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Myer Spend $75 Get $10 Voucher (Must Redeem between 16&20 July and Spend $30 to Redeem $10)


Expires 8 July 2012. For every $75
Limited redemption - see title
Excludes layby , online, gift cards, flowers, weight watchers, food services, repair outlets.
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  • I just spent $1200 yesterday for a macbook air is that entitled for redemption?

    • If you take it back and buy today, then I think yes you will get 16 ten dollar vouchers.. But just note the limited opportunities to redeem your bonus $10 vouchers. I think you need to make 16 thirty dollar purchases to redeem them all.

      So you won't get best value for such a big purchase. Maybe good for smaller purchases.

      Myer always make difficult offers.

      • So if I do what you said and if I spend $480 on next purchase I can redeem $160, is that correct? Well not too bad if I spend it before July 1st, but after that they probably mark up the price 30% more between 16 - 20 July.

        • I'm not sure that will work. Might require 16 separate transactions?

    • The usual terms and conditions exclude Apple. Also, there would be many exclusions such as the premium, or whatever they are called brands such as Bose, Rhodes and Beckett, Declec etc. There are many names and Apple is also included in the list.

      Link to a previous deal for excluded items, the previous deal was a $20 voucher for $75 spend.

  • so is it spend 30 to get 10? or spend 75 to get 10? :/

    • +1

      Spend $75 to get $10 off next purchase of >$30

    • obviously spent 75 get $10 voucher, and then claim it u have to spend another 30 in between those 5 dates

  • if i get this correctly, you spend another $30 to redeem $10, does this mean you end up pulling $20 from your wallet? or actually spending $40 but pay $30? anyone read the ad or some share it here?

  • in another word, myer give $5 discount on your current purchase and another $5 discount on your next purchase

    total spend $105 at myer, you only pay $95 = 95/105 = 0.9047 or 9.5% discount. smart marketing

    • Only between 16&20 July when the price is up again. So it is like an extended EOFY sale but the price doesn't change.

  • Receive a $10 myer shopping voucher for every $75 you spend
    In one transaction at myer until Sunday 8 July 2012.
    $10 myer shipping voucher is redeemable between monday 16 July and Friday 20 July 2012 when you spend $30 or more in one transaction at myer.exclusions and conditions apply. See in store for details.

  • But let's say that I bought something that was $225 today - so I get 3 x $10 vouchers to use between the 16th and 20th of July… does that mean I need to spend $30 for each of those $10 vouchers, or can I just get something worth $30 on the day and use the 3 x $10 to pay for it?

    • No, you only can use one $10 voucher for each transaction, and the item must be $30 or more. If the item is $30, you can use the voucher and pay the rest with cash.

  • Thanks for the info. I just rang Myer and was advised that Apple products were excluded for redeem 16-20/07.

    • Nothing special with this deal, unless you can make many $30 transactions between July 16-20.

      Effectively spending $105($75+30) to get $10 off, but they just like to make it difficult by making you go back in mid July.

      EDIT: This wasn't meant to be a reply to you Legolas.

  • Is it just me or does Myer's website not render properly on any browser? IE, Firefox, Chrome- the frames don't line up

    • Just you.

  • they chose the date July 16-20 as thats when as most of mid year sales items expire.
    This deal is not as good as the past myer one offers + Myer posted a $10 voucher without for being a myer one member for the sale and on your b day.

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