version.

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    Thanks OP!!Great bargain!

  • Should really replace my 10 year old scanner but don't need printer. What to do?

    • +1

      Buy the Dell, sell the cartridges, keep the AIO for the scanner.

    • +5

      You do know that it is mandatory for all OZB members to buy every crazy bargain like this one.
      Check the rules, chapter 173, para 34, sub para 11… under compulsory purchases.
      If you don't have room for more junk then buy a new shed. No excuse… buy! :-)

      • New shed? I'm gonna need a bigger warehouse soon to store all my personal effects.

  • $9!

  • Cheap replacement cartridges?

  • Thanks OP. Got the order confirmation mail 20 minutes after the initial order acknowledgement mail

  • Saw this deal 2 hours ago at work, didn't bite. Drove home and decided why the hell not?

  • the postage even more than $9 haha, thanks OP bought 1

  • Just what I was looking for!
    Perfect for my home office.

  • handy. better than going to the library. thanks ddude

  • Cheap as chips - couldn't resist !

  • 9 dole-bludgers. Great price. Thanks bought 1.

  • 9 dole-bludgers. Great price. Thanks bought 1.

  • Damn you OZB, couldn't help myself.

    • +6

      Better to buy it and be $9 poorer than live with the regret of not buying. You never know when you need a backup printer or scanner around.

  • I got it too hahaha

  • +5

    i'm waiting for the 9 dollar laptop

  • +5

    Still got a backup brand new Brother AIO in a unopened box in the cupboard… i don't need another printer. but I bought one! LOL Will get $9 worth of fun just opening the box.

    Selling these for freight cost only probably works out cheaper for Dell than Dell paying disposal costs at the tip ??

    • As Padfoot007 pointed out earlier in this thread, Dell will pick it up from your house when you're done with it.

  • +5

    "A fool and his $9 are soon parted"

  • +1

    Thanks OP… that's an MFB for an MFP :) Just bought a few to give to those less fortunate than us. Schweet!

    • +2

      BTW, if you want more than one just buy the extras one at a time. I bought three in three separate orders and just got all my order confirmation emails through. Can't be too greedy though so I stopped there ;)

  • +2

    4 HJ Whopper&Fries & 1 chicken grill or Printer. Printer thanks.

    • +1

      Poor choice

    • +1

      Let me know if it fills you up…and if you start printing when going to the toilet lol

    • +1

      Cheap 'n nasty fast-food or cheap 'n nasty printer?
      Life is full of tough decision.

  • I love Ozbargain.

    • +7

      I hate ozb.. bought a mobile phone and now a printer i did not need this week! LOL

      • I rarely print (a ream of A4 lasts years), but I bought this anyway. Problem is, I now have 4 printers thanks to the previous HP and Samsung laser printer deals.

        • Glad I bought 10 boxes of A4 paper when they had the Staples deal to use with my new $9 printer. Life is cheap :)

        • 10 Boxes - Oh that sounds dangerously like Brodening? ;-)

          25,000 pieces of paper sounds kinda corporate too!

  • Thanks OP. Just got my Order Confirmation Email. Cheap Scanner FTW!!

  • Bought one… thanks

  • purchased one, does it come with ink?

    • i am also wondering if it come with ink

  • bought one, just because it's ozbargained! #feelabitguilty .. i wonder whether DELL has 6000 units available in stock :P (6064clicks now)

    • Not every 'click' is an order/sale but I'm sure the click-through rate would be over %99 on this spectacular deal. Furthermore, many people bought multiples so it could be even higher.

  • +3

    wow already one on sale on ebay by an ozbargainer

    • tempting

    • someone should buy it so they can leave him a negative feedback

      • +1

        LOL he's reading this. Just removed the listing!

    • +1

      he's also posting it in an AusPost PrePaid Parcel Post Satchels 500g. must've stripped the internals first :p

      • This! Lol

    • 500g bag, good luck fitting a printer in there!

    • +4
      • +1

        I notice him too as he tries to sell JetStar voucher but the link item is come out to be the printer.

  • I have no intention of even unboxing this, but for $9 delivered, why not?

  • $9 for a scanner. Brilliant. Thanks OP!

  • apparently it is a rebadged Lexmark :(

    • Lexmark Impact S305

  • anyone one where to get some cheap cartridge for thr dell v105?

  • great bargain, thanks a lot, purchased one for my sis :)

  • +1

    man, oz bargain doesnt save me money!! this week alone iv purchased something everyday cos of ozbargain!! this time its made me purchase 2 printers i didnt even need! haahah i could not resist the bargain!.

    • -1

      Of course you saved money!you just bought more redundant crap that you really didn't need that could have went to paying off your bank owned mortgage.

    • this is too good. I'll have to buy that poster with my $20 savings.

      • +7

        or print out the poster using your $9 printer.

    • cool site ! tnx

  • +5

    Guys please keep buying it, so the deal expires by the time I finally give in to buy it

  • Don't want or need but ordered thanks op good deal to get plastic home delivered

  • +2

    I haven't owned a printer in over 25 years (never needed one), so naturally, I bought 2. Damn you Ozbargain!

    • Dont you print out your HJ burger coupons?? Staple OZB diet you know!!

  • Thanks OP, bought one because it is only $9. Now I am $9 poorer & I do not need a printer at all.

  • Bought one for the scanner. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Ugh, if only this deal was around when I was still at University, would've gladly printed off lectures notes! Now I don't have anything to print! haha

  • This ad, only $9…..

  • holy shit!

    i have to buy this.. even if i never have to use this..

  • What's the name for a person who buys bargain printers they don't need? I need to join that printer bargain addiction club ;-)

  • does it come with ink?

    • Yes it does

      • thank just thought it was too good to be true as ink costs so much

  • +4

    I didnt have my credit card on me, too lazy to get wallet out of car.

    so I put it on their bank of queensland financing. i wonder how much monthly repayments will be for this.

    • dont even need this.. but if it costs $9 so that I never have to walk downstairs to use the scanner on the main PC… then its well worth it!

      $9 well spent I say

  • +1

    I used to paid $300 for a no name brand scanner before :(

  • +2

    OK - we all know it's a crap printer/scanner, and MANY won't even get unboxed.

    But what (imaginative) use will yours get?

    Stocking up to help flood victims?
    Donate to the earthquake victims in Moe?
    Buying enough to stick together to make real life Tetris?
    Tarring and feathering the printers (in boxes) and performing real life version of Angry Birds?
    Tethering enough together to make a raft to "finally get off the island" ?

    Any additions welcome

    Best one gets a printer

    Conditions of Entry:
    this is a fictitious competition and everyone except Broden is eligible to apply. In the event my wife sees that I have made another unnecessary ozbargain-induced purchase and kills me, you have permission to camp outside my house and pick up the printer when it finally arrives

    Ozbargainitis. It's real. It's painful. It's got to stop.

    • it's a crap printer for sure.

      but crap scanner? Nope! its actually pretty good spec'd scanner.

    • +3

      Buy a few of these and you can build a place to sleep with the boxes when your wife finds out ;-)

    • Will they blend?

    • I lol'd at "everyone except Broden is eligible to apply"

    • So why cant Broden/Suddo participate exactly? he is a pretty cool customer in person.

  • +7

    My credit rating is so poor the Bank of Queensland knocked me back when I asked for finance for this purchase

  • I ummed and arred, but couldn't pass up the bargain. Seriously, $9. They must have HEAPS for the deal to still be available.

  • +1

    I'm using the 5 I bought as disposable butt photocopiers

  • Caved in, it was a very hard decision :)

  • I bought it to use as a scanner, already got a laser printer. I doubt I could find a document scanner for $9.

    • Same reason I bought one. May print the occasional document but it's primarily to replace my 13 year old scanner.

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