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$4.95 Domino's Pizza - Traditional Pickup


Offer terms & conditions
*$1.50 surcharge applies for each additional topping, half 'n' half pizzas. $2.95 surcharge applies for "The Edge", "Square Puff", "Cheese Burst" & "Gluten Free" Pizzas. No half 'n' half or substitute toppings allowed on the Value Range Pizzas. Premium Range Pizzas $2.95 more than Traditional Range Pizzas. Minimum delivery order $20. Drivers only carry $20 in change. All offers not valid with any other coupon or offer. Only available at selected stores. Prices include GST. #Not valid on Good Choice Range™

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  • Not working on the GC….(Oxenford)(Labrador)

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    Not accepted by Lane Cove or Crows Nest, NSW.

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    Not by Blacktown, NSW either

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    Not working at Parramatta,NSW

  • +1

    Not working at Taringa, QLD

  • Doesn't work at my local store. Also note that it's only valid until 6PM.

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    try this one… 24351 from other post

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      Not working on the GC….(Oxenford)(Labrador) I'm having a bad day….71872 works but at $6.95 it's hardly worth the trouble…..perhaps I've been spoilt by Hungry Jacks rrrripadeals!!

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    Works at Munno, SA

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    Working at Woodville Park, SA

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    … if not working just use http://www.shopadocket.com.au/ - enter postcode and pick fast food/pizza category. Coupons have a code and just use that online .. $5.95 for both Traditional and Value pizzas.

  • For Hawaiian lovers:

    Hawaiian pizzas for $4.95 pick up (valid until 23/09/2012)


    Worked at my local store (NSW).

  • Works at Malvern (VIC) thanks OP

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    does not work at Thornlie and Bentley WA ..

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    does not work at Cabramatta NSW

  • Maybe no need for code at Fountaingate, VIC. Saw their staff waving on the kerb carrying 4.95 pizza sign on a cardboard yesterday (I supposed for this weekend) when I drove past the place. Quite funny, 3 of them put monkey masks :)

  • Don't think it works in NSW

  • DAMN I ALWAYS FORGET it's ONLY before 6PM!

  • meant to be VIC only

  • None of the above codes are valid at Virginia, QLD

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