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Toshiba 40TL868G 40" 3D Internet LED TV from Amazon €377 + €40 Shipping AUD $488


Hi all,

Was browsing camel x3 and noticed this drop in price. Ships to Australia for the regular 40 euro too. Comes to $488 all up on xe. Heres the specs:

  • 3D LED-backlit TV with 102 cm (40 inch) diagonal screen with active shutter technology, 16:9
  • Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 200 Hz Active vision rate (AVR), Internet content at your fingertips, HbbTV
  • Analog tuner, DVB-T/DVB-T2, DVB-C/DVB-C (HD), DVB-S/DVB-S2 (HD), CI +
  • 4x HDMI (incl. HDCP), 1x SCART, 2x USB (photo / video / music), component video input - YUV
  • Included: black 40TL868G LED TV, including stand, remote control, manual
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  • Am I being obtuse, or has the price gone up slightly to 479 EUR…?

  • As of this morning, my product has changed status to shipped by UPS and is set to arrive on Friday! :D 40" inch version.

    • In Botany Bay! Soon my pretties…

      • same! How exciting! well travelled TV!

  • +1

    T963G could be shipped to Australia now, but price goes up, now is EUR588.00, plus shipping cost, and then Total amount: EUR534.12

    • Just ordered a 933G with free pair of 3D glasses. EUR627, express air mail. 963G receives DVB-S too, while in Australia we only need DVB-T (933G).

  • Toshiba T963G is amazing, could receive all australia digital channels and analog channels without any hack setting, and DVB-S/S2 working well too, which can receive Satellite signal directly without set-top box.

    • Yep very happy with it. Can't believe it arrived so quickly too!

      Been playing with Toshiba Places - seems like mostly Euro-centric apps
      built in (was hoping to get the BBC iPlayer) - have you figured out
      how to add extra apps/channels or can't be changed?

    • just found, could not receive channel 9 free 3D channel, do not know why, anyone got it?

      • I can't tune those channel 9 3D either here in Perth

  • -1

    My 40TL868G has arrived. Nice looking screen but can't tune SBS here in Perth :-( (all others are fine) Anyone else? Also after a brief test watching Nascar on OneHD - I'm not sure it was actually HD? Needs further testing… Otherwise very happy!

    • In Perth, ordered on Thurs and arrived today Monday! Same I can get other channels but no SBS so far, could it be just a sensitive tuner? my other samsung gets all the channels using same roof antenna. Anyone else can't get SBS?

      • wdave, can you confim if you still don't have SBS after setting the country to "other"? I thought the other country setting didn't tune digital channels? I doubt its a signal strength issue with me as I get strong SBS reception on my other TVs and indeed the set top box I also have connected to the Toshiba.

        • I've tried a few different country scanning as well as 'other' and SBS doesn't come up. So its a strange one, anyone else in Perth able to get SBS so far? my firmware is 6.8.4G.1 Mar 20 2012 as it came shipped. Edit:I can get analog SBS though :(

  • Mine arrived today, UPS left it at the front door while no one was home for 4 hours >_>

  • I've downloaded the manual and there appears to be a manual tuning option.
    Can anyone confirm the tv can be manually set to the correct 7MHz (I think) bandwidth for Australia?

    • have not found where could set to 7MHz, might be in service menu? do not know how to get service menu, anyone knows?

      • turn tv off, turn tv on, press mute 3 times, press mute again (this time hold). keep holding this, while also pressing the bottom button on the side of the tv, release both buttons at the same time. press menu. you will see a red S in the corner (service mode)

  • mine arrived yesterday (Friday) and it works with travel adapter YAY!!!! Awesome TV and I can tune Australian channels.

  • Somebody please reflect that the price has gone up to $533 delivered which is still an awesome deal.

  • Price went up so I bought the 963G :)

    • Dammit the 963G has gone up to $599 Euro now…doh

  • +1

    Anyone tried connecting this to a PC and does it support 1:1 mapping?

  • hi, how do you tune australian channel? always het zero found

    • Choose 'other' country, don't leave it as UK country.

  • My 933G just arrived with 3D glasses in a separate box. Less than 6 days (inc weekend) after ordering it. The glasses by themselves are not orderable via Amazon.de but they will send them if you order a TV. Will plug it in a bit later and report.

  • received my set today! 8 days after ordering is amazing!

    Problem though, i can only receive 5 channels and none of the digital TV stuff. Not too sure if i have set anything wrongly or my old apartment simply has a lousy antenna or i need to get some sort of set topbox to receive those channels. any ideasss?

    • Did you set up the TV in ATV mode? You need DTV. If you can pick up ATV cleanly then DTV should work too. Try 'Other' as the country.

      • oohh! it works now! thanks for the tip!

  • The 46TL933G is excellent. Very good picture quality. For AU$744 it's a steal (with 3D glasses). I used 'Other' country to pick up all the available channels in Adelaide.

    One thing however. I specifically bought it because it's meant to have a Game picture mode, but when watching TV it's not available. I forgot my PS3 power cord so don't know whether it becomes available when something is plugged into the HDMI port. Hopefully Toshiba is true to its word.


    "Game mode is available in external input mode (other than
    aerial input). When you select Game mode, suitable
    widescreen formats will be selected."

    Note: The 46TL933 instructions above are far more detailed and complete than what comes printed with the TV. The printed instructions for example don't mention picture modes (AutoView, Game, etc) at all.

    Edit: the TV is made in Poland. A bit different to the usual China/Japan/Malaysia/S.Korea/Indonesia sources for our market.

    • according to manual they have firmware updates coming for time shift , usb recording and intel WiDi, hope it will be downloadable eventually. So you get all channels fine in Adelaide… I'm still missing SBS ones in Perth

      • Now that you mention it, SBS is missing. I thought it was just my marginal antenna setup. Here SBS analog used to be channel 28. Don't know what it is in digital. Surely that should be within range of the TV?

        I plan to get a Topfield set top box anyway so tuner issues are a minor annoyance.

        • This TV only could get digital channels within VHF, but could not get any channel within UHF (because bandwidth is 7MHz in Australia, and 8MhZ in EU), so missing SBS and channel 9 3D free in some area.

          No idea yet,

        • Ok that makes more sense, is the whole of Australia using 7mhz for UHF then? or are some states using 8mhz. Under manual DTV tuning, it doesn't let us change the UHF bandwitdh 8mhz, seems to be all locked in the firmware I guess… We should request Toshiba to allow 7/8mhz bandwidth selection under manual tuning!

        • AFAIK all of Australia uses 7Mhz UHF.

  • Guys, is it necessary to get the DVB-S tuner? Seems like there's a $60 saving if I get the 933G without the DVB-S tuner

    • I've got the 933G. We don't use DVB-S in Australia (DVB-T). 933G picks up DVB-T just fine, but as someone else pointed out SBS is missing (Adelaide and Perth). My signal strength is a little weak so I'll try improving it before declaring defeat and just using my PVR's tuner.

      • Well that's not a huge deal breaker…as long as we can watch SBS on our other TV hehe. Need my sex boobs and soccer once in a while.

        I take it the IQ is better then anything we can get locally for that price range? I'm tempted to go the 46"…

        • IQ? I'm happy with the 46TL933G. Not being able to pick up SBS is unexpected but easily worked around. Here is a list of channels by state. http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/digital_channels For Adelaide SBS is the odd one out (UHF).

        • IQ - image quality.

          I just bit the bullet and bought one…wish me luck!

        • Image quality is very good. I really can't fault it.

  • Games mode is available when using HDMI input. Huzzah.

    • Hi Cluster, could you help me to find the original figures of service menu on your 46" TV? I occasionally
      got the service menu, and then those figures have been accidentally changed. I do not even know what it was, inlcluding RCUT, GCUT, BCUT, RDRV, GDRV, BDRV, OSD, and so on.

      Appreciate your help.

  • Hi folks, I got this TV, delivered no problem. However it's just a little bit small for the room! So I would like to sell it - if there are any melbourne ozbargainers who are interested, please PM me. The image quality really is superb and the power economy is awesome - 1/3 of my old plasma!

    • PM sent

  • +1

    Anybody knows where to get it the WLAN adaptor for the 868 model?? totally regretted not ordering it together with the TV!

    • me too, I regretted not order it from amazon.de.

      only toshiba WLM-20U2 working with this TV.

    • same here i want the WLAN Adaptor and dont know where to get it

    • I have one extra WLM-20U2, ordered two by mistake, im in Melbourne, PM me if interested

  • No SBS here in Adelaide. Very annoying. But picture quality is very good.
    The "Toshiba Places" internet TV stuff is alright and worth looking at when all the free to air stuff gets boring. The manual refers to Youtube yet I have no idea how to access it from within the Toshiba Places.

    No need for the wireless adaptor. Buy any wireless access point and hook it up to the TV's network connector.

  • thanks OP ! mine is on its way, its enjoying some time in Hawaii apparently.

    does anyone know if generic universal glasses like these found on ebay will work with the 40 inch ?


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